Derringers For Self Defense
Derringers For Self Defense

Derringers For Self Defense

Derringers For Self-Defense And Concealed Carry

Bond Derringer Double BarrelThe usual choice for a handgun for Self-Defense is almost always a revolver or automatic yet there does exists firearms that are found somewhere in the middle or as some like to say off to the side of these two primary categorizations.  In this unspoken area we find a variety of small and compact firearms that, while often rejected by the masses or the self-proclaimed shooting experts, have managed over the years to earn a loyal following, and for many positive reasons.  

These guns known as Derringers may be stars that have lost their shine, be chambered in controversial calibers or unconventional loads, or are just plain weird to look at, but for one reason or another, the individuals that own them would never give them up without a fight.  The underdog if you will, the Modern Derringer.

The Derringer has become synonymous with any pocket-sized single or double barrel pistol that historically was considered to be underpowered, not any more as Derringers are now chambered in calibers such as: 9mm, .45 Colt, .44 Special, .357 Magnum and .410 shotgun shells. 

Modern Derringer Mini .45When looking at the diverse selection of defensive handguns available, and on the market today many shooters tend to divide their considerations into the “good gun” and the “bad gun” thought process. Usually the decision making is based on perception from other than actual personal experiences. Typically a Derringer is either considered a “Bad Gun” or completely overlooked.

Consider this, the vast majority of Self-Defense shooting encounters occur at distances so close that to be able to get a shot off one has to use the instinctive “point to Shoot” method as there is simply not enough Time to use the firearms sights. In these cases a derringer of the proper caliber and with the right ammunition can be as effective as any other Self-Defense handgun.

Derringers Are Sometimes Dismssed As A True Self-Defense Gun

The misunderstanding of what a modern Derringer can do often preclude it from being able to be certified as a firearm that meets many states and local jurisdictions standards for consideration as a weapon that can be carried with a Concealed Carry permit.  Typically CCW permits will list only revolvers or automatics. You will have to confirm this within your local State and County policy and laws.Long Bore Derringers For Better Accuracy

As the vast majority of CCW-concealed carry permits are issued by a local authority such as the Chief of Police or the Sheriff of the county , they are allowed to set the standards for the type of firearms that they will issue a permit for.

Derringer Are Built To High Standards Of Quality 

In today's litigious society it is very rare for any law-enforcement agency to issue a blanket concealed weapons permit that allows the carry of any type of firearm. Many agencies are becoming quite strict on the type, brand-name, and even the caliber of the firearm that CCW holder's are allowed to legally carry. Unfortunately, it is quite common that derringers will be precluded from acceptance, yet there is still a small number of agencies that do allow derringers.

Of special note; In those states which have constitutional carry and allow the carrying of a concealed weapon without a permit typically have no restrictions whatsoever on the type of firearm that is carried. If you are fortunate enough to live in a state that does allow concealed carry of a Derringer you may want to seriously consider it as a secondary back up to your primary every day carry firearm.. Many of the new modern derringers are built to high standards and are excellent firearms.

Take one to the Range and do some testing and see for yourself if a Derringer is right for you, and remember whenever trying out a new type of firearm for the first time always do so under the subervision of a trained and certified Range Safety Officer and or A Certified Firearms Instructor.