BERSA Thunder Pistols
BERSA Thunder Pistols

BERSA Thunder Pistols

BERSA Firearms, Reliable Guns at Affordable Prices

BERSA Pistols are accurate and reliable. A single match can start a forest fire and nowadays word has spread and Bersa’s secret isn’t so secret anymore. It seems like just about everyone knows about Bersa and its high quality guns. But what they don’t know is the story of how Bersa got here. BERSA Firearms

Bersa was started in the 1950s by Benso Bonadimani, Ercole Montini and Savino Caselli, three Italian mechanical engineers who had immigrated to Argentina. They had dreams, a lot of talent and firearm making experience. Ercole, while still in Italy, had worked at Beretta. The three Italian engineers pooled their talents and resources and decided to manufacture world class guns at affordable prices. They named the company after themselves combining letters of each of their first names to create “Bersa.”

BERSA Firearms are World Renowned for Quality

In today's world it's difficult to always find items that are made with real craftsmanship and quality, BERSA firearms has stepped up with a full line of quality firearms that are highly reliable, and accurate which is a true rarity.

BERSA, Desigend For ALL Shooters

Bersa firearms are designed for not only the experienced competition shooter they are also very well suited for the beginner and inexperienced shooter. Bersa firearms have the complete spectrum covered.BERSA Thunder PRO XT

Bersa firearms customer service will far exceed your expectations and are world renowned for being second to none, and is why they are being chosen by so many different militaries and law-enforcement agencies as their primary side arm. True quality without compromise, known throughout the world. 

BERSA Guns Are Reliable and Accurate

.40 Cal S&W  Bersa ThunderBersa firearms are known for their superior craftsmanship, quality, and accuracy for security forces, the military, civilian use, self-defense, concealed carry, and for the professional athlete who shoots competitively.

Bersa produces precision firearms for the entire world and to be able to do that they use some of the most advanced technology and the brightest minds at their manufacturing facility.

Bersa is known as a leading provider for several Armed Forces, not only in Argentina yet also abroad, and in doing so has developed one of the most advanced technical and service support programs and after sales service of any firearms company.

Because of Bersa's superior inherent accuracy many professional shooters and athletes enjoy the benefits by their many wins in shooting competitions. With over 50 years of perfecting their craft they have continually improved their guns ergonomics and function. They have been able to evolve to meet and exceed the standards of the most demanding markets worldwide. 

BERSA Gun Owners Enjoy Exceptional Craftsmanship

Bersa is a high quality firearms manufacturer that produces a total of 25 different models designed specifically for the civilian market, competitive shooters, security, Law Enforcement, and the Military.BERSA .380 a Worlds Top Seller

The most well-known and prolific line that they produce and distribute in the “Thunder” series of Handguns. The three distinct model lines come in various calibers ranging from .22, .380, 9 mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

The BERSA .380 Thunder Is a Top Seller 

In the civilian line there are 19 different models, in the competitive shooting division there are 2 models, one in .22 caliber and one in 9mm. Each of the four different models specifically designed for law-enforcement, security, and the military come in 9 mm.

There are four models in the .22 caliber range, seven models in the .380 caliber range, eleven models in the 9 mm caliber range, five models in the .40 Cal S&W range, and two models in the .45 ACP model range.

BERSA Firearms are ISO Certified

BERSA .380 Thunder Dual ToneBersa is a company based in Argentina and has a strong international presence. They produce highly reliable guns that are specifically targeted to meet the demands of a worldwide market. To be able to fulfill their mission they have implemented some of the most advanced technologies available while at the same time using simple and efficient organizational framework within their manufacturing facilities.

To assure their clients the highest possible quality BERSA is a certified ISO 9001.2000 Organization, this is coupled with their extraordinary life time warranty, something that is very rare in the firearms industry, are true example for others to follow. 


BERSA Firearms, Perfect For Concealed Carry

Bersa BP9 CC 9mm PistolThe Bersa Thunder gun line especially the .380 Cal has become extremely popular among the shooting public across the U.S. and review after review speaks volumes about their construction, reliability, accuracy, and the attention to detail that they have put into the “feel” of the gun in the shooters hand.  Real shooting ergonomics that is usually found in handguns at the double the price.

They have built a strong reputation for not only craftsmanship and reliability yet also for exceptional accuracy, and as mentioned many owners rave about the feel in the hand and the grip design.

All of the models within the thunder line and the BP9 CC are excellent examples of modern craftsmanship. The exceptional value you get for such a high-quality firearm with its inherent accuracy and very affordable pricing make this manufacture very popular with those seeking an excellent firearm for self-defense and concealed carry purposes.

BERSA Firearms Are Known as a Quality Handgun

It doesn’t seem like too long ago that Bersa used to be the gun industry’s best kept secret. It was a gun carried by gunsmiths, off-dutyBERSA for Law Enforcement police officers, retired military and gun industry people in the know. Over time people began to share with others how Bersa was their preferred carry firearm and word spread that Bersa’s guns shot straighter, were more reliable and cost half the price of comparable guns. So let’s explore just how this Argentine gun maker got to be so popular and find out what it is that makes its guns so sought after.

 At first Bersa created all types of firearms, including shotguns and rifles. However, in 1994 Bersa introduced the wildly popular Thunder series. The Thunder did so well that Bersa decided to ditch the shotguns and rifles and focus on making the Thunder its signature gun. So just what was it about the Thunder that made it so popular? The Bersa Thunder had the look and feel of the legendary Walther PPK, the preferred sidearm of one Bond... James Bond, except the Thunder was more reliable, more accurate, had less recoil and cost half the price of the PPK.

Bersa .22 RifleThe truth of the matter is that it is not very common that reliable, accurate and powerful handguns also happen to be affordably priced. These qualities made Bersa different. Different in a good way and word began to spread. Eventually Bersa’s reputation reached the ears of the Argentine Military and Police and Bersa won the contract to supply them with the Bersa Thunder Pro HC 9, Bersa’s full-size high cap acity handgun. To this day Bersa is Argentina’s standard issue side arm. Other countries’ militaries have begun to take notice and are also adopting Bersa as their standard issue side arm.

BERSA Firearms Are Being Noticed By Competitive Shooters

Not only have militaries begun noticing Bersa, competitive shooters have too. In fact, the Bersa Thunder full-size pistols have been used by competitive shooters to win several international championships in the IPSC circuit.

“The Bersa Thunder PRO XT is an amazing sport shooting pistol and performs flawlessly,” said Bersa’s Official Shooter and International Champion Gaston Quindi Vallerga.BERSA .380 Thunder for CCW

Now if military and law enforcement agencies choose a gun to be their standard issue firearm, it must be reliable, accurate and trustworthy, and Bersa certainly is. But just how does Bersa achieve this reliability and accuracy? Is it the cutting edge tools, computer aided technology and high quality materials used to make each gun? Well, those help, but what really makes the difference is Bersa’s rigorous and, quite frankly, strict quality control standards that each pistol must pass before it leaves the factory.

Once a gun comes off the assembly line it is tested in extreme conditions much harsher than those required in normal use. If it passes the test it’s allowed out into the world, and also to in ~ region~.

All BERSA Guns Sold Are Held To Strict Quality Control Standards

Because of the quality control stThunder Pro XTandards Bersa implements it has the utmost confidence in its guns. In fact, it guarantees them for life.

Another one of the secrets that allows Bersa to make such high quality guns is its policy of listening. Bersa prides itself on listening to its customers and asking them for their feedback and recommendations. This feedback finds its way into the final designs of Bersa’s firearms, helping Bersa create a high-quality product that delivers exactly what gun owners want and need.

“I carry a Bersa myself. It’s just a good gun. I trust that it will work when I need it to and shoot straight every time. I’d trust my life with it,” said Michael Sodini, president of Eagle Imports, the exclusive distributor of Bersa Firearms.