Why Biometric Technology Is An Essential
Why Biometric Technology Is An Essential

Why Biometric Technology Is An Essential

When you decide to choose a gun safe you will see that there are a number of different types of security methods that you can choose from these days. With there now being more guns than people in the US, it is clear that the same approach doesn’t suit all of us anymore. 

Yet, regardless of the size or style of safe that you choose, one area that you need to be very careful with is the way that the door is secured. In this respect, the trend for safes to have biometric technology is something that can help you to keep your firearms as safe as possible at all times.

How Does Biometric Technology Work?

This is a type of security method that you may have seen on science fiction movies in the past and not quite have believed would ever be commonplace in the real world. Yet, it is now an increasingly popular method for keeping valuables safely locked away at home or in an office. The way that this process works is very simple, as it identifies authorized users through a unique body part.

While this is typically done through a retina scan on the big screen, when we look at real-life gun safes we can see that they are usually opened with a fingerprint scan. You simply register your prints on the machine’s database and then use them to open it up at any time. The uniqueness of your prints means that you can feel sure that no-one else can open it without your permission.

Why It Is Especially Useful For Gun Safes

This security method means that only you and the people that you authorize can get their hands on your firearms. This means that you don’t need to worry about young kids or intruders opening the door and grabbing your guns. Another important feature for gun owners is the ease of use that this approach offers. If you wake up tired and bleary-eyed due to a noise in the middle of the night then you definitely won’t want to struggle with awkward keypad controls or search for a key. 

Those of us who keep guns in a safe beside the bed find this to be the best method of accessing them, as it is so easy to do quickly and without thinking about it. You can have your firearm in your hand in seconds when you just use your fingerprint to open the safe’s door.

What About Other Users?

A complicated issue for many gun-owners is that of giving access to a number of people. You might have friends or family members that you would like to be able to get in to the safe when necessary but isn’t this going to be horribly awkward to keep track of? With a biometric safe you simply get everyone who is going to use it to scan their fingerprints. This will let you add them to the system without any fuss, meaning that they can then use it whenever the need arises. Of course, you can also remove anyone from the database who no longer needs to get access or whom you don’t want to include on your list of users.

Any Problems To Be Aware Of?

Of course, no type of technology is completely trouble-free, is it? In terms of biometric gun safes the biggest issue is probably that of what to do if your scan doesn’t work. After all, you may run your finger over the scanner in a rush if you need to get it open in an emergency. This can cause the scanner to fail to recognize you as an authorized user. Thankfully, users can find a way round this issue by scanning all of their fingers in different ways. This means that the scanner has numerous chances of recognizing the person.

With a bit of trial and error it is possible to set up in a way that gives complete confidence. Another issue that some people come across is that their power source fails them, either due to a power cut or else their batteries running down. In this situation, the back-up keys that are provided give an easy way of opening up the safe without any hassle.


There is no doubt that biometric gun safes offers a secure and convenient way of keeping your firearms exactly where you want them to be. This type of safe is often a little bit more expensive than key-operated alternatives but the benefits make them well worth investing in.

This Artice Submitted By; Tom Ginevra Gun Safe Guru

Tom Ginevra