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Retired Deputy Sheriff

  • Graduate of the F.B.I. Firearms Instructors Institute
  • Lieutenant in charge of Criminal Investigations
  • Field Training Officer / Training new recruits
  • Concealed Carry permit holder for 42 years
  • Emergency Services Team (S.W.A.T)
  • Station Firearms Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • K-9 Handler

My family has a proud history of serving our community and country, I served in Law Enforcement, and one of my Sons in the U.S. Army, another Son is currenlty active duty Law Enforcement where we all three saw and had personal first hand experiences with armed encounters.

It is our extensive training and personal experiences that we draw from to bring to you all the necessary information, preparation, equipment, and proven training techniques that you will need to protect your family and yourself and all the while exercising your constitutional rights under the 2nd amendment.

With the crime rate what it is in our country and Gangs controlling our inner city streets, and Law Enforcement resources stretched to the limit and beyond due to shrinking budgets, and the fact that we all now face a new threat in the form of domestic terrorism we, meaning you and I need to do everything we can to protect our family, loved ones, and ourselves.

And the way to provide that protection is to be a properly trained and responsible concealed carry firearm permit holder. It’s your right under the constitution!

The world is no longer a place where you can always expect others to protect what is precious to you; one only needs to watch the local, national, and even international news to know just how true this is. The world has changed and we all need to be prepared to face the new challenges.