1911 pistol with US constitution and US flag1911 pistol with US constitution and US flag1911 pistol with US constitution and US flag

State Gun Laws

Self-defense laws and obtaining concealed carry permits for every state, including information on "use of force" matrix and the needed issuing agencies.

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Self-Defense Legal Protection

CCW Safe defends members against criminal prosecution and civil litigation from a self-defense incident, with comprehensive self-defense insurance plans.

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Our Online Store

Find all types of shooting and self-defense accessories including: concealed carry clothing, holsters, handbags, concealed carry permits, and more.

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Business Directory

Our Business Directory is a comprehensive list of Firearm and Self-Defense related products and Services from from all over the globe.

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It's About Your Second Amendment Rights

U.S. Precision Defense was established to provide the most comprehensive platform of information about your Second Amendment rights, the Constitution, Self-defense laws and Firearms related news.

Through our strategic partnership with firearm and self-defense industry leaders our website is a gateway to our viewers of the best self-defense protection plans that are provided by both CCW Safe and USCCA.

Here, you can view hundreds of new articles and videos every month. Our library of information is quite extensive and our article posts are organized under the following information streams:

  • Ammunition reviews
  • Anti-gun news
  • Competitive shooting
  • Facts about guns
  • Firearms industry
  • Firearms training
  • Gear reviews
  • Gun politics
  • Gun reviews
  • Safety and education
  • Self defense insurance
  • Self defense stories
  • Truth about gun control
  • Latest articles

We also have a comprehensive listing of the state gun laws for
all 50 states
within the United States.

You can also find an ever growing directory of businesses from across the country that relate directly to firearms, self-defense instruction, gun smithing, and much more!

U.S. Precision Defense is always on the move and growing! We continually look for new and innovative ways to gather and share information that relates to the firearms world which we all support and are passionate about!

U.S. Precision Defense also has a close working relationship with Kalkomey, the developers of Concealedcarry-ed, which provides comprehensive training for online concealed carry permits for: Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. This online training program allows one to obtain their concealed carry permit within these states, and all of which have reciprocity agreements with a vast majority of states across the country!

They also provide comprehensive online training courses for boating, hunter safety, the bow hunter, the crossbow, scuba diving, paddle boarding, off-road ATV certification, snowmobile certification, and they also offer a drone course!

legal protection

CCW Safe protects you and your family

CCW Safe protects you and your family from being financially devastated by costly court and attorney fees. In the event you have to defend your life or the life of a loved one with a firearm or any weapon you will need some type of legal Defense protection. CCW Safe is not an insurance plan they are a legal defense service.

USCCA offers an ultimate protector package which also includes full access to exclusive member only benefits, they have over 300,000 Americans that use them and protect them from becoming bankrupt defending themselves in court! USCCA offers legal protection, education, and training. USCCA stands by American veterans and law-enforcement officers!

concealed-carry ed

Concealedcarry-ed offers state approved online courses

Concealedcarry-ed offers state approved online concealed carry courses that meet the mandatory education requirements for obtaining a concealed carry license in nine different states! They states all have a number of reciprocity agreement to other states which would you give you the ability to legally carry a concealed firearm in as many as 30+ different states.

If you also enjoy the outdoors consider the many other certified state approved courses that they offer in everything from scuba diving and snowmobiling to Drone operation!

submit your articles

We invite you to submit your own articles

We encourage our readers to also become some of our trusted and experienced contributing authors. We invite you to submit your own articles on any firearms or firearms related topic. These topics can also include anything on firearms, self-defense news, training, press releases, industry news anything about self-defense rights the second amendment and the Constitution!

So join us and send us your articles, photos, and links to videos, we look forward to helping you share your information with our readers!

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gun martix

State gun laws matrix posted for each state in the country

US Precision Defense has a unique state gun laws matrix that we post for each state in the country. The first portion of the matrix provides information on permits to purchase a firearm, the need for firearm registration, is licensing required of the owners and is an actual permit needed to carry a concealed weapon.

The second portion of the matrix goes much deeper into the laws and shows references to current interpretations of each state law in six specific areas of the law, and is also accompanied with drop down information clarifying the interpretation of the law currently within a specific state.

View State Gun Laws
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Our advertisement program is proprietary and highly unique in the way in which our articles reach the public at the State, City, and even a Neighborhood search level. Our system generates thousands of pages associated with our site, and is growing every week!

We are constantly expanding our article base and reaching out to both experienced and new members of the shooting public. We are attracting new firearm enthusiasts and those wanting to learn about Gun Laws, The Second Amendment, and Self-defense every day looking for Information, Products, and Services.

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