Covert Cabinets Custom Hidden Gun Storage
Covert Cabinets Custom Hidden Gun Storage

Covert Cabinets Custom Hidden Gun Storage

Prioritize Safety With A Hidden Gun Shelf

As many gun owners strategize on how to keep their families safe and firearms concealed, a number of tactics can easily be utilized. While gun safes are good long-term solutions, hidden gun shelves like Covert Cabinets provide a quality storage solution that can be accessed quickly and efficiently. The system, which needs a magnetic key to be accessed, is disguised as a normal, well-made floating shelf that can be opened to reveal a number of different sized firearms.

Should the worst-case scenario occur and an intruder enters your home, your guns and other valuables will remain accessible yet hidden in plain sight.

Covert Cabinets For Both Pistol and Rifle

Considerations For Choosing The Gun Storage Solution For You

If your family includes curious little ones, obvious displays for your firearms are not ideal. While education is key to ensuring your children understand the responsibility that comes with owning firearms, you cannot always guarantee that their friends understand that guns are not toys to be played with. Additionally, in the event of an emergency, gun safes do not allow you to access your firearms quickly and efficiently in any room of your home.

Concealed gun storage, like a Covert Cabinet system, allows you and your family to have the ready accessibility of a gun rack with the security of a gun safe.The magnetic lock can only be opened with the corresponding key, which can be easily be added to a standard key ring.

Gun Concealment Furniture to match any décor

With three sizes to choose from and a number of classic and diverse finishes, Covert Cabinets are made to seamlessly match your already-existing home décor. If you can’t find a finish that works well in your home, the makers are happy to work with you to build a custom shelf to ensure you are the only person who knows its true function. All units come with customizable foam inserts so that the contents remain secure at all times, including times of need.

With Covert Cabinets, you can sleep well knowing that your firearms and self-defense tools are safely hidden within plain sight, while also being accessible as soon as you need them. When developing your home defense strategy, don’t forget the importance of a Covert Cabinet!

Developing Your Home Defense Strategy With Covert Cabinets

When considering your family’s needs during an emergency, the following are important to think through:

1. What are the typical entries an intruder would use to attempt to enter my home?
2. Where is a safe area my family could retreat?
3. How would I access my firearm quickly and efficiently?

While the first two points are different for every family and home, the third one is a no brainer across the board. Hidden gun storage systems provide a quick and easy method to retrieve your guns in an emergency, but provide day-to-day security by keeping firearms hidden from children and other people who do not need access to them.


Covert Cabinets Keeping Firearms While Remaining Safe

Covert Cabinets HG-21 OpenRetaining firearms in your home for your personal safety is a right you deserve, but responsibility is key to ensuring those tools do not fall into the wrong hands. Concealed furniture and shelving allows quick access when needed, and covert concealment when you don’t. With a product like Covert Cabinets, you can let your children know of its true use when you feel they’re ready; after immersing them in proper gun etiquette and proper handling. Until then, you can enjoy the convenience of a gun rack without risking your family’s safety.

Preparing Your Home

After you’ve developed your home defense strategy and decided to incorporate a hidden gun shelf like a Covert Cabinet, you should next decide on the best placement in your home for easy access to your firearm. Shelves range in size, allowing you separate units to house handguns, shotguns and rifles. To prepare for an intruder at night, consider placing a cabinet with an easily accessible firearm in your bedroom. Additional units should be placed throughout the home based on other points of entry: on the way to the front door, the back door, and windows that can be easily accessed from the outside.

Preparing Your Family

While the entire family need not always know the contents of your concealment furniture, consider informing a well-educated member of your family, like your spouse or older child who understands gun safety and use. This way, should you need back up, your entire family won’t be surprised by the true contents of the innocent looking shelf hanging on your wall. While developing your self defense plan, give this trusted family member an important – but simple – job that they can easily follow to support you in the event of an emergency.

Preparing Yourself

Having a plan of action is the easiest way to remain calm in an emergency. Practicing that plan speeds up your reaction  time, and helps you to anticipate what will happen next. The key to successful home defense with a concealment shelf is just that: the key! When you go to bed, make sure your magnetic key is within arms reach, and can be grabbed quickly and easily if something goes “bump” in the night. Again, ensure that your back-ups know where additional keys can be quickly located should they need access to a shelf, too. During the day, keep keys in easily accessible spots near your shelves. Make sure younger children know that these keys are not toys, and should not be touched under any circumstances. Education is key, and starting young and with simple tasks primes your children to understand the importance of home safety and, more importantly, gun safety.

Choosing Well-Made Gun Concealment Furniture 

If general gun concealment shelves are hard to find, well-made pieces are nearly impossible to locate and purchase. Thanks to a partnership with talented Amish wood makers, Covert Cabinets uses a unique manufacturing process to ensure quality, character and safety with every unit sold. Made in the United States, Covert Cabinet hidden gun shelves are made with maple, oak or poplar woods. Each unit receives unmatched attention to detail, and sizing and staining is accurate every time. A network of trusted manufacturers bring the products to life.

After Amish wood makers using their centuries-old woodworking techniques start the process, the unit is shipped to American companies to complete the building process with sturdy magnetic locks and reliable hardware to securely hang every shelf. Safety is of utmost importance from start to finish. Because Covert Cabinets is an All-American, small business, the owner stands behind the product and ensures accuracy at all times.

Customers who purchase concealment furniture enjoy peace of mind and accessibility while knowing that their firearms and valuables are safe and protected in plain sight. The shelves look like beautiful, well-made statement pieces to the untrained eyes when, in reality, they are beautiful, well-made statement pieces with a very important purpose to the firearm-loving family.

The Best Hidden Gun Shelves 

You’ve built the perfect gun collection, educated your spouse and children on how to use a gun, and developed a home defense strategy to protect your loved ones and valuables. Now what? Incorporating a hidden gun shelf into your home provides next level protection without going overboard. If you don’t have a full room to dedicate to firearm storage, and a gun safe seems out of reach, installing well-made hidden gun shelves around your home is an easy and effective alternative. If you decide that your children or other loved ones are not yet ready to have full access to your firearms collection but you’d still enjoy accessibility throughout your house, Covert Cabinet systems allow for the perfect compromise.

Made in America with real wood, Covert Cabinets are built to conceal your weapons without putting them out of reach. The easily-accessible cabinets utilize a reliable magnetic lock system to ensure that they remain unthreatening and uninteresting to those who do not need access. Because the lock will only open with the corresponding magnetic key, accidents are minimized and shelves remain covert and concealed.

 Covert Cabinets come in three sizes, each one catering to specific gun sizes and holding significant weight to retain its elegant floating shelf look. The small version, HG-21, comes in five elegant finishes and measures 21 inches by 12 inches by 4 inches on the exterior. The interior, which is lined with a custom foam insert, measures 13.5 inches by 8 inches by 1.75 inches. The 20 pound interior and exterior weight limit allows customers to safely store their firearms while also using the shelf as an elegant display.

The medium version, LG, 46, comes in five elegant finishes and measures 46 inches by 12.25 inches by 4.5 inches on the exterior. The interior measures 36 inches by 8 inches by 2.5 inches, and includes a custom foam insert for added security. When mounted into 2-3 studs, this unit can hold up to 40 pounds of combined weight for the interior and exterior of the product. Customers can easily hide their firearms in plain sight while also adding an intriguing design element to their home with this beautiful piece.

The largest version, SG-58, comes in five finishes to match any décor and measures 58 inches by 12.25 inches by 4.5 inches. The interior, which includes a custom foam insert, measures 48 inches by 8 inches by 2.5 inches. The unit can hold up to 40 pounds, interior and exterior combined, when mounted correctly and safely into 2-3 studs. All three shelves come with steel hinges, in-depth installment instructions, and two coats of Varicure Satin finish.

 The beauty of a well-made Covert Cabinet is only enhanced by the security and peace of mind if provides for you and your family. Thanks to Covert Cabinets’ innovative design and fool-proof magnetic locking system, your firearms remain concealed when necessary, and readily accessible within a moment’s notice. You can rest easy knowing that your firearms are discreetly within arm’s reach at any time.

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