Ballistic Range Rubber And Shooting Range Supply
Ballistic Range Rubber And Shooting Range Supply

Ballistic Range Rubber And Shooting Range Supply

Shooting Range Supply And Ballistic Rubber

Ricochet Panels- Some ranges use these for curtains in their ranges. We even had one range glue one to an exit door to protect it. They come in 42" and 48" wide in any length you want. Standard sizes are 4' x 8'.

Ballistic Strips- These come in custom lengths and widths to build your box to shoot into. See the pictures to get an idea of what this looks like. This is a pretty nifty little unit you can construct yourself with little cost and effort. Ask us how you can build one.

Range Cleaning For Ranges Using Rubber Media- Many times our ranges ask if we know of any company that can help with range clean outs.  Our go to company can clean your rubber media range in record time with little to no down time, at a very reasonable cost. Send us an email if you would like to connect with them. They are not the biggest company out there, but they do offer the best service or we would not recommend them.

Who We Service- Commercial ranges, Gun clubs, Home hobbyist, Military and Police

As George Washington once said "A free people ought to be armed". We believe not only that, but a well-armed person should also be a well-trained person. We can help provide the tools to train your customers or family and U.S Precision Defense can provide expert defense training for you and your loved ones. 

Ballistic Rubber Media And Bullet Traps 

Rubber Ballistic Media- This comes in two sizes and types. Our 3/4" is wire free rubber and has been used in large shooting ranges. Our best is the 1"-3" strips that have a "Kevlar like" fabric encapsulated in the layers. It has been the most effective at stopping high velocity bullets. So much so we use it in all our bullet traps. It has been used in military applications, commercial ranges, police ranges, gun clubs and on home ranges. All our products are made in the U.S.A, by an Ohio based company.

Bullet Traps- Our Bullet Traps come in many sizes for all types of consumers. We have some on military bases, police ranges, many gun club ranges and even in one guys basement where he watches TV and shoots pistol practice at the same time, and we are assuming is not married! We also make Clearing Bullet Traps. Check out our website to see all the types of bullet traps we make. Our Bullet Trap is patent pending. 

Ballistic Range Rubber Or A.K.A "Shooting Range Supply" 

For the last seven years Ballistic Range Rubber or A.K.A "Shooting Range Supply" has been offering affordable rubber ballistic media for commercial and personal home shooting ranges, ricochet panels/ rubber curtains, bullet traps that are quite amazing in how they work.

Ballistic Wall BandsThey can be used on commercial ranges and the hobbyist shooter. We are now beginning to offer rubber range cleaning services for large and small ranges. We believe it should be affordable for these products and services. Our bullet traps can go anywhere from a basement to a full blown range indoors or outdoors.

Our custom bullet traps can handle anything you can shoot at them. We have even made a custom unit to handle 50mm rounds. Yeah, I said 50MM rounds and it is called the "Black Hole". Our customers seem to be very happy with our products.

To date we have not received any negative feedback from a customer on our bullet traps or suppliesBallistic Rubber. They just keep coming back for more! We have seen a steady rise in interest for creating better, safer and more economical shooting ranges. Especially in the last 5 years with Second Amendment rights being challenged in just about every state.

Everyone from the home hobbyist, to mom's looking to protect their homes ,to large ranges are interested in Clearing boxlearning how to fire weapons appropriately. In doing so they have created a demand for our Shooting Range Supply products. Finding the right product and the right company for shooting range supplies just got easier. Our products are listed in this report.

If you have questions about the needs for your shooting range give us a call at 440-576-7711 or visit us on the web at . There is a range specialist that can discuss your needs on a more personal level at your convenience.



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