Tactical Atlas Gun Cleaning Mats
Tactical Atlas Gun Cleaning Mats

Tactical Atlas Gun Cleaning Mats

The Mission Of Tactical Atlas Gun Cleaning Mats

Our mission is to be the best company in our field, to be a proud supporter of the shooting industry and to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.  It is our responsibility to provide leadership to the industry and to support our national community. 

From the time we began to design and create the TACAT gun cleaning mat, our first priority has always been customer satisfaction.  As there are very few companies like ours, to set ourselves apart we had to offer a unique, one-of-a-kind cleaning mat, and focus on superb customer relations.  That's why we will continue to provide our consumer base with the best possible service by listening and responding to your needs.

At TACAT, we want to make the servicing, repairing and education of your firearm as enjoyable as being out on the range. That's why we create mats to fit your favorite firearm. 

Your firearm is an investment and should be protected as such. Choose the product that is most dedicated to assist you in that endeavor. Choose a TACAT gun cleaning mat today!

Firearms Manufacturers and Sellers

Manufacturers, you make amazing products; let us help you turn one-time customers in lifelong consumers. By adding a TACAT mat to every firearm purchase, you'll be continually educating your consumer on weapon safety and care. —it also makes for a pretty amazing business card for a firearm distributor.


Glock 21-37


Tactical Atlas Gun Cleaning Mats Are Customizable For A Variety Of Handguns And Rifles

Long story short… We have sold hundreds of mats to people all over the world, our mats have been on TV and we have even sold mats to several government chapters. We are trying to raise funds to expand but the process it slow but sure. We are not going to stop until every servicemen is given one in camp, every law enforcement recruit is given one in class, every ROTC cadet is given one in school and every firearm owner has one on their table.

 That is my promise to you.

We’d like to take a moment to invite you to view our wide range of customizable gun mats that facilitate all of your gun cleaning and maintenance needs. Our fully scalable selections of mats were designed to protect the surface area where you elect to clean or maintain your firearm as well as guide your steps during this intricate process.  

Our mats are durable, instructional and fully customizable to meet your needs. Logos specific to your industry, geographic region, military branch, hunting trip, initials, etc. can all be added per your request.  TACAT gun mats have rapidly become known throughout the industry for having the highest quality images that are to scale which provides the user with more detail than any other similar product on the market. Tactical Atlas takes prides in shipping the products we offer in a timely, professional manner and are poised and ready to fill any order with any design and any quantity.

You can get that hunting trip and capture it in time, have a favorite picture or maybe you’re shooting club? If you can catch it on camera we will save it in time for you forever.


Tactical Atlas Gun Cleaning Mats Provides Knowledge, Safety, and Reliability

I created Tactical Atlas because of a need I had when I went to the store and purchased my very first firearm. I didn’t mind the background check, the surprising short paperwork or the 7 day wait, I was getting a gun of my own. Coming from Jamaica this is more of a dream than a reality because people who carry in Jamaica are either looking for trouble, stopping trouble or trying to make sure they are ready when trouble comes.

The guys at the store were very helpful but seemed to know this hidden culture that made me feel a little out of place. I am a systems engineer for a really big company so I am use to talking about computers and seeing eyes drop to the floor as if a muscle gave out. There is so much that is said about guns but not much is said about keeping them functioning properly. Our guys in green do a great job of training who needs to know but we have quite a few people running around with similar weapons with no clue how to take care of them, and guess who was about to join their ranks?

Much like a toaster or bookcase my firearm came with a small booklet showing in tiny faded print how to break down my weapon and clean it. The booklet had very few images and none showed any kind of step by step breakdown process, so in this case my bookcase came out ahead.

The Early Days!After my first time at the range (will tell you that story another day over a few beers) I proceeded to take the parts off the gun one at a time and place them on a white towel. This made my girlfriend at the time very upset but better the towel get dirty and a few tears than a damaged dining room table right? As I am doing this I realize that maybe I should use some kind of order or process. I then put the fire-stick back together and started the breakdown again but this time I started from left to right and used a marker to outline each part on the towel this time.

I went online to see if there was something I could buy like the monstrosity I created and much to my surprise it did not exist. Sure there are plenty of mats out there but everyone seemed to be looking at just their construction and no one was looking at function. I called a good friend of mine and showed my brainchild to him and asked him if he was ready to ride this with me (it was also a test to see if it was worth it, after all there is a whole other world that exists outside of my mind you know). My friend Kirk was not only for it but was kicking in ideas to boot, at that point I knew we had something and Tactical Atlas TACAT was born.



If you're a retailer and would like to add these to your store, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Thank you,

Mark Bailey


Tactical Atlas