Gun Protect Products Prevents Corrosion
Gun Protect Products Prevents Corrosion

Gun Protect Products Prevents Corrosion

Gun Protect Products Includes Sprays and Weapon Wipes For Corrosion Prevention On All Firearms

Tactical Grade ProtectionSpeaking of Weapon Wipes, they have 256 micro-cavities per square inch. This lifts the maximum impurities off your weapons and ammo. Weapon Wipes are virtually lint free and can be re-used multiple times. Cut Weapon Wipes into smaller patches for cleaning inside the action and down into the barrel. Strong, durable and easy to store, Weapon Wipes are easy to use in the field or at home.

Gun Protection Unlike Any Other 

The Tactical Grade Weapon Wipes come with two Wipes treated with Spray Shield. The Sporting Grade comes with one treated and one untreated. Each treated Weapon Wipe comes with a reusable bag to store them in. This is handy in the field. When it starts to rain or it is overly humid, you can wipe the weapon or ammo with the treated Weapon Wipe. When you are finished, return the treated Weapon Wipe in the reusable bag and place in your vest or gun case.

If you want a little of everything that is available from Gun Protect, try out one of the two kits. There is one for Rifle/Shotgun and one for Pistols. Both are in the Sporting Grade. The Pistol Kit contains one Spray Shield, one dry Weapon Wipe, one Safe Environment Module and two Pistol Cloaks. The Rifle/Shotgun Kit contains one Spray Shield, one dry Weapon Wipe, one Safe Environment Module and one Rifle/Shotgun Cloak. With the lab tests and research that went into this product line, you will be certain that your weapons and ammo will perform better and remain corrosion free in. 

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Firearm And Ammunition Cloaks To Prevent Rust 

Pistol CloakWeapon and Ammo Cloaks – Gun Protect Cloaks are infused with molecules that seek out and attach to all metals. For over 35 years, this technology prevents corrosion in the automobile industry and the military. Wrapping entire tanks and auto parts for up to ten years, these molecules prevent corrosion with a Corrosion Inhibiting Skin. This skin is odorless and dissipates after opening the Cloaks. Weapons and ammo now have the same opportunity to remain corrosion free. The Sporting Grade Cloaks protect for 12 months and the Tactical Grade protects for 24 months.

Safe Environment Modules – Infused with the same molecules as the Cloaks, these modules protect weapons and ammo from corrosion with the same Corrosion Inhibiting Skin. Place one in a gun case or pistol case. Place two in a gun safe. Each Module protects 20 cubic feet. Environment Module

Gun Protect products for Gun Cases and Gun Safes uses CIS corrosion prevention technology

For gun cases and safes, Gun Protect Safe Environment Modules employ the same CIS technology. The delivery method is different. The Modules look like sugar cookies but, when unwrapped and placed in a case or safe, they protect 20 cubic feet with CIS technology for 12 months. You open your gun case, place your weapon in the case and place the unwrapped Module in the case. Once the case is closed, the CIS molecules begin to emit protecting your weapon from corrosion.

Gun Protect gives 12 months of protectionIf you have a safe, place one in the bottom of the safe and one on the top shelf to protect 40 cubic feet for 12 months. Companies use this same technology and delivery method in some of the largest electric grids in the nation. Losing power on a massive scale because of corrosion is not a very promising thought. The technology prevents that.

Safe Environment Modules and all Cloaks have labels on the outside. This label provides a space to write the activation date. Once the expiration date approaches, you are ready to replace them.

Let us talk about Spray Shield. This product protects, cleans and lubricates in a single application at the molecular level. This anti-rust formula is also an anti-static formula. It is stable down to minus 70 degrees and resists freezing. Spray Shield makes the action of your weapon smoother and more reliable. This product also displaces moisture. Therefore, in a wet environment, Spray Shield will keep moisture off your weapon and help prevent corrosion in the end.24 months of Protection by Gun Protect

The smaller bottle is convenient for carrying in a case or in a hunting vest. The scent dissipates in a matter of seconds. The Tactical Grade Spray Shield comes with a precision brush to get into the tightest places. The Spray Shield formula proved itself in the toughest situations in the military.

Used on military weapon launchers, bomb racks and guns, Spray Shield will prove itself to you. Take the Spray Shield Challenge. Clean your weapon as you normally do then clean it again using Spray Shield and Weapon Wipes. You will be amazed. 

Gun Protect Process

Gun Protect Spray

Gun Protect products provide corrosion protection at the molecular level for weapons and ammo in. Made in the US and used by the military, this line of products is now available to the public. Here is how they work.

Spray Shield – This formula protects, lubricates and cleans in a single application at the molecular level. It is stable to minus 70 F, is an anti-static, anti-rust formula, repels, and displaces moisture.

Use Spray Shield at home or in the field. The scent dissipates within seconds. Take the Spray Shield Challenge. Clean your weapons as normal then, clean it again with Spray Shield. You will be amazed at how much more Spray Shield removes.

Weapon Wipes – Weapon wipes have 256 micro-cavities per square inch. These cavities remove impurities from the pores of metal and prevent corrosion. Used with Spray Shield, after removing the impurities, Spray Shield fills the pores for even more protection.

The Sporting Grade comes with one wipe infused with Spray Shield and one dry. The Tactical Grade comes with both wipes infused with Spray Shield. Each Wipe is 15” X 15”. You can cut them to use as patches to get down inside the action or barrel.Weapons Wipe Cut-A-Way

Gun Protect products prevents corrosion of Ammo, Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns At The Molecular Level

 Everyone knows that weapons and ammo will corrode without proper corrosion prevention. Gun Protect provides just that. Total corrosion protection at the molecular level. All Gun Protect products are U.S. made and used by the Military.

Gun Protect SprayGun Protect products come in two grades, Sporting and Tactical. The Sporting grade Cloaks provide 12-month protection and the Tactical is 24-month protection. These periods factor in multiple opening and closings especially during hunting season when weapon use can be numerous times.

The Cloaks are storage components infused with Corrosion Inhibiting Skin (CIS) technology. After placing the ammo or weapon in the Cloak and sealing it in, the CIS molecules begin to move inside the Cloak. These molecules are heavier than air and moisture. They can go wherever air can go inside the Cloak. The CIS molecules attach themselves to all metals forming a barrier that protects the ammo or weapon from corrosion.

Gun Protect Is Safe For All Firearms And Accessories

CIS molecules will not harm scope optics or stocks. The military uses this same type of technology. They wrap entire tanks in Cloak technology for numerous years. In the automotive industry, engines, transmissions, brake assemblies, rotors and other valuable metal parts are stored in the same type of technology.

The Sporting Grade Cloaks come in Rifle/Shotgun, Pistol and Ammo Sizes. Each Rife/Shotgun Cloak size is big enough forGun Protect Cloak installing weapons that have scopes mounted. The Ammo Cloak has a 19-pound capacity. CIS molecules will penetrate boxes of ammo and protect the ammo from corrosion. If you buy a full case of ammo, simply take each box out of the case and place in the Cloak. It is gusseted like a shopping bag so square boxes fit easily.

The Tactical Grade Cloaks come in Long Gun, Hand Gun and Ammo sizes. The Long Gun Cloaks accepts weapons with scopes attached. Tactical Ammo Cloaks have a 25-pound capacity and are gusseted like the Sporting Grade Ammo Cloak.

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