Button Buck Outdoor Clothing For Kids
Button Buck Outdoor Clothing For Kids

Button Buck Outdoor Clothing For Kids

Button Buck , Cool Clothing For The Next Generation Of Hunters And Outdoorsmen

Brad grew up as a "frog-catching, lizard-chasing Colorado boy" while his wife was a sun-loving California kid. Combining their childhood experiences, Button Buck's signature style is influenced by Colorado's mountains, California's sunshine, and the country.

Both Brad and Lauren are avid bow hunters who's favorite wedding anniversary was spent glassing deer in a tree in -24 degree F temperatures. Their authentic outdoor lifestyle influences every step of their design and production for products sold.

Button Buck's current offerings include their original premium tee line with retro-inspired designs such as "Vegetables are for Deer," classic hoodies, layering henleys and more. Equally popular is the Button Buck Baby line, which pays homage to hunter-parents with "Daddy Hunted Dinner" and "Mommy Hunted Dinner" bibs and original onesies to get a wild child started right.

Button Buck's entire line of products can be purchased from https//buttonbuck.com, but will also expand into national retail distribution in the second half of 2014.  

Say Goodbye To Cheesey Outdoor-Themed T-Shirts, Button Buck Provides Authentic Style And Mainstream Quality For Wild Kids.

Button Buck offers hip, relevant clothing for the next generation of hunters and outdoorsmen, giving parents another opportunity to pass on their family traditions with their kids. Button Buck allows children to literally wear their love of hunting and the outdoor lifestyle on their sleeve.. 

Original retro-inspired designs, a stylish fit and vintage-soft materials put Button Buck's products in line with the top mainstream clothing brands – a first for the outdoors and hunting industry. Printed tags ensure the only itches kids experience are from mosquito bites and a signature, hand-stitched exterior label make the brand unmistakable.

Noting that style is a prerequisite for any items Button Buck produces, Brad joked, "If our goal was to display our love for the outdoors at the expense of style, we'd wear our waders out to dinner."

Button Buck, Cool Clothing For The Next Generation of Hunters and Outdoorsmen 

 Dear CampA tour through the youth lifestyle clothing section at most traditional outdoors stores will turn up a heap of cliché sayings and loud graphics reminiscent of truck stop t-shirts. The fabrics are stiff, the designs are cheesy and the fits are sloppy. Button Buck, a company founded in California by avid hunters Brad and Lauren Christian, is providing a fresh take on hunting- and outdoors-inspired youth clothing.

"When Lauren and I discovered we were pregnant, we began searching for kid's clothingFishing that authentically represented our outdoor lifestyle. All we could turn up were a few corny tees and a dress that resembled a camo Snuggie," Brad said. "With nostalgic memories of the cool brands from our own childhood, we were motivated to create a clothing line for everyday life that relayed an outdoor message and memory." 

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