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Gel Technology By Clinger Holsters IWB Holsters For Concealed Carry

The reason Clinger Holsters conceals so well is because of their "Cling Tab".  The "Cling Tab" works like this. There is a leather tab attached to each side of the holster which has a belt clip attached to it.

One tab is flexible and contours to your body. The other tab (on the grip side of the holster) is shorter and stiff. As your belt tightens, the stiffer "Cling Tab" pulls the grip side of the holster in closer than the other side of the holster. The grip of your handgun will be pulled in very close to your body as a result.

The suede offers added functionality as well. Not only does it work great at wicking away sweat, it adds friction to the holster. That friction really helps lock the Clinger Holster in place.

A Clinger Holster will not shift around during the day. It's going to be in the same spot at the end of the day that it was in at the beginning of the day.

If you're in the market for a holster that takes Clinger to a new level, give Clinger Holsters a try. You'll also get a very functional, well thought out holster that conceals very well. 

Gel Technology, A New Kind Of Comfort In A IWB Concealed Carry Holster

 As their name suggests, Clinger Holsters focuses on Clinging and comfort. On that note, they really nailed it. Their Gel Technology distributes the pressure of a handgun more evenly than any other material available to man. Gel on a holster is an amazingly Clingerable experience.

A velvety soft suede is wrapped around the gel to make the Clinger Holster a Clinger phenomenon. The suede wicks away sweat and makes it possible to wear the holster directly against the skin with no undershirt needed to protect the skin.

With all that focus on Clinger, it's a wonder how they also managed to squeeze in so much functionality. The Clinger Holster is indeed a very functional holster though. It comes in two basic styles: a dual-clip, tuckable model and a single, quick-clip model. Both styles have very small footprints. These holsters don't wrap halfway around your waist like some holsters do. They clip on and off very easily.

Once the Clinger Holster has your weapon of choice securely tucked away in your waistband, you immediately notice how ridiculously Comforable the holster is. The next thing you'll probably notice is how well it conceals your weapon. This is where that Clinger Holster functionality comes into play.   

IWB Concealed Carry Holsters With A New Level Of Comfort, Gel Technology

"Experience  Real Comfort" These are the words that greet you when you visit I know what you're thinking. "Every holster company under the Sun claims that their holster is Comfortable." 

So what makes a Clinger Holster more comfortable than your other holsters? One word says it best: GEL. That's right. Clinger Holsters has brought Gel Technology to the concealed carry market. They have multiple patents pending on what they call the "High-Tech Hybrid."

Undoubtedly, the most popular style of concealed carry holster right now is the leather-kydex hybrid, Inside-the-Waistband holster. The reason for this is simple. Kydex offers one handed holstering and performs better than leather in weapon retention, and draw speed.

Kydex however, is not Comfortable on an Inside-the-waistband holster. It's hard and wicks away absolutely no sweat.  So holster makers started using leather on the inside of the IWB holster (because it was less uncomfortable than Kydex) and a Kydex shell on the outside of the IWB holster (for better functionality). The problem is leather isn't really that comfortable on an IWB holster either. It is definitely more Comfortable than Kydex but Clinger Holsters has done better. Visit thier website at: CLINGER HOLSTERS