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ABOUTNAG Industries

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1803 Elzworth St., Bakersfield, CA 93311


N.A.G Industries offers a variety of services ranging from cerekoting, slide cutting, laser engraving and stippling, and head hunter services.


The idea of adding an optic to your Glock, S&W, H&K, SigSauer, Canik, Springfield, etc. has quickly taken the industry by storm. It may feel and look awkward or unorthodox at first, but the benefits are insurmountable. In just the past few years we have seen the technology and development of red dot sights (commonly referred to as RDS) immensely improve in their durability, reliability, and ease of use. With this comes a new shift in defensive weapons being the inclusion of an optic mount which when paired with a red dot sight allows for faster visual acquisition and removes the need to align your sights because you simply place the red dot on target where you want to hit and discharge the weapon confident in shot placement.

A red dot sight allows for more focus and awareness of your target and surroundings. Another benefit of a red dot sight is the speed you are able to acquire a proper sight picture. With traditional sights the shooter must accomplish a multitude of actions, including referencing the front sight, aligning it with the rear, and then placing both sights firmly on the target. This complete action can require dedicated training to do quickly and a lifetime to master. With a red dot sight however, there is only one point of reference and that is the placement of the dot on target. Most instructors stress the necessity and importance of keeping your focus on the threat/target and not the sights alone, by having a red dot as a reference point this gives the shooter the ability to keep both eyes open, on target, and the ability to survey their surroundings simultaneously.

 Make Your Dream Slide Come True With Us!

All project reviews & price quotes have no obligations and are always provided FREE of charge!

Have a Gun Slide project that you want Customized just for you? All you need to do to get started is to fill out the form and hit the submit button! Our machinists will then contact you to personally go over your requirements. Get started today, it only takes a minute to submit our Slide Cut Form!

To speak with our staff with any questions you may have please call 855-300-6779 ext 703.

Slide Milling And Optic Cuts:

Slide Cutting for Red Dots: Pricing $190.00 Details: Customer must provide Red Dot and pay for shipping. All cuts are made to Red Dot. No Universal Cuts, We do our slide cutting once a week on Mondays.

Glock OEM Front Serration Cut (Glock Logo will be cut through) $175.00 or $135 when also having an optic cut.

Non Package Design Cuts: Submit our Form for pricing. Custom design time starts at $100.00 per hour.

$10.00 discount on Slide Cutting for MIL/LEO/Gov/EMS.


HANDGUNS $275.00: Complete Handgun, Includes disassembly, reassembly and coating of all visible components, plus 2 magazine baseplates

$98.00: Slide/Cylinder

$48.00: Grips

$108.88: Frame

$48.88: Barrel

$28.88: Small Parts

Contact us on the FORM for pricing for Ceraote for AR/AK/SCAR and BOLT ACTION RIFLES/SHOTGUNS

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