Black Optex Tactical Night Vision Imaging System
Black Optex Tactical Night Vision Imaging System

Black Optex Tactical Night Vision Imaging System

Black Optex Imaging Systems Is The Choice Of Professionals

 Heading Indicator: The BOSS-­‐V™ internal compass will give the user a constant real-­‐time heading indicator viewable through the system eyepiece.

Ruggedized & Flexible Design: The BOSS-­‐V is rated for weapon shock from .223/5.56 up through .50 Caliber. It can also be used in conjunction with a spotter wearing Rockwell head-­‐mounted display glasses to receive target information.

While not a direct replacement for tube based image intensification, the BOSS-­‐V™ can meet and often exceed the needs of the user in terms of added capability and feature sets when compared to the completely passive capability of a standard night vision device. Black Optex is very excited to bring this revolutionary system to market and is eager to receive feedback from the user community.

Black Optex is also the maker of the widely used ZERO-­‐Lens Clip-­‐on Optical Alignment system. The ZERO-­‐Lens can be used with virtually any combat sight and is the only clip-­‐on that provides night vision engagement capability for Eotech sights. It allows for a standard ITT, L-3, or thermal PVS14 device to be mounted on the Zero Lens in front of the existing day sight. The Zero Lens is able to correct the light wave anomaly of the PVS14 to match the day sight zero eliminating the image shift with no change in eye relief for incredible accuracy.

The ZERO-­‐Lens has been tested, accepted and used by both US & Allied military as well as many in the hunting community.

Flexibility: With the capability to be utilized, helmet or head-­‐mounted, hand held and weapon-­‐mounted, the BOSS-­‐V™ covers nearly every mission parameter required by the user. 

Weapon Sight: When mounted on a standard 1913 (Picatinny) rail system, the BOSS-­‐V™ carries the ability to save a wide variety of reticles for different weapon systems.  With the proper reticle system activated, the user will have the capability to electronically adjust both azimuth and elevation to properly zero the weapon.  The system will also save that zero position for that weapon, allowing for quick selection and switching of zeroed reticles for other weapon types.Black Optix Scope Mount

Image Capture: The BOSS-­‐V™ has the capability to capture both still and video images on a secure Micro-­‐SD card.  This allows the user to capture thousands high-­‐resolution images both day and night and are stored on-­‐board.

Image Streaming: The BOSS-­‐V™ gives the user the capability of capturing images and distributing them with the following methods.

a.   On-­‐board image capture with the Secure Micro-­‐SD card

b.   Direct connection to a laptop or PC to transfer images

c.    Bluetooth transfer of images and video to the users smart phone, laptop or PC.

Multi-­‐Spectral Imaging: The CMOS sensor selected for the BOSS-­‐V™ images across the visual and near infrared spectrum (400-­‐1100) nanometers to enhance situational awareness and security in low-­‐light conditions. This allows the ability to see and operate in the 1064 nanometer band for hand-­‐ held targeting or to work in a spectrum invisible to standard night vision. 

Black Optex, a leading supplier of innovative optics and imaging systems, has recently completed the development of the BOSS-­‐V™ solid-­‐state low-­‐light imaging system.  

The BOSS-­‐V™ is the first CMOS sensor based dynamic, affordable and reliable imaging system that is comparable in low-­‐light conditions with the performance of traditional, passive night vision devices and can exceed standard night vision performance in optimal lighting conditions. It can even surpass passive night vision under some low-­‐light conditions. The BOSS-­‐V™ is unique in its ability to seamlessly transition from day to night vision. Its ability to operate in varying conditions is invaluable when stepping out of daylight into a dark building for example. Black Optex Imaging System

With the ability to operate in a variety of conditions, both day and nighttime, the BOSS-­‐V™ expands the mission capability by offering some of the following features:

Day and Night Operations: The Black Optex BOSS-­‐V™ prevents the user from having to carry multiple optical devices for specific mission parameters. As a solid-­‐state system, high-­‐light or low-­‐light subjects can be viewed through the same device without overdriving the system and damaging components.   

Digital Zoom: The BOSS-­‐V™ has the capability to digitally zoom up to 6X while still holding resolution at acceptable levels. Black Optex also offers a line of magnification lenses that are the most compact and lightweight Afocal lenses on the market today. These lenses at 3x and 6x when coupled with the BOSS-­‐ V™ digital zoom can reach 36x magnification with very little image degradation.   Black Optex: inquires by email to [email protected] 

BLACK OPTEX LLC is a company based out of 1135 S AIRPORT CIR, EULESS, Texas, United States.