Paul Clean Advanced Gun And Bore Cleaning Patch
Paul Clean Advanced Gun And Bore Cleaning Patch

Paul Clean Advanced Gun And Bore Cleaning Patch

Paul Clean Available For The Cleaning And Maintenance Of Your Firearms

Compared to conventional rods, usually made with steel, aluminum and stainless steel, Paul Clean rods are produced by using high strength carbon fibers that are embedded in a binding epoxy matrix. This provides the highest stiffness to light weight ratio. Besides exhibiting outstanding strength, Paul Clean carbon fiber rod is durable, lightweight and extremely rigid.

You can order them from Paul Clean USA Inc. 80 Bridle Path Lane, Mahwah, NJ 07430, Phone: 201-942-0607. Paul Clean recently hit the US Market and they are continuously improving the Distribution, and the entire USA. On their website is a list of dealers, so chances are there is one near you. 

Paul Clean Advanced Materials For Gun Cleaning For ALL Caliber Sizes

Combined with its special jag, the patches remove even the toughest layers of copper, lead and carbon fouling from your rifle. Roll Patch rid the bore of lead and plastic deposits protecting the rifling from any damage.  

There is also available the Roll Patch Shotgun. Rather than the Classic Roll Patch for all calibers, it has a larger size which make it ideal for the .12 gauge shotgun. It comes in 500 patches pack, it is extremely fast and it can be used as an alternative to the conventional brushes and mops. 

Paul Clean also offers a complete line of special jags. These Jags are studied to fit all firearms calibers . Once fitted in the bore, the jag provides a concentric pressure that helps the removal of fouling along the whole barrel. Made of aeronautical aluminum to prevent the release of copper residues on the patch when it comes in contact with the liquid cleaner.

The jag firmly holds the patch for efficient swabbing during the cleaning process. These jags are specifically studied for this patch that has one unique size for all calibers from .22 to .50. 

Paul Clean also offers the Carbon Fiber rods. High tensile strength carbon fiber solid rods, extremely stiff and lightweight with a very low coefficient of expansion, which makes them ideal for use as a push rod.  

Paul Clean Gun Cleaning Patch For Bore Cleaning Fits Calibers From .22 to .50!

We are an Italian Company which is involved in the cleaning of firearms and maintenance. We have a worldwide patent pending on the most innovative product for the bore clearing. Our main product is called Paul Clean Roll patch.

Paul Clean Advanced Gun Cleaning PatchPaul Clean Roll patch is a universal patch which fits all calibers from .22 to .50. Its unique shape of the patch fits the barrel much better than the conventional patches (square or round patches)

The Paul Clean patch has also a center hole which also helps keep the patch on the jag. Paul Clean Roll Patches come on a roll that they are stuck to. This Keeps them from blowing out of your range box onto the ground.

They come on a 1000 pack and they are very easy to keep organized. They are made in a synthetic material which has a high absorbing power.

The solvent soaks up well and keeps it on the patch, rather than dripping into the rifle’s action. They work extremely well and compared with the conventional cotton flannel patches, they do not release any residues along the barrel because of their special material. We also offer a complete line of special jags.

They are made in aeronautical aluminum. It is a special material which prevents the release of copper residues on the patch when it comes in contact with the liquid cleaner. web: 


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