Zore Gun Lock And Storage
Zore Gun Lock And Storage

Zore Gun Lock And Storage

ZORE Watchdog For Gun Storage and Security

ZORE Watch DogWhen it comes to gun security, gun owners have different needs and requirements depending on their circumstances. That is why they have created a separate device called the Watchdog. The ZORE Watchdog is a revolutionary alert system which lets you keep tabs on your gun even when you are not near it.

The minute that someone touches your gun, you will get an immediate notification sent to your smart phone. The ZORE Watchdog comes with a magnetic strip that can be placed anywhere on your gun, or even on the safe that you use to store your gun. Any movement of the gun automatically triggers a notification sent to your smart phone.

You can even place the magnetic strip on the drawer that holds your gun, and a simple movement of the drawer will send an immediate alert to your phone. The ZORE Watchdog connects to your home’s WiFi, and comes with a battery that can last up to two years. It doesn’t matter where you are ­ the ZORE Watchdog will keep you updated on the status of your gun, with immediate alerts worldwide.

Current Gun Safety Solutions

Many have attempted to develop solutions for gun safety, but unfortunately, many of these attempts have made guns less safe. Modern “smart”” solutions such as fingerprint reading technology are too unreliable, as it is subject to too many external factors. Sweat, rain, or blood could affect the fingerprint reading and cause a gun to lock in a time of need. RFID technology is also too dependent on external factors: if the owner misplaces the wristband or ring, he or she won’t be able to use their gun.

These options are considered too smart. If your gun has to think before it shoots, you’re in trouble. Mechanical devices such as safes and locks are certainly secure, but probably too much so. Many gun owners don’t lock their guns because safes and locks are just too risky during a time of need.

This is why ZORE developed its game­changing lock, by combining old school mechanics with modern day technology in order to create its revolutionary gun storage solution – all without changing or interfering at all with the inside of the gun. As such, the gun community has begun to embrace ZORE.

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About ZORE: The ZOREX Is State Of The Art In Gun Locks 

ZORE Gun Lock And StorageZORE was founded in 2014 by IDF veterans from elite combat and technology units. After two years of developm now being launched for presale on Indiegogo. ZORE’s unique design and engineering brings forth the 21st century into the gun world – by improving gun storage, and by protecting your gun without complications. ZORE is now on the map as the most promising gun storage company of the 21st century. For more information, visit: www.zore.life

The Locking Mechanizm Of the Zore

ZORE Side View

ZORE Engaged On Pistol

Introducing ZOREX: Revolutionary Gun Storage And Gun Lock 

The last time someone attempted to sell smart guns, he received death threats. It is no secret that the gun community has not embraced smart guns, and for good reason. Now, an Israeli company has come forward with a modern solution for authorized gun use that is being embraced by the gun community.

ZORE has developed a simple locking mechanism that does not involve embedding technology in the actual gun. Called the ZORE­X, it utilizes a patented cartridge that protects your gun by preventing others from using it, as well as a separate notification app that alerts you when your gun has been tampered with.

Safe and Simple, The ZOREX 

The locking and unlocking method is very simple: The ZORE lock acts as a cartridge which fits the chamber of your semi­automatic gun. Simply press down on the button to lock it. After unlocking it the ZORE­X can be immediately ejected by simply charging your weapon, just like the gun ejects a regular cartridge. This simple process offers the quickest way to go from locked gun to charged in one swift action.

The RAPIDial

ZORE developed the RAPIDial to be an easy to open lock during a time of need, so that a gun can be retrieved and unlocked from storage very quickly. With RAPIDial you can turn the code without looking at the lock, even in the dark, simply by feeling the number of clicks between each turn.

Furthermore, the turning direction as well as the starting point of the dial don’t matter: no matter where you start your code, the code will work. You can set a simple code such as 1­2, or a longer code such as 3­2­5­2. The RAPIDial avoids any unreliable smart technology, by avoiding external keys or fingerprint technology.

ZORE Gun Lock System