Automatic Pistols For Self Defense
Automatic Pistols For Self Defense

Automatic Pistols For Self Defense

Automatic Pistols For Concealed Carry And Self-Defense

Both local law enforcement and throughout the world automatic pistols is the choice of the world's military services for some of the very same reasons a private citizen would want an automatic pistol for self and home defense. Some of the reasons are: Quality construction, durability, accuracy, the ability to customize, fire power, and in the personal protection role the ability to be easily concealed due to its relatively flat shape.

To be a competent shooter of an Automatic pistol you have to practice for all possible shooting scenarios, as an automatic pistol has a longer learning curve than a revolver and usually has more mechanical items such as; a safety, a mag release, and slide lock, or a de-cocking lever. Also keep in mind that an Automatic Pistol has many more moving parts than that of a revolver and is more susceptible to fouling and jamming due to foreign materiel inside those various moving parts.

You may have weather or other conditions that may require a regular maintenance schedule for you automatic Pistol. On our website US Precision Defense you can learn how to properly maintain your automatic pistol.

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Automatic Pistols For Concealed Carry 

As in many states automatic Pistols for Self-Defense are used for both personal and home protection. There is a wide variety of calibers available for automatics which accounts for many being carried concealed, and due also to their compact size and high capacity magazines. The caliber range is typically; .22 magnums, .380, 9mm, .40 cal, sig .357, .45 acp, .44 magnum and even a .50 AE.

Automatic pistols come in a wide variety of physical sizes ranging from “Pocket Pistols” that are small enough to easily fit in the front pants pocket, all the way up the Desert Eagle in .50 AE which is a very large pistol. With the available selection there is an Automatic Pistol for virtually any self-defense or home defense need.

Remember though it is not the Pistol, and it is not the ammunition that makes a self-defense handgun really perform, it is you the shooter and your ability to make the first shot count, bullet placement is truly everything in self-defense. Practice, practice, and more practice. Marksmanship is a perishable skill.

Automatic Pistols For Self-Defense And Concealed Carry 

The semi-automatic pistol has become the firearm of choice for Self-Defense shooters all across the country. This is not by accident as with the advancement of handgun technologies, construction materials, and manufacturing techniques automatics have greatly improved in the last 10 years, and add to this the parallel advancement in modern ammunition and many of the issues that plagued early automatics such as constant jamming has been reduced to almost nil.

Colt 1911 .45 acpAn automatic pistol has some very distinct advantages over other types of handguns in the Self-Defense role. A full-sized semi-automatic pistol has significantly more fire power in the form of the number of round that it can hold in the magazine, depending on the caliber this can range from 7 to 9 for a .45 cal (in a single stack magazine) up to 18 rounds in a 9mm double stack magazine. Different capacities are varied based on the caliber, a single stack, double stack or extended magazine, and a manufacturer’s particular model.

Another advantage that an Automatic Pistol for Self-Defense has is that reloading is generally much faster than reloading other type of handguns such as a Revolver or Derringer. Another advantage is that due to the physical characteristics of an Automatic Pistol it lends its self to easier concealment for those that will be carrying a automatic pistol concealed on their person.

Many automatic pistols sold throughout the country have the capability of being highly customized with interchangeable grip inserts, varying magazine sizes, different types of competition or night sights, and many have a Picatinny or tactical rail which allows for the mounting of accessories such as laser pointers or flashlights.

The one good and unexpected problem with automatic pistols is the selection of manufactures and models is quite large and finding that perfect one for you can be a daunting task at best. You need to do your research, and test fire any firearm before purchasing, and then use US Precision Defense as an excellent resource to keep up with the latest in technology and shooting drills for Automatic Pistols.

   Smith & Wesson M&P Shield  HK .45 Auto 

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1911 .45 Auto In The Self-Defense Role Is An Iconic American Masterpiece

Colt .45 Auto Rail GunWithout any doubt for more than 100 years the Colt government model 1911 is probably one of if not the most iconic and recognized handguns in the world.  

It is interesting that after 100 years the model 1911 pistol is probably more popular today worldwide then it has been even from the time of its inception by John Browning back in 1898.

Currently, without question the model 1911 in .45 ACP is more widely copied and imitated than any other pistol that ever has been made, what an extraordinary history this firearm has. In this country alone the M1911 served with the U.S. Armed Forces for 75 years which is longer than any other continuously used military firearm in any nation’s history!

Its The Design Of The 1911 And The Genius of John Browning

What makes the 1911 so popular and why it has been so dominant in the pistol market for an extraordinarily long time is it's straightforward and simple design which cannot be outclassed for accuracy, reliability, and overall performance and it has a long history of combat effectiveness both in the military and the civilian concealed carry in self-defense rolls.

Even in world-class pistol competitions the model 1911 is still one of the predominant center-fire pistols being used by the top guns of the world. Although when one thinks of the model 1911 it is usually of a firearm chambered in the .45 ACP cartridge.

Over the years there've been many different variants and modifications made to the 1911 and it has been chambered in rounds such as the .38 super, the 9X23 mm Winchester, The 10 mm as in the Colt Delta Elite, and the .380 ACP.

There have even been some major modifications made by some manufacturers which allowed the 1911 to accept the; .357 magnum, the .45 Win mag, and even the .44 Magnum.

Being Copied Is A Testiment Of The 1911's Popularity

Although when one thinks of the 1911 it usually is thought of as being a "Colt" firearm when in fact the 1911 is now manufactured as mentioned earlier by hundreds of different manufacturers worldwide. That fact aside Colt is the most experienced and prevalent manufacturer of the 1911.Colt .45 Auto Competition

If you are into handguns, regardless of whether you prefer revolvers over pistols or pistols over revolvers you should do yourself a personal favor and take an opportunity to get a good quality 1911 and take it to the range and fire a few hundred rounds.  Besides the thrill and the fun of shooting you'll be able to actually hold a piece of true American history that has served our great country for over 100 years, and how many times in your life will you have such an opportunity to actually hold history in your hand.... 

This video gives a brief history and use of the 1911..

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1911 .45 Auto Pistols And Compact Model Challenges

Wilson Combat ultralight sentinelTypically, the 1911 in .45 ACP comes in what is considered standard size, compact, ultra-compact, and micro-compact, these are the terminologies used by the different manufacturers and which refer to overall gun dimensions, and barrel lengths starting at about 6 inches going down to as small as 3 inches. (The most typical standard barrel length is 5 inches)

Any time there are overall smaller dimensions (Typically Barrel lengths of less than 4”) of the firearm especially the length of the barrel and the slide additional work must be done on the 1911 model for it to properly function, and there has been much criticisms of the ultra-compact and micro-compact models due to this law of physics.

Compact 1911 Designs Create Engineering Challenges

In the different compact models there are very unique mechanical and operational challenges due to the nature of the inherent design of the 1911 being that of a recoil operated pistol.  For proper cycling to occur there has to be the right combination of the mass of the slide itself along with other contributing factors such as the spring weight, the firing pin stop dimensions and even the ammunition that is used in the firearm, and whether or not the pistol will properly push feed. All of these factors have challenges to overcome with the smaller slide mass and higher cycling speed which in concert determine the overall reliability and functionality of these smaller dimension 1911 models.

Several U.S. manufacturers, the ones most notable for producing very high-quality firearms have addressed this issue and spent considerable engineering on their particular ultra-compact and micro-compact models to cause them to perform nearly as well as the larger or standard models.

One of the biggest challenges in the smaller models has been the cycling speed, when you reduce the mass the cycling speed dramatically increases so one of the major engineering challenges has been to find a way to slow the cycling speed so that the firearm has time to a eject the spent casing, then allow the magazine to lift into position the next round for the proper feeding into the chamber.

Sometimes Its About The Ammunition

Although the engineering in most of the firearms is quite good it has still been found that it is possible even with this advanced engineering for the smaller 1911's to not cycle properly and therefore it is addressed simply by the type of ammunition used. Because of the fact that most of the manufacturers will agree that for the ultra-compact and micro-compact models the most important component is the ammunition most shooters preferred just to use the standard size 1911's which are much more forgiving in the type of ammunition that they will cycle without any problems.Sig Sauer 1911 carry nightmare

If you are considering one of the ultra-compact or micro-compact models you must also take into consideration that because of the smaller size of the entire firearm the felt recoil will be significantly higher as well as the expected muzzle flip.

The largest numbers of sales of 1911s are those of between 4 and 6 inches. In the 1911 standard size models ammunition is not much of a factor as the modern 1911's are notorious for being extremely reliable and being able to properly manage any modern ammunition. 

The Model 1911 .45 Caliber Auto, A Proven Crime Stopper When Carried Concealed

All 1911s that I know of can carry one round in the chamber in addition to the capacity rating listed for the magazine, typically depending on the model chosen a magazine for a 1911 will carry between six and nine rounds. Les Baer 1911 .45 Auto

What many new shooters may not be aware of is that modern high quality 1911 models are incredibly accurate, there are even those manufacturers who claims 3 inch groups at 50 yard accuracy!

1911's Come In A Wide Price Range

Price ranging for a good quality 1911 will start somewhere around $700.00 and go all the way up to over $9000.00, and every price increment in between.  (Yes The Cabot 1911 is priced around the $9000.00 mark, and no I've not had the opportunity to shoot one yet)

Although recently, I was able to shoot a Ruger 1911 which is priced at the lower end of the price scale and I was very surprised not at the quality or the finish which Ruger is well known for but how accurate it was, how crisp the trigger pull was, and how well it held its own against other 1911s costing more than double its price.

For those of you that are seriously looking at getting a 1911 in .45 ACP you might want to consider some of the following manufacturers; Cabot (if you have really deep pockets), Colt, Dan Wesson, Kimber, Les Baer, Para Ordinance, Remington, Rock Island Armory, Ruger, Sig-Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Taurus, Wilson Combat. 

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The 1911 .45 Auto Pistol For Self Defense And Concealed Carry

 For over 100 years the 1911 a single action, semi-automatic, magazine fed, recoil operated pistol that has been chambered in the .45 ACP cartridge has been probably the single most iconic handgun ever developed, it has become synonymous with our country and our armed services. 

The M1911 served as the standard issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 to 1985.

The Colt .45 1911 U.S. Marine PistolThe model M1911 in its same basic form has served for longer in military and law-enforcement service than any other handgun / sidearm ever developed in the U.S.

Over its original lifespan of service with the United States military approximately 2.7 million pistols were procured and served first in the Filipino-American war, then is World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Although the 9mm pistol replaced the M1911 in the 1990s with the

US Armed Forces what many don't realize it was never completely phased out and different variants have remained in use with some units within the US Army Special Forces, U.S. Navy, and the US Marine Corps.Kimber CQB 1911 .45 auto

The Venerable 1911 Still Has Its Place With Law Enforcement And The Military

Although some will debate the merits of the 1911 pistol citing its design age and the fact that it has to be carried in a locked-and-cocked position to be ready for quick single action deployment.  Even the critics themselves can't argue the fact that because of the guns remarkable design, reliability, and superior stopping power it still has a very viable place with the US Armed Forces and within law-enforcement and the personal self-defense role. History continues to prove this time and time again. 

Manufacturers of the most advanced modern-day state-of-the-art firearms have interestingly almost all incorporated a 1911 model in their product lineup, that can be found in gun stores.

Although there are many marketing reasons why they do so, one undeniable fact is that with over 100 years of proven service it is a firearm and caliber combination that performs in superior fashion at not only stopping an aggressor but actually knocking them down, and ending the fight with one or two rounds fired!

Over the years the 1911 model popularity has grown to the point that there are several companies that their entire product line is primarily based upon the 1911, and have taken the original Browning design and improved upon it and created a firearm that is incredibly reliable and accurate.

The Military Comes Full Circle And Once Again Calls On The 1911 To Serve

In recent years with the US military being engaged in urban combat it has been in a large number of situations where the military personnel have used a  sidearm to engage the enemy and found once again the 9mm round just simply did not have the knockdown power to stop a fight with a determined enemy quickly and decisively. 

History does repeat itself and just as back in 1904 when we were involved in the Filipino-Americanwar against the Moros the US military did a series of tests and the official results were; .....that a bullet, which will have the shock affect and stopping effect at short range is necessary for a military pistol or revolver, should have a caliber not less than .45. Wilson Combat 1911 .45 auto 

The 1911 Has A 100 Yr. History Of Proven Self-Defense Protection

When faced with a determined enemy, or a home invader, or a criminal high on drugs, to stop them quickly and decisively what is needed is a combination of gun and caliber that will knock them down and end the fight. It is simple physics, mass and energy striking the opponent to knock them down, in a handgun combat life-saving situation caliber size with mass and energy does matter.

Recently, the United States Marine Corps special operations group has placed an order for over 12,000 1911's, and one of the main reasons is that they need a reliable and combat proven sidearm with sufficient caliber size so that when they engage the enemy they are literally knocking down the enemy and ending the fight, period! After exhaustive testing of dozens of sidearms, the 1911 won the testing.

The 1911 Performes In The Olympics

Ruger 1911 .45 autoOther notable users of the 1911 besides the United States Marines is the USA Olympic shooting rapid-fire pistol team, the LAPD SIS and SWAT teams, and many law enforcement agencies across the country.

If you're considering carrying a pistol for self-defense you should do yourself a favor and give serious consideration to the 1911, you'll find that many of the modern 1911 pistols on the market today in the 4"and 5" inch barrel lengths have a felt recoil somewhere close to that of many 9mm on the market, The felt recoil is usually much more manageable than one is usually lead to believe by some of the articles that you read. With a good practice regimen anyone can learn to master the 1911 pistol, regardless of age and/or gender. The 1911 is a life saver…..

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