45 Tactical Designs Kydex Holsters
45 Tactical Designs Kydex Holsters

45 Tactical Designs Kydex Holsters

45 Tactical Designs Offers Unique Kydex OWB Holsters And Accessory Carriers

The story of how 45 Tactical Designs came about could have been a dramatic event or the result of an adventure involving explosions, heroic actions and primordial ooze.  The real story is, unfortunately, relatively simple. It was a cold, wet night in January and creativity was thick in the air.  So I guess it was sort of dramatic. 

I was in my shop, having just completed my first holster and magazine carrier for a friend. I wanted him to try it out, critique it and give me his recommendations.  I started out years earlier working with leather and making knife sheaths for friends, so holsters were new for me.  I have always been good with my hands and crafty with tools.  Back then, this was my way of relaxing, meditating, and ultimately, staying out of trouble.

Growing up, my family did not have a lot of money, so I was always the kid who made my own toys and accessories for my G.I. Joe's. This impression ties in on my mission for quality gear at a reasonable price.  I remember, at the age of 10, I wanted my Joe to be a scuba diver, so what did I do?  I cut up an old inner tube and started to stitch the pieces together, for the head piece, I kept the plastic bubble from a toy I got from a gumball vending machine and there it was - my Joe was a scuba diver. 

As time when by and after countless wood and metal shop classes through junior high and high school, I knew that if I put my mind to it I could make anything that would suit my requirements.  After a while, I started to make things for friends and family.  I always thought this was just a hobby and would never take me anywhere; boy was it a mistake to think that way.45 Tactical Kydex Accessory Carrier

45 Tactical Kydex Holsters Started With Just An Idea 

45 Tactical Designs started with just an idea in 2013. I was heavily into firearms training and realized that the accessories where not cheap and, after running them for a while, they broke.  I was not made out of money, but I realized that I could make what I needed to suit me and it would be sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of training. But what to make my equipment out of?  Leather? Nylon?

Having experienced many broken holsters in both materials, I knew it would not hold up like the way I wanted to during the rain and mud.  Kydex?  I had heard of it but never worked with it.  But why not look it up and give it a shot? So I researched online and found some tutorials on YouTube and the journey began.  I knew I could do it, so I started by making my own presses (because why buy when I can make) and bought a $25.00 toaster oven and I was off and running.  

45 Tactical a Family Business Manufacturing High Quality Kydex Holsters for Customers

 I started out small and made the first holster and mag carrier for my own Springfield 1911. After several changes, improvements and recommendations from family and friends, I developed my current OWB (outside the waistband) holster and magazine carrier. After that, I went back to my old mainstay, knife sheaths.  But should I stop there, just make items for myself?  Through the help of a close friend, I was prompted to start selling my creations to the public and get their take on my creations.

My first customer was Fred Mastison of Force Options. Mr. Mastison, who is a close friend, mentor, and sensei encouraged me to strike out on my own and start my own business.  At the beginning of my story, I mentioned my first holster being for a friend. That friend was Fred.  I made him a holster and mag carrier for his Glock 19, which he still wears today.   Fred has been a great mentor, ever since our first meeting, 5 years ago, in a Defensive Tactics class.  He drove me to sign up under my own company name and attend my first Shot Show in 2013.  Through his advice, help (a lot of help), and guidance, my wife and I created 45 Tactical Designs so we could bring our products to market.

It wasn't long before I decided that I had enough indecision and decided to make this a full-fledged business and expand the product line. I created and operated 45 Tactical Designs out of the garage of the family home.   I built my shop, presses, machine tables and paint booth myself.  I knew what I wanted and I designed everything to fit a rather large guy who is very hard on his machinery and working stations.  Everything had to be made sturdy and I knew what I had pictured in my mind would work and fit in a small, two car garage.

 45 Tactical Kydex Holsters, Magazine Carriers, And Rifle Cheek Rests 

Our Story on how we started 45 Tactical. Moving forward, I know there is no limit to what we can do.  I am constantly looking to improve and expand my current product line.  Looking to reach out to new groups and people such as Force Options, Tactical Barbe Designs, and Armed Lady and provide them with quality gear.  Maybe somewhere down the line you will see my booth at Shot Show, but for now I will be walking around at the show looking for new friends.  See you down range! 

45 Tactical designs, a family-run business, was created with the help of my very beautiful, amazing and supportive wife, Kathleen Herrera, working the admin/financial side of the business. She also handles all of the correspondence with anyone.  As you can probably tell, I write how I speak; something she is currently helping me to change.  After two master’s degrees and countless papers, you would think I would have learned. Without her, I would never be where I am at in my life and with the business. 

Quality Kydex Custom Holsters and Accessory Carriers by 45 Tactical are available

My other inspiration is my beautiful and talented daughter, Maya.  She cleans and helps me in the shop and I am starting to show her the business and start working on her own holsters and magazine carriers.  Maybe someday she will take over the business and take it to higher levels.  But for right now, she cleans the shop.45 Tactical Kydex Triple Magazine Carrier

We love that our gear is custom and can be made available to all who need it. We have recently branched off to making a vast majority of gear for the civilian and Military/LEO market. From rifle magazine carriers, flash bang carriers, to rifle cheek rests; we are only limited to our own imagination. I have this knack for looking at envisioning how I can make it and what can I do to make it better. 

But the one thing that always stays in my mind is how can I get this to my customer without them paying an arm and a leg.  I know how hard it is to get quality gear at a good price.  I know that no matter how big we get, this will always be the foremost important aspect to our products.  We want to provide the customer with reasonably priced, professional equipment.

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