Concealed Carry Clothing By Bullet50
Concealed Carry Clothing By Bullet50

Concealed Carry Clothing By Bullet50

Bullet50 Concealed Carry Clothing Is Approved For All Cities And States

Bullet 50’s Ambush carry concealment jacket is one of the finest carry conceal jacket ever built.  The Ambush carry concealment jacket features go beyond your expectations.  The Ambush carry concealment jacket is loaded with carry conceal features. The Ambush Jacket is a light medium weight jacket with ergonomic features Operators will appreciate. 

The Ambush Jacket is constructed of durable weather/water resistant nylon shell, has two large ambidextrous interior concealment pockets, two large dump pockets, side zippered access (for holstered weapons), interior fighting straps (protecting the operator from stress around the shoulders), and is legal in every city and state.

More than anything else, Bullet 50 builds tactical concealment products for street cops and operators who need more performance from their clothing. Bullet 50 uses quality material, double stitching and all Bullet 50 products are crafted in the U.S.A. in the garment district of Los Angeles. Bullet 50’s “Street Crime Line” is built and designed in the USA. 

Most apparel companies have gone over seas to produce their tactical carry conceal clothing.  Bullet 50 believes Operators and Law Abiding Citizens should wear only the finest carry conceal clothing while exercising their 2nd amendment rights. To view Bullet 50’s complete line up of carry conceal clothing visit and see why Bullet 50 is the hardest hitting clothing in the industry.  

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 The Finest Concealed Carry Clothing Is Bullet50

Bullet 50’s first CCW garment developed was the carry conceal denim jean (The 5150). The 5150 carry conceal denim jean was outfitted with patented carry conceal features.  The 5150 is features two inner carry concealment pockets, two dual ammo pockets, large rear pockets, and inner conceal pocket. 

All carry concealment pockets and ammo pockets are ambidextrous and tactical placed on the 5150 denim jean.  These carry conceal features allow the wearer to effectively carry and conceal large frame and small frame pistols. The 5150’s patented carry conceal design; is also featured on our Khaki 5150 design; for a clean casual look. 

Bullet 50 added to it’s ”Street Crime Line” line up with the Six Shooter carry conceal carpenter pant.  The Six Shooter carry conceal carpenter pant features two inner carry concealment pockets and two single ammo pockets. As the 5150 carry conceal denim jean; the Six Shooter carry conceal carpenter pant features ambidextrous carry conceal pockets and ammo pockets.  The Six Shooter’s third pocket is located in the center at the rear of the pant.  The Six Shooter’s carry conceal design is also available in a carry conceal carpenter short. 

The Six Shooter carpenter pant is available in denim, bull denim (black), and navy blue poly cotton twill.  Bullet50’s carry conceal carpenter short in available in Khaki. The Six shooter carry conceal carpenter pant is approved for under cover duty and has been worn by ATF Agent Billy Queen “Under and Alone”.

Billy spent two years riding undercover with an outlaw motorcycle gang in So. California. Thank you Billy! for all your hard work over the years; keeping our county safe and for your support and recognizing Bullet 50 as the finest carry conceal clothing makers in the USA.   

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 Concealed Carry Clothing By Bullet50 

Bullet 50 has quietly been building and designing some of the finest carry conceal clothing available for over 10 years.  Bullet50’s founder and designer Joe Salazar served in the United States Marine Corps. for 6 years and is currently a 20 year veteran with the San Francisco PD. 

Ambush JacketSalazar has worked as a plain clothes/undercover operator for most his career.  Salazar has spent most of his career successfully combating violent crime, investigating hundreds of gang, and narcotics cases.  It was while working those cases in the doldrums of society; Salazar realized there was not many options to safely and effectively carry and conceal a weapon (CCW) in a discreet effective manner. 

 After some intense research and development with some of Law Enforcements best undercover operators from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Federal agencies.  Bullet 50’s carry conceal clothing line was developed and dubbed the “Street Crime Line”. For a closer look at Bullet 50 products visit  Our motto is “Don’t Blow Your Cover”.

Bullet 50’s goal since its inception; is to develop the finest made in the USA carry concealed clothing for CCW clients. Bullet 50’s ”Street Crime 

The Six Shooter Carry Conceal Carpenter PantLine” of carry conceal clothing effectively address the problem of the conceal carry issues for undercover operators or law abiding citizens.

 Salazar took the time and sought out some of the best clothing designers in San Francisco and worked exclusive with those designers.  Salazar’s design addressed the common problems of sizing and grading of a garment; taking in consideration that all of Bullet 50’s clothing are designed to carry conceal a firearm comfortably and effectively.  After Salazar’s patented carry conceal designs were finalized and real time carry conceal weapon testing was concluded. Bullet 50 sought out some of the best apparel manufactures on the west coast. 

Utilizing union shops in L.A.’s garment district was key in the manufacturing process of our carry conceal clothing. These carful steps in design and development lead to the reason why Bullet 50 is the finest carry conceal clothing outfitter in the tactical industry.     

 "Our clothing is also available to law abiding citizens"

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