The KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper
The KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper

The KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper

An In-Depth Product Review KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper 

Recently I had the opportunity to research, assemble, shoot and perform a “put-it-through-the-paces” review of the “KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper”, manufactured by the Kyntec Corporation.

While working as an instructor and range safety officer at a local gun range in North Tonawanda, NY (Niagara Gun Range), I was approached by Chris Janson, a representative for the KynShot brand of products. Chris asked me to “Test and Evaluate” their hydraulic buffer, designed for the Modern Sporting Rifle (Standard Carbine Platform).

Now, not only did I test the KynShot RB5000, I tested it hard!… My “put-it-through-the-paces” test and evaluation have been included in this review, as well as the Test and Evaluation form, provided to me by Chris Janson. Read on as I offer both my honest opinions and my test and evaluation results of the KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper.

Dan Meadows “The Shooting Whisperer” Review of the RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper  

The Research – KYNTEC (Innovation in Kinetic Energy Management)

Researching a company and its product line is nearly as important as the review of the product itself. When investing in a product like a “Precision Recoil Damper”, the customer wants to know more about the company and the products they offer. A customer wants to ensure that the products that they buy is worthy of their own personal investment and that it will hold up to the rigors of testing and usage, even to the extremes of what some customers may put a product through. 

The company Kyntec, manufacturers of the KynShot product line, along with their other product lines were found to be a company of high reputation, and who places honesty, integrity, respectfulness and accountability at the top of their business strategy. In my extensive research and opinion, as a writer and as a shooter, Kyntec and more specifically the KynShot product lines are worthy of your individual purchases, or even corporate investments and support of their expansive product lines.

The RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper


The Visual Inspection - The Specs Check

 Visually speaking, the KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper was found to be well machined and well constructed. A microscopic review, using a 300 x portable microscope, and a series of magnifying glasses, calipers, scales, and other reviewing tools were used in the “Specs Check” inspection of the RB5000. This product was found to be solid in material workmanship, technology and construction and held “NO” visible signs of any defects, fractures or metal fatigue noted on the product that was provided for this review.

The RB5000 Hydraulic Buffer specifications, as outlined in the manufacturers “spec’s sheet” were within all tolerances, measurements and weight recommendations, as described by Kyntec and the KynShot products line for sale. Its 17-4 Stainless Steel construction and Hydraulic Cylinder is by far one of the best choices to use for buffer group replacement on your MSRs, and made for long lasting usage of your respective firearms. And let’s not forget, they are 100% Made in the USA!  

The Assembly – Incorporating the RB5000 with our TAP3X Firearms 

 You don’t have to be a gunsmith or an armorer to assemble the KynShot RB5000 into your Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs), however knowing a bit about the assembly of the buffer group for your MSR, and of course reading the instructions (provided on the rear of the package) always helps . However, if you are an amateur assembler or builder of guns, I might suggest that you read all of the instructions (twice at a minimum), and maybe even ask a friend or even a gunsmith to assist you before you assemble this product into your respective Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) and use it. However in my opinion, reading the instructions provided by Kyntec makes it easy enough to assemble your RB5000 into your MSR without further assistance from others!  

The ease of installation was made possible by the attention to detail that the Kyntec Engineers made in the development of this product and the instructions that are provided on the products package.

The Shooting Events

Shooting RangeYou cannot test a product fully unless it is assembled and safe to operate. A shooter or hunter must always keep in mind that they should practice safe firearms handling skills and ammunitions usage. Load only the appropriate ammunition into your Modern Sporting Rifle or other firearms.  Anything less may result in bodily injury or even death. Always Shoot Safe and Practice Safe!

My shooting range events were spread out over a total of 2 separate event dates, using both an indoor range and an outdoor range facility. The firearms I used were my own personal firearms, taken from the TAP3X Armory. The ammunition used at the shooting ranges varied in name brand, and in cases type used, however the grain content was the same for all boxes of ammunition used.

By: DAN MEADOWS aka The Shooting Whisperer

CEO of TAP3X Group of Companies

Host of the “Put It On Target Radio Show” and “Put It On Target TV”

Kyntec / Kynshot -  

The Shooting Whisperer Field Tests The RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper That Is Available

The Test Firearms  (The same as can be found in many states)

I used two separate firearms from the TAP3X Armory and are described as follows;


  1. DPMS Panther Arms “Sportical”, Model A-15 (MSR), Caliber .223 / 5.56, 16” Barrel with Short Handguard and a DPMS Collapsible Stock. I used either a MBUS Front and Rear Sights or an EOTech 512 Holographic Sight for target engagements and sighting for both ranges.


  1. BlackSheep6 Tactical, Model BS15 (MSR), Caliber Multi, 16” Midwest Industries Barrel with Quad Rail, Magpul Industries Collapsible Stock. I used either a MBUS Front and Rear Sights or an EOTech 512 Holographic Sight for target engagements and sighting for both ranges.


The Test Ammunition   


It was important to use a variety of ammunition, from either the 223 or 5.56 caliber descriptions, however the grain weight was kept the same. 


  1. 350 Rounds Used Indoors - (American Eagle 223 Rem 55 Gr FMJ, Monarch Steel 223 REM 55 Gr FMJ, Hornady Varmint Exp 223 REM 55 Gr V-Max)


  1. 350 Rounds Used Outdoors – (Federal XM193 5.56mm 55 Gr., PMC Bronze .223 FMJ-RT 55 Gr.) 


The Range Events - Range Shoots 1 & 2 (Indoors and Outdoors)


RS#1 – RB5000 Review - Indoor Range 50 yards – Standing (unsupported) Position

  1. Temperature 78 Degrees F. (Filtered Climate Controlled Air)
  2. 350 Rounds Used - (American Eagle 223 Rem 55 Gr FMJ, Monarch Steel 223 REM 55 Gr FMJ, Hornady Varmint Exp 223 REM 55 Gr V-Max)
  3. MBus Front and Rear Sights and EOTech 512 Holographic Sight was used
  4. RB5000 operated efficiently – No problems noted during review
  5. No malfunctions noted during this event.
  6. No continuous pounding or shoulder fatigue noticed
  7. Quicker on-target recovery and engagement
  8. Maintained steady rate of fire, without hindrance
  9. All rounds cycled well throughout all magazine loads
  10. Reduced recoil noted
  11. Improved standing (unsupported) shooting accuracy noted


 RS#2 - RB5000 Review – Outdoors Range – 100 yards - Bench Rest w/ Sandbag, Standing and Prone Positions

  1. Temperature 85 Degrees F.  – Weather Clear Sky,  Winds- Slight Breeze noted
  2. 350 Rounds Used – (Federal XM193 5.56mm 55 Gr., PMC Bronze .223 FMJ-RT)
  3. MBus Front and Rear Sights, EOTech 512 Holographic Sight
  4. RB5000 operated efficiently – No problems noted during review
  5. No malfunctions noted during this event.
  6. Noticeable reduction in muzzle lift and barrel rise
  7. Quicker target re-acquisition and recovery noted (shot-to-shot)
  8. Rounds cycled well
  9. Reduced recoil noted
  10. Maintained steady rate of fire, without hindrance
  11. Improved (unsupported) standing shooting accuracy noted
  12. Improved (supported) and prone shooting accuracy noted

The “Let’s-Put-It-Through-The-Paces” field tests and range events listed above were a part of a series of tests, evaluations, and shooting reviews performed over a several days and were also based upon my availability to review these products in two separate testing locations and shooting environments (indoor and outdoor ranges).

Having the necessary gunsmith and inspection tools, and by using several 10 and 30 round magazines (30 round magazines are available to use in NC and not in NY- Sorry NY!!!), along with a variety of shooting range equipment and several variations of ammunitions for these reviews, I embarked for my range shooting events to do this review. The extent and variation of inspection tools needed, my range equipment and the firearms and ammunition all assisted this reviewer with the overall review and evaluation of this product from Kyntec and KynShot that are for sale

The Field Reviewer’s - Field Tests and Evaluations Notes

Usage Conditions (Indoors and Outdoors) – A variety of indoor range usage or outdoor weather conditions were experienced throughout my field tests and evaluations of the KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper. Conditions overall were perfect for both the indoor and outdoor ranges (which I greatly appreciated)..

Loading, unloading, magazine changes, grips, left and right handed shooter engagements, shoulder mountings (left and right), benchrest usages, prone aiming and all reacquisition of the targets were made easy and were without “any undue shooters stress” (for either shoulder), due to repeated intense recoil engagements of my MSRs used in this T&E, and by the use of the KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper. 


Dan Meadows’s Exhaustive Tests Of The KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper For Rifles


The Break-Down (Disassembly & Cleaning) 

Disassembling, cleaning and maintaining your MSRs and associated products after each shooting event or session is the next step to take in the long term enjoyment of your MSRs, and for your KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper products. Always make sure that you have a safe and unloaded firearm whenever you clean your MSRs or other firearms in. 

Once assembled and used, you do not always need to break down the buffer group for cleaning, however from time to time you will need to disassemble the buffer group and clean it up, along with the rest of your MSR accordingly. 

Cleaning up is easy to do with the KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper. Simply disassemble the RB5000 from the buffer spring, wipe it down with a clean soft cloth, check the compression tension and release, then reassemble the RB5000 back into the buffer spring and buffer stock group, and you are ready to go again.   

Its stainless steel construction is great for use in wet conditions as it provides maximum corrosion resistance in those types of shooting environments.   

Maintaining a regimented preventative maintenance schedule for all of your MSRs or other firearms is vital for providing you with assurances that you’re personal firearms are always operational and that they will last you for a long time to come. Make sure that you follow any and all manufacturer instructions or recommendations for safe firearms usage, operation and ownership, and that you always practice safe firearms handling and ownership.

The Final Review of the KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper

As a long time shooter and instructor of military, law enforcement, hunters and civilian firearms shooters, I must say that I was impressed by the construction and design of the KynShot Precision Recoil Damper system. I feel very confident that their product or products will maintain a high performance standard throughout the lifetime of its repeated use.

Kyntec’s tactically sound engineering, machining and construction methods used in the manufacturing of this RB5000 were found to be quite durable and were proven in use, as found throughout my field tests, evaluations and reviews. The RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper offers reliably efficient performance and dependable worry free operation.  They offer a guarantee of “10 Years -1 Million Rounds”, is more than worth the investment.

As a customer, vendor or future investor of these products, having confidence in a company, and in a product manufactured by Kyntec, will go a long way in having and maintaining satisfied and repeat customers for a long time to come. 

Here is my take (and my responses) on their marketing of this product, as displayed on their product packaging. This product markets and advertises that the RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper “Reduces Kick & Muzzle Flip” and that it “Improves;


Accuracy – Yes

Clustering – Yes

Dependability – Yes

Shoulder Flinching – Yes

Felt Recoil – Yes

Service Life – Yes 


And don’t forget their guarantee folks!


IMHO - The Kyntec Corporation and the product lines offer its consumers the following;


Builds quality products for precision recoil dampening needs

Builds a reliable and high performance product that stood up to my tests and evaluations

Builds a product that has integrated functionality with other manufacturers parts or components

Builds precision hydraulic buffers that fits with all Commercial or MilSpec Modern Sporting Rifles

Builds a product that is high quality in design and construction features

Builds a durable product that is made to take the rigors of extreme or extended usage

Builds consumer dependability and confidence in their great product lineup

Builds and brings to its customers “Outstanding Customer Service” through the many reviews that I have read about its products and services!

Builds a Precision Recoil Damper that is “100% Made in the USA”


The Parting Shot – The Company and the Product : KYNTEC & KYNSHOT - Receives an “A”

Although long in coming, this review was a great privilege to perform for the Kyntec Corporation and the KynShot teams. I personally recommend that you contact a representative or dealer of KynShot products or contact their Kyntec Global Sales Network to purchase some of their fine KynShot products today for your Modern Sporting Rifles or Shotguns!


About The Author and Reviewer: DAN MEADOWS

Dan Meadows - AuthorDan Meadows is the CEO and Owner of the TAP3X Group of Companies. He is known as "The Shooting Whisperer" for his abilities to guide, teach and to train all shooters (firearms and bow) on how to "Put It On Target". Dan is the Host of “Put it On Target Radio and Put It On Target TV. Dan is also a Broker for the Put It On Target Sportsman Adventures, a member of the DK Outdoor Adventures Network.

Dan has over 48 years experience in firearms and hunting and over 40 years experience in archery. He is a master instructor and expert marksman who teaches; firearms, archery, hunting and survival skills. He travels worldwide to teach, train and coach others about firearms or archery marksmanship skills.

Dan is a writer and published author, a product reviewer, outfitter, professional hunter and extreme survival guide. He attends, teaches and speaks at numerous events each year including; outdoor sports expos, shooting sports competitions, hunting related events, 2nd amendment rallies , gun rights events, and attends hunter education and wildlife management programs worldwide.

Contact Dan to attend one of your special events or to write a product review for one of your products today!