Law Enforcement Contact When Carrying A Concealed Weapon
Law Enforcement Contact When Carrying A Concealed Weapon

Law Enforcement Contact When Carrying A Concealed Weapon

Knowing How To Interact With Law Enforcement With A CCW Permit

As long as you act in a calm and civil manner, and follow the officers instructions the encounter that you have with a law enforcement officer should go smooth and in a professional manner.Remember Officer Safety is always important

Another item that should be considered is that the issuance of a CCW permit by any agency in the country in most cases is very political in that although the CCW permit that you possess may have been issued in a "Shall Issue" state (Exp. Nevada) as opposed to an a "May Issue" state (Exp. California) the issuing authority - agency has almost absolute power to revoke your CCW at any time for almost any reason. With this in mind if your encounter with a law-enforcement officer is unpleasant for any reason that may be of your doing that officer has every legal right to contact the issuing agency and to submit a report of any uncooperative behavior, that report can be sufficient grounds for you to lose your permit forever. Remember as a concealed carry permit holder you are being held to a higher standard.

Know the laws, be civil and courteous, use common sense, keep your Hands in plain view, no sudden movements, and follow the officer’s exact instructions.

When Stopped By An Officer While Being Armed And Knowing How To Act

Regardless where you live or any other state and jurisdiction where you may travel to the officer may be very use to Individuals carrying a concealed firearm, and it may even be commonplace, yet in other jurisdictions it could be quite rare and as such the response of the officer could vary greatly.

In some areas the officer may very calmly and simply ask you to produce your CCW ID and once produced and verified as valid be sent on your way, yet other jurisdictions it would be quite common place for the officer to ask you to step out of the vehicle, place you in restraints such as handcuffs while the officer investigates your permit status and confirm your firearm is legal in that particular jurisdiction, an officer may even investigate the type of ammunition,  number of rounds, and magazine capacity that you may have in the firearm, All of which by law the officer has every right to do, and you are compelled by law to comply with.

Law Enforcement Contact When Carrying A Concealed Weapon 

Follow the Officers InstructionsRegardless of the nature of your contact with a law-enforcement officer, whether it be walking down the street, or being stopped in your vehicle you want to make sure that you make no sudden movements, be calm and natural, and keep your hands away from your firearm and in plain-view so the officer can observe them at all times. 

Upon being contacted by a law enforcement officer be certain to be civil in your demeanor and upon initial contact keep your hands away from your firearm and if driving keep your hands on the steering wheel and inform the officer upon initial contact that you are in possession of a CCW permit and that you do have a firearm on your person, and tell the officer where on your person your permit is and where on your person your firearm is. At this point you must then follow the officer’s exact instructions!


Stay out of these, follow the Officers directions