Ammo Speed Loaders And Moon Clips
Ammo Speed Loaders And Moon Clips

Ammo Speed Loaders And Moon Clips

Ammo Speed-Loaders and Moon Clips Used For Self Defense And Concealed Carry

In cities all around the country shooting enthusiast are starting to go to the range more often than in past times. As one shoots and practices more the benefits of using a Speed-Loader become obvious and are becoming common place at shooting ranges.

Many new shooters are discovering the advantages of utilizing Speed-Loaders not only for those designed for Revolvers that have been around since the 1970’s but the relatively newer designs for Automatics and the reloading of the magazines. The high capacity magazine in particular have a very significant spring tension that after just a few reloads of the magazine and one will immediately appreciate the merits of how a Speed-Loader will save ones fingers, and cut reloading in half.

If you have a revolver and are considering getting a new one it would be wise to find out if it can accept Moon Clips. With a little practice with reloading with Moon Clips and it is relatively easy to be able to reload your revolver just a fast as someone replacing a magazine in an automatic. I know what you are thinking, NO WAY!, yes way, with practice it can be done!

Using a Moon Clip, 12 rounds in under 3 seconds!

This video demonstrates loading and unloading of Revolver Speed Loaders and Moon Clips

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Magazine Speed Loaders 

For purposes of this article I am keeping the information regarding speed loaders strictly to revolvers and automatics, i.e. handguns. The good news is new products are coming out all the time, new innovations, new designs, and new capabilities. We continue to research these products and as they come to market we will post the information here on our website with our observations and conclusions.

We are starting to see different types of speed loaders that are very specific to the types of magazines used in specific make and models such as some of the speed loaders that are coming out for SMG guns like the H&K MP5. Hopefully as some of these new innovations come to market even newer and better ones for handguns will also appear.

Currently, we have chosen information and videos within this article that represent some of the best known manufactures of speed loaders for revolvers and automatics. We invite our readers to participate and let us know if there something new out there that we should be aware of so we can share it with everyone. We also invite any manufacturers who may see this article to submit their information and videos so that we can share it with all of our readers.

Whether you are a part-time recreational shooter, A firearms instructor or, involved in competition, or in law-enforcement once you have the opportunity to use a speed loader I guarantee you you'll never go back to hand loading your revolver or automatic pistol magazine one round at a time ever again!

A speed loader of some type should be in everyone's range bag. The cost of speed loaders are remarkably low, and the benefits are without question very high. (If you have experience with a speed loader please write us so that we can share your experiences with all our readers.)

One of the most popular and best desigend Magazine Speed Loaders...

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Ammo Speed-Loaders and Moon Clips For Concealed Carry

 If you are a handgun shooter and an enthusiast for Self-Defense, target practice, competition or for any reason and especially if you practice on a regular basis you should be aware of the advantages of utilizing Speed-Loaders, and Moon Clips.

The most common types of Speed-loaders for handguns are divided into those for Revolvers and ones for Automatics. There are some very unique ones starting to show up in the market place yet for the purposes of this article we will stick to the most common in use today.

In regards to Revolvers the most common is the Speed-Loader that is circular in design and holds the cartridges in place, and to use it either requires the partial turn of a mechanical knob located on the top of the Speed-Loader or by firmly pushing down to cause the mechanism to engage and release the cartridges that then fall into place within the cylinder.  

The Moon Clip’s design is so simple it is brilliant. Although very few Revolvers could accept Moon Clips without being modified by a gun smith, manufacturers are now producing new models that have the “groove” machined into the cylinder to readily accept most Moon Clip designs.  

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Ammunition Speed-Loaders And Moon Clips For Automatics And Revolvers

Uplula Magazine Speed LoaderThere can be found different types of handgun speed loaders and Moon Clips.  The modern revolver speed-loader is designed to hold a full cylinder of cartridges in a secure manner. Modern revolvers usually come in six and eight round specs. Revolver speed-loaders are designed in a circular configuration so as to allow the cartridges to drop simultaneously into the cylinder. A mechanism is provided on the top of the speed-loader that allows the cartridges to be released from the speed-loader when pressed or slightly turned; this mechanism will vary slightly between manufacturers. 

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Magazine And Revolver Speed Loaders And Moon Clip Types

Older types of speed-loaders for revolvers were commonly known as “Speed-strips” that in all reality was just a way to keep loose rounds in one’s pocket organized, and did offer some level of faster reloading than doing a single round at a time. This type of speed-loader at best could load two cartridges at a time.Revolver Speed Loader

Law enforcement and the shooting public needed more, something reliable and a leap in capability. This brought around the advent of the current style of revolver speed-loaders that are in use today. 

Moon Clips For Revolver Re-LoadingMoon clips are special speed-loaders that have no moving parts that were originally designed for use with revolvers that chambered rimless cartridges, such as 9×19mm Parabellum or .45 ACP.  Recently the superior speed of reloading utilizing Moon Clips has inspired many shooters to modify their revolvers so the cylinder will accept the Moon Clips. Manufactures are now producing revolvers that have the modification as p art of the manufacturing process. The sheer simplicity of Moon Clips is finding favor among competition shooters all across the country.

Another type of Speed-Loader is designed for autos and the loading of a magazine, particularly one with a large capacity and a corresponding high spring pressure. Most are relatively inexpensive devices that depress the top round into the magazine, allowing the next round to be partially inserted with little or no pressure on it.

This is an example of one of the best Magazine Speed Loaders....



Speed Loader all Metal    Auto Magazine Up LULA Speed Loader


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