New Products For 2020

US Precision Defense Model 2020 K6s Kirkpatrick Leather Co. The Model 2020 K6s is an OWB Holster for the Kimber K6s....

New Products For 2020
New Products For 2020

New Products For 2020

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US Precision Defense

Model 2020 K6s

Kirkpatrick Leather Co.

The Model 2020 K6s is an OWB Holster for the Kimber K6s. Handcrafted from fine American leather, the holster is contoured to the hip for comfort and concealment with a slight FBI cant to minimize profile. The Model 2020 K6s is hand molded to fit with no break-in required. For more info: (956) 723-6893.

A.T.L.A.S. Footwear

5.11 Tactical

The A.T.L.A.S. Footwear from 5.11 Tactical can withstand the toughest training sessions. A.T.L.A.S. stands for All Terrain Load Assistance System. The footwear enhances agility and stability while adding cushion support. The A.T.L.A.S. Mid Boot (in picture) features 3D-molded TPR toe and heel protection, a welded/mesh upper and more. For more info: (866) 451-1726.

Blue Guardian Defense & Training Ammo


Fiocchi’s Blue Guardian Defense &Training Ammo is a line of lead-free, specialized ammo for L.E. and personal defense. Blue Guardian FR is for high-volume training; Blue Guardian HP is for duty/personal/home use especially in hard structures where ricochet is a concern; and Blue Guardian SC is for optimal penetration, weight retention and terminal performance in soft tissue. For more info: (417) 449-1038.

Single-Shot Self-Defense Pistol


ALTOR describes their unique Single-Shot Self-Defense Pistol as “Perfectly Simple and Simply Perfect.” With a total of six parts, only two parts connect to load and fire. Offered in .380 ACP and 9mm Luger, it’s a simple striker-fired operation. All metal parts are quality stainless steel while synthetic parts are firearms-grade premium polymer. For more info: (602) 441-4077.

RMR Optic Holsters

Remora Holsters

The RMR Optic Holsters from Remora offer comfort as well as concealability. The IWB or OWB holsters enclose the optic to keep the user from being gouged or irritated and protect the optic itself from sweat and body oils. Remora will modify/customize the holsters to users’ needs. For more info: (239) 316-7770.

Invader 400

Wicked Ridge Crossbows

The Invader 400 from Wicked Ridge Crossbows delivers 400 fps and features a built-in cocking device and a lighted scope. Built to perform in tight shooting situations, the narrow 185-lb. bow assembly consists of a lightweight riser and machined aluminum limb pockets with 11″ WRX double-laminated limbs. For more info: (330) 628-9245.

Swarm Maxxim GEN2

Gamo Adult Precision Airguns

The Swarm Maxxim GEN2 from Gamo is ideal for small game hunting, backyard target shooting and pest control. The breakbarrel air rifle with a 10-shot mag is an upgrade of the Swarm Maxxim. The GEN2 offers a more consistent horizontal mag alignment and open, fiber optic sights. Offered in .177 and .22 calibers, the air rifle has an extra magazine storage compartment in the stock. For more info: (479) 636-1200.



The Puna is an ideal everyday carry tool. Modeled on an assault rilfe, this multi-tool is 3.15″ long and can fit in the palm of your hand. Made of stainless steel, it has six built-in functions including a scalpel, hex tool, bottle opener, keychain attachment and breakaway handle. The Puna comes with a protective hard case.

SIG P320 Grip Module

Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat’s SIG P320 Grip Module will enhance grip and improve recoil control. The molded polymer grip was designed based on the suggestions of tactical trainers, champion shooters and firearms experts. Features include an upgraded, high-cut 1911-style beavertail grip tang; undercut front strap; reshaped, radiused trigger guard and more. The grip sports Wilson Combat’s exclusive Starburst pattern. For more info: (800) 955-4856.

Deka ABLE Lock Folder

Hogue Knives’ Deka ABLE Lock Folder is ideal for everyday carry. Its 3.25″-long wharncliffe blade has a 59-61 HRC and made of CPM 20CV stainless steel. The 0.094″-thick blade is controlled by the ABLE locking mechanism with lock bar and Wolff wire-form springs. Handle is G-Mascus Dark Earth G10 Scales. OAL is 7.5″; weight is 2.3 oz. For more info: (800) 438-4747.

Street Spike

TOPS Knives

TOPS Knives’ Street Spike is a basic, no-frills tool combining concealability, strength and utility. The knife’s EDC blade is 1095 RC 56-58 steel with a black traction finish. It comes with a black Kydex sheath and multi-position clip. OAL is 6.75″; blade length is 2.75″; weight is 2.0 oz. For more info: (208) 542-0113.

Pistol Kit


FrogLube’s Pistol Kit includes cleaning and lubricating sprays for pistol care. Redesigned for 2020, the kit is packaged with a 2-piece, high-density plastic tube for cleaners and lubricants along with cleaning tools. The Pistol Kit comes with a 2-end brush, a 5″ brass rod with handle, multi-caliber bronze brushes as well as swab bore tips and a microfiber towel. For more info: (855) 376-4582.

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