Guncoin A Virtual Currency For Firearms
Guncoin A Virtual Currency For Firearms

Guncoin A Virtual Currency For Firearms

Guncoin Is Here To Help All Gun Enthusiast 

Clearly, the Guncoin team and community is now setting its sights on the end-users and retailers in the firearms community who can benefit from a stable payment system like Guncoin. 

Guncoin For Handgun Purchaseis this level of focus, dedication, passion and enthusiasm that truly sets Guncoin, as a new altcoin, apart from the many pump-and-dump scam coins that are way too common within the crypto currency community.

Even more promising, is that Guncoin  already has a huge fan base of staunch supporters and is rapidly growing by the day - more importantly, that support will probably never go away! 

What's next for Guncoin?  Well, the Guncoin team is not willing to sit on the sidelines and wait for things to happen.  In addition to keeping the coin technologically current, you can expect aggressive advertising campaigns, new quick start guides, brochures, patches, real coins, paper wallets, ball caps and much more as the current Guncoin publicity push turns into real firearms-related business transactions in the very near future.  

This coin is digging in for the long-haul and will be here for a very long time we think.  

Guncoin Can Be Used For Firearms And Related Purchases 

firearms and firearms-related purchases Thereby catering to the unique needs of:
 - Firearms dealers
 - Firearm accessory dealers
 - 2nd Amendment / Gun Rights supporters
 - Gun owners and enthusiasts
 - Hunting and outdoorsman enthusiasts
 - Survivalists

Even more importantly, the Guncoin Team seems to have gone to great lengths to lower the barrier to entry for people who have no prior knowledge or interest in crypto currencies, by providing them with a meaningful alternative to Bitcoin that they can more readily identify with - Firearms and the Second Amendment. 

As the battle in America internally rages on between those who seek to protect and defend the individual inalienable rights expressed by the Second Amendment of the U.S Constitution and those who seek to destroy or re-write them, Guncoin rises to the challenge by offering  a very powerful alternative to support the efforts and hard work of these pure Constitutionalists and Defenders of Liberty. Guncoin Logo

Not surprisingly, Guncoin has been greeted with whole-hearted enthusiasm by the gun-support community in the USA and beyond.

In the short time since the Guncoin launch on May 1, the Guncoin Team has progressively ramped up Guncoin awareness thoughout the USA, and beyond and is now in the process of rapidly expanding the Guncoin project beyond the original coin-creation and launch phase. Projects just completed within the past 6 weeks include the following:

 - The Addition of an Android wallet - for one-on-one transactions
 - Additional nodes for better long-term network connectivity.
 - Primary website move to faster servers with DDOS protection
 - Upgraded primary website ( to include more info and features, inlcuding a new Merchant Directory.

 - Guncoin Users Guide (over 30 pages) for new Guncoin users and retailers
 - Standalone Classified Ads website ( for Guncoin users and retailers.
 - Release of banner farm with over 20 banners, buttons and graphics for Guncoin users and retailers. 

Guncoin A Virtual Currency For The Firearm Community 


Guncoin logo And AmmoAs you well-know, this is an ever-changing world that we live in and virtual currencies are now a reality and generally accepted worldwide.  Guncoin (GUN) is just that - a relatively new type of virtual currency called "crypto currency" that people and businesses can exchange for goods and services. 

While Guncoin is similar to Paypal, it has several distinct advantages for the firearms community. For those, who do not know what a crypt currency is, let's take a brief minute to explain this new fast growing type of payment system.   

A crypto currency is a peer-to-peer, decentralized, digital currency whose implementation relies on the principles of cryptography to validate the transactions and generation of the currency itself. Now we realize that definition still may not answer the question to your satisfaction. So the Guncoin Team has provided a nice GUN Users Guide on their webiste to explain the technical details along with everything else you need to know to use Guncoin for your personal or business use.

Guncoin (GUN) is an open source peer-to-peer Scrypt based crypto currency that began from the love of firearms, computing and investing.  That, along with extensive experience buying and selling firearms via online auctions, such as, prompted the Guncoin Team to come up with a better, faster cheaper payment solution that could be easily adopted for all to use for the firearm industry and all the accessories and services associated with that. 

Therefore, Guncoin (GUN) is the first and only crypto currency that is exclusively focused on providing a simpler and more cost-effective transaction process.

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Gunccoin Users Guide