MonsterVault Under Bed And In Vehicle Gun Safes
MonsterVault Under Bed And In Vehicle Gun Safes

MonsterVault Under Bed And In Vehicle Gun Safes

MonsterVault Gun Safes offer a unique versatility and accessibility to their customers.

MonsterVault has also developed a strong and growing dealer network, covering gun shows across the country.  Many times customers are so pleased with their purchase that they decide to become a gun show dealer in their own local market.  This has created a diverse and enthusiastic group of gun show distributors ranging from attorneys, law enforcement officers, Body Guards, a nurse, and numerous others that started as customers.   This has allowed MonsterVault to grow beyond the western states to have a national presents in shows every weekend.

MonsterVault serves three main applications.  There is the typical customer with a few weapons that need securing who lack a good spot for a classic stand up gun safe.  Some customers put up to 20 weapons in the underbed model, though most only place one layer of weapons in the drawer. Another common application is to use the MonsterVault as a second, highly accessible vault.  These customers have a large, classic gun safe down stairs or out in the garage, the large safes are good for storage but not ideal for access.  The third most common application is for vehicle use.  These customers are in law enforcement, are competitive shooters, or are hunters.

Many MonsterVault owners show creativity by incorporating these vaults in furniture, motor homes, trailers, and hidden locations built into the home.  Several are in use in gun stores to secure weapons near the counter.  They have been utilized by professional photographers on location for film and video.  The unique drawer design provides total access to the contents when open, much like a display case.  Some choose to stack several on top of each other; one customer, five high.  The five drawers provided access and organization that his classic safe could not.  

Constant customer feedback has led to many product improvements.  The tactical model was a direct response to a customer need and has been very successful in both the law enforcement market, as well as for personal security.  Several new models are under consideration, all based on customer requests; if you have an application that is not addressed by the current MonsterVault products, please contact the company.  Your idea may become a model down the road.

MonsterVault In Vehicle Gun Safe Is Manufactured To The Highest Standards For Security And Durability 

In 2013, a second model was designed and released with the help of a SWAT team in Florida. This MonsterVault customer was transitioning to the new Ford Utility Interceptor (Explorer) and needed a box to secure a suppressed M4, Assault Shotgun, SWAT vest and gear.  This new tactical size is 41” wide, 11” high and 16” deep.  It fits in most mid-sized SUV’s ranging from Jeeps to Range Rovers.  The 16” depth is also ideal for placing on the floor of a closet, below hangars. 

Both models are constructed out of double wall, 16 gauge (or greater) steel.  The underbed unit is 140 lbs. and the tactical version is 105 lbs.  All surfaces of the steel body and drawer are protected by baked-on powder-coating.  Drawers are mounted with full extension ball bearing glides, providing smooth reliable operation.  When locked, the drawer is held closed by two solid steel, ½ thick rods that extend into the upper and lower corners of the cabinet.  The location of the locking bolts, along with the tight tolerance for gaps around the drawer face, prevent successful pry-bar attacks.

MonsterVault Under Bed Safe Many UsesMonsterVaults are providing security for families and professionals all over North America and have been put into service as far away as Bahrain.  Providing a commercial grade security product to the general public for home security use at consumer prices has been a winning formula.

This USA manufactured line of products and accessories is only sold through authorized dealers.  Dealers can be found on the web site along with a growing list of retail locations.  This allows the manufacturer to maintain a high level of control over the customer experience and keeps cost to the consumer low because all dealers are factory direct.  Having no middlemen means less markup and a better value to the consumer.  



The original MonsterVault under bed safe was designed over ten years ago when the need for a long gun safe was high but space available for a classic stand up safe was low.  Storing long guns under a bed is common, and locking them up to protect your family and ensure they are not taken in a burglary is essential.  A locking, full extension drawer provides the best access to the contents of the vault.

MonsterVault Under Bed Gun SafeOver the years, the basic design has remained true to the original concept, but nearly every detail has been enhanced to increase security and durability.

The initial design challenge was to provide a useful product that met or exceeded the California Department of Justice standards at a reasonable cost. 

When we began shipping in the early days, the need for additional design enhancements was identified. “It turns out, UPS is far rougher on our products than our customers ever are” says company owner Steve Edmondson. 

Many of the design features that allow a MonsterVault to survive shipping and delivery are also key in surviving anMonsterVault in Vehicle Gun Safe attack by a thief.  We do hammer testing, pry-bar testing, and even drop testing to ensure that MonsterVault delivers the security our customers are looking for.

The basic under bed model is designed to easily fit under a standard steel bed frame.  This model is 7” high, 28” deep and 48” wide so that it can also be mounted in the back of a full sized vehicle in addition to under a bed. Pre-drilled mounting holes are provided so that the MonsterVault can be secured in place. When bolted down, the securing fasteners are located under the drawer in the cabinet case and are only accessible with the drawer removed.  This provides excellent security once installed in a vehicle or under a bed.


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