Half Cocked Firearms Academy
Half Cocked Firearms Academy

Half Cocked Firearms Academy

Half-Cocked Academy Superior Training And Safety Of Their Students Is The Highest Priority

Safety for and of our students is our top concern. So much so, that Half-Cocked Academy has purchased a $1,000,000 insurance policy to cover our students and instructors during training. It’s the least we could do. Egregious and repeat safety violations will not be tolerated and will be cause for the removal of the student from training at any time. There can be no exceptions when firearms are involved.

All of our classroom training takes place at our business location. All live fire happens at the local shooting ranges in Idaho Falls and Rexburg. All students are expected to supply their own firearms, ammunition, protective gear, and have a good attitude. Targets and instruction is provided by Half-Cocked Academy marksmanship instructors.

Class prices are dependent on how many students enroll as a group. Classes typically start at $80 for pistol training and $120 for rifle training. All groups of 2+ students receive $20 off their class fees. There are also discounts for seniors, LEO, veterans and active/reserve duty military, teachers, and new gun owners. 

Half-Cocked Academy Instructors Have A Wealth Of Experience To Help Students Excel In Training

Chad Russell has had prior experience as a marksmanship instructor in the Marine Corps while stationed at Parris Island, SC. While there, Chad trained over 1,000 Marine recruits how to properly handle and utilize the M-16a2 service rifle. After Chad was honorably discharged from active duty, he continued to share his firearms knowledge with friends, family, and acquaintances whenever possible. Chad is an NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor.

Also instructing at Half-Cocked Academy is Christy Grover, an Idaho native and resident for most of her life. Christy grew up around firearms and hunting her whole life and is as comfortable handling a .38- pistol as she is a 7mm hunting rifle. Christy is an NRA certified pistol instructor and has a passion for teaching others her skills.

We participate in the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program and also help students qualify in their chosen discipline. Because we are so dedicated to helping people become better shooters, many of the events we hold will be free of charge. Although while attending these types of free events it will not count towards an NRA certificate, they will most definitely help you become a better marksman. Qualification in the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program is free and can be completed in as little as an hour or two in some cases.

Our instructors will be on hand to help the shooter by reinforcing fundamentals and acting as a Range Safety Officer (RSO). 

Half-Cocked Firearms Academy Teaches Proper Marksmanship One Shot At A Time For Anyone 

Half-Cocked Academy is an Idaho Falls, ID firearms academy. Our main mission is to teach proper marksmanship fundamentals one shot at a time for anyone.

Half Cocked Academy - Chad and AlexaWe employ two NRA certified firearms instructors who can teach basic pistol and rifle classes as well as specialized private marksmanship instruction. As a family owned and operated Idaho Falls firearms training academy, our goal is to help make the best shooters possible safe and with practical techniques. And because our classes are NRA certified, they will qualify all students who get a certificate to obtain the Basic Idaho Concealed Weapons License (CCW).

Half-Cocked Academy was founded back in December of 2011 as an organization dedicated to helping others sharpen up their marksmanship skills along with their firearms handling skills. We stress the importance of the 3 main NRA safety rules as well as the others we all know and love. Instruction is customized to the student and their learning ability.

Class sizes are usually small, no bigger than 6 students per course. This allows sufficient student-teacher interaction to a level that we feel really benefits the students and the class as a whole.

Please visit our website and see our event calendar for information on upcoming classes and events.  

Website: http://chadallenrussell.com/chads-services/idaho-falls-firearms-training/  

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