Handgun Night Sights
Handgun Night Sights

Handgun Night Sights

Handgun Night Sights For Automaitic Pistols 

The most common types of Handgun Night Sights are tritium isotope and the “Dot type", the primary difference is the tritium type are passive and are part of the front and rear sights blades found on the handgun, and the “Dot” type which mounts on top of the Handgun and projects a visible “Dot” within the sight aperture.

When training and practicing you should consider that in a lowlight or no light condition the maximum range that you will probably be able to even see a target to engage it will be around 10 yards or less!Statistically most shooting incidents occur in low light and/or nighttime conditions; this statistic is true for not only law-enforcement but also for private citizens. You will also find that in low light and or no light conditions that the basic handgun fundamentals become even more important such as grip, stance and trigger control.

If you are considering Self-Defense with a Handgun Night sights are a very important component that should be seriously considered. There are several aftermarket manufacturers that make excellent night sights for your handgun.  Learn all about Handgun Night Sights on our website, US Precision Defense. 

Utilizing Handgun Night Sights For Concealed Carry

Handgun Night Sights on all handguns are legal and are allowed to be sold in the state. Luckily they are not even on the Federal Governments list of items they are trying to restrict or ban.

Anywhere that your relying on your Handgun Night Sights, especially in a Self-Defense situation you must consider that with Handgun night sights you could be tempted in a very close quarter combat shooting scenario you might normally be forced to use instinctive or point shooting techniques and instead attempt to obtain a perfect sight picture, and in doing this it could actually slow down your defense! With this in mind you must practice shooting in low or no light conditions.

You make the decision to use night sights on a defensive handgun it cannot be stressed enough the need to practice in very low or no light conditions so you can become accustomed to the sight picture, and also the accompanying muzzle flash that will be present.

Laws could be very specific in that you may have to practice at a shooting range that is designed and allows for low or no light shooting conditions.

Handgun Night Sights For Automatics And Revolvers

Night sights for handguns have made major advancements in recent years. With new night sights that are most commonly made of tritium which is an isotope of radioactive hydrogen that glows typically in a green luminescence it now possible to actually “see” your sights in low and even no light situations.

Each handgun night sight manufacturer that sells its products has different names for their sights yet most are made of the same basic materials, and are usually found in the “white dot” or “green dot” configurations. This relatively newer technology allows for a rapid sight picture in extremely low or no light conditions. 

There are other types of night sights that can be found, usually they are associated with the front sight (blade) only which use different types of light collecting methods and materials such as fiber optics, and these types of sights are really ONLY effective in lowlight conditions, and in natural light usually only for about 30 minutes before sunset or a few minutes before sunrise.

Handgun Night Sights can come on a newly purchased firearm as a standard item or as an upgrade, Sights should only be installed by the factory or a licensed Gun Smith.