RANGELOG Online Logbook For Shooting Enthusiasts
RANGELOG Online Logbook For Shooting Enthusiasts

RANGELOG Online Logbook For Shooting Enthusiasts

RANGELOG, The Worlds First Online Logbook For Shooting Enthusiasts

Our mission is to provide online tools and resources that get shooters out to the range, and our goal is to use technology to advance shooters and the shooting industry.

RANGELOG was started in 2009 by 7 partners with over 50 years of experience building and deploying secure applications for Government organizations and private companies.

During one of these engagements we had access to some of the best shooting facilities in the world and took advantage of that opportunity.  As our enjoyment grew, so did the competition among us, and we realized we had no way to compare our scores or track our progress online.  That led us to launch RANGELOG.com in 2009 – the world’s first online logbook for shooting enthusiasts.

RANGELOG LLC is a privately held, US-based organization offering a premier online shot log and shooting performance tracking site used by professionals, military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters. RANGELOG.com allows members to track live and dry fire activities, including IDPA, USPSA, IPSC, Skeet, and Trapshooting competition scores with Free and Premium memberships available. Active duty U.S. Military are entitled to a free upgrade to premium, for life.  To find out more, contact us at [email protected] 


RANGELOG Is The Perfect Online Software For IDPA Competitions And 3 Gun Clubs

IDPA President Joyce Wilson expressed enthusiasm for the new website and member features. “IDPA is excited to support our clubs with online tools that help attract competitors and sponsors , as well post their IDPA match scores online. Our new site not only provides a central place for long-time competitors to view what IDPA offers, but also helps new shooters with information on IDPA rules and stages.”

In 2014, RANGELOG is releasing match management solutions for IDPA and 3GN clubs, with a mobile scoring app for match directors and scorekeepers.  Match registrations and payments can be done prior to the match, with real-time updates and results to match coordinators and competitors.  Volunteers can take payments at the door, and update competitor data, like shooter number or division, quickly for safety and range officers, and Match Directors. 

Posting your match calendar online with instant registration and payment means competitors can find and attend your events without the delay and frustration of mailing in payments and waiting for a response.  Shooters can also download and print key documents, like liability waivers, to provide during sign-in, or complete their full registration and payment online, decreasing wait time and long lines on the day of the match.  

RANGELOG’s mobile applications work on both ANDROID and iPHONE platforms, with no need to unlock or “jail-break” any device to begin match scoring.  Your club staff and volunteers can use their own mobile devices, rather than incurring the cost of new hardware and being responsible for offering IT support during a match.

Automated or self-squadding options allow shooters to squad themselves prior to the event, saving staff time to focus on making an event a success.  Our Match Management solution lets you drive more competitors to your match, to entice more sponsors to support your event, and to decrease the headache and frustration of promoting and running a shooting sport.

RANGELOG Is The Perfect Online Software For IDPA Competitions And 3 Gun Clubs

RANGELOG, An Online Shooting Log To Track And Store Shooting Scores, Practice, Training, and Gun Maintenance 

RANGELOG is the world's first online shot log, used by professional and amateur shooters worldwide since 2009.   Started by technologists with a serious love of shooting, www.RANGELOG.com provides a secure place for shooters to store data related to their personal competition scores, live and dry fire practice, instructor-led training, firearm maintenance and much more.  

Team RangelogIn 2011, RANGELOG.com released mobile applications for both Android and iPhone/iTouch devices, providing a safe and easy method for storing personal Shot Log details, Scoring, Shooting Drills, and favorite Shooting Ranges using a mobile phone.

 In 2012, RANGELOG introduced Member Services for shooting associations and sports leagues with the launch of the 3-Gun Nation member site.  The Member Services solution allows your membership and event coordinators, clubs and competitors the ability to manage competitor data, club details, and match results in one central, and secure, place.

 “As the sport of 3-gun continues to grow in popularity, especially with younger shooters, web sites that provide our competitors with self-service features is an obvious way to manage our growth.” 3-Gun Nation’s Pete Brown explains. “By providing our clubs with online tools for adding matches and importing scores quickly, 3-Gun Nation competitors can easily track division classifications, find local matches, view top scores, and more.”

 The system is in use by over 30,000 competitors competing in IDPA and 3-Gun Nation matches, and allows membership

RANGELOG Score Keeping coordinators, match directors and competitors the ability to manage data online, including demographics, membership history and match results.  As competitors and clubs register and pay online, the new information is posted immediately to the online directory and the payment is submitted directly to the sport or club.  Competitors can find and view matches, scores and rules in one easy location, with access and availability as soon as they register.

Sports and clubs can post and sanction stages or courses of fire, manage Safety and Range Officer information, as well as the Classification levels, Rules, and News related to the sport.  In addition, RANGELOG provides 24/7 online support, with live help and chat options.