Insurance Specialist For The Firearms And Ammunition Industry
Insurance Specialist For The Firearms And Ammunition Industry

Insurance Specialist For The Firearms And Ammunition Industry

Insurance For Gun Clubs, Shooting Ranges, Firearm and Ammunition Manufacturers

Our company has become what it is today solely through our commitment to customer service, hard work, experience, and passion for the firearms industry. We would not have been able to grow if our customers didn’t recognize our dedication to keeping their best interests as our primary goal.Handgun Ammunition

Our customers are loyal to us because they know us personally and trust us to do the right thing. This is the primary difference between our services as an independent agency and those of other brokers. Most of our competitors only have access to quote with one company which doesn’t allow them to benchmark coverage, service, and cost in order to find the best deal.

Our philosophy is completely different than most of our competitors. We believe that if we take care of our customers they will take care of us. That is why we fight to keep insurance companies honest and refuse to settle for anything less than the best coverage at the best price. Our commitment to customer service is the reason we have been able to build our business through referrals.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what some of our current customers have to say about us and contact us when you are ready to work with an agent who will fight to save you money and deliver the best customer service available in the industry.


 Owner of Dynamic Research Technologies, LLC (Ammo Mfg.)

"Thank you for your professional approach in our annual bidding process. You have gone

above and beyond the expected service level and it is greatly appreciated. I will recommend

all friends in the Firearm & Ammunition Industry to utilize ASI!" 

President of Black Rain Ordinance (Firearms Mfg.)

"Thank you Chris, Logan, and Trent! You did what you said by tremendously lowering our premium and increasing necessary coverage. It is comforting to know that our insurance risks are in the hands of true industry professionals." 

President of CZ-USA, Inc. (Gun Mfg. & Importer)

"Our General Liability premiums are a major part of our business, and with Trent's

experience through negotiation of insurance contracts in the Firearms Industry, premiums

were dropped nearly 30%. Trent also performed a coverage audit and found many

discrepancies in our coverages, which were improved during our premium reduction." 

Trent Yager- Principal 

Firearms Insurance For Gun Shops, Gunsmiths, And Personal Gun Collections

1911 style FirearmIn order to provide the absolute best coverage for our customers we have developed a comprehensive specialty program with multiple lines of coverage. We provide coverage for product liability, property, employment practices, ocean cargo, crime, auto liability, and transportation as well as many others.

Our program will cover all needs and will allow you to save more of your hard earned money. The program has been extremely effective because we have been constantly seeking improvement in the many years we have spent in the firearms insurance industry. Our success is a testament to our devotion to superior service and to our specialized experience.

We can also add workers compensation coverage to our program that is very competitive and difficult to find elsewhere. This is due to the shift in the market for workers compensation in the firearms industry over the past few years. A few years ago, there were more markets for firearms workers compensation than there are today.

This is due to many reinsurance companies choosing to discontinue their coverage of firearms workers compensation which led to the state pools becoming the only option. Along with the state pools, the majority of the other options for firearms workers compensation are with PEO’s and some regional carriers. After this shift, premiums for workers compensation began to rise.

We provide an alternative to this problem by offering workers compensation in addition to our package. We currently offer workers compensation in all 50 states with special programs in 32 states and are looking to expand our reach further. We have produced tremendous savings in many cases with our workers compensation rates.  

Insurance Specialist For The Firearms And Ammunition Industry

Here at Associated Services in Insurance, we take pride in being the largest independent insurance agency to represent firearms and ammunition manufacturers. We represent hundreds of firearm and ammunition manufacturers around the country, far more than any other independent agency.Self-Defense Ammunition

We also represent gun shops, gunsmiths, personal gun collections, and anything else related to the industry. Simply put, firearms are who we are and what we do. As specialists in the firearms industry, we use our knowledge to leverage insurance companies.

Due to this specialization, we can eliminate coverage gaps and save significant premium dollars for our clients often ranging anywhere between 10%-50%. We are able to do this because we actively monitor every step of the process including the completion of applications and underwriting, all the way to policy delivery.

This kind of service simply doesn’t exist within most brokerage firms.

Unlike other insurance industries, the firearms insurance marketplace is very limited. This is due to the lack of reinsurance companies willing to support carriers in their representation of companies in the firearms industry. Although this is unfortunate, the good news is that the market is much healthier than it was previously.

Despite these difficulties, ASI has been able to develop great relationships with our carriers and we are still looking to grow. We have also been able to help create new markets that we believe will contribute to improving the market for firearms insurance as a whole. 

Firearm Industry Insurance SpecialistsTrent Yager- Principal