Deciding To Carry A Concealed Weapon
Deciding To Carry A Concealed Weapon

Deciding To Carry A Concealed Weapon

What To Know Before Carrying A Concealed Weapon

Be prepared that in any self-defense shooting situation/scenario at a minimum you will more than likely be handcuffed and in a vast majority of the time you can expect to be arrested until everything is sorted out.

I cannot emphasize or stress the importance of knowing not only the letter of the law in your particular jurisdiction, but you must also know what the political climate is and how are self-defense laws being interpreted by the individuals who make the decision on whether to prosecute someone or not.

With that being said, I advocate very strongly that as part of any self-defense strategy you would give  the same consideration that you gave to carrying a concealed weapon equal if not greater weight to knowing the law and speaking with a criminal defense attorney prior to getting your concealed weapons permit.  It can mean the difference between your freedom or going to prison, simply by knowing the laws prior to a self-defense shooting.  Learning the law after the fact will be too late.

As another part of your self-defense strategy I would strongly suggest you visit the NRA website that you can link through our website, US Precision Defense, and look at the insurance options that are specifically designed to protect you in a self-defense shooting scenario, both in a civil or criminal case, you will find no better insurance coverage anywhere than CCW Safe.

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What To Consider Before Carrying a Concealed Weapon 

The decision to get a concealed weapons permit and to carry a firearm is one that should not be taken lightly, and should be considered one of the major decisions in your life because if you have to ever use the weapon in self-defense it will change you forever.

Regardless of your reasons, your personal convictions, or your necessity to carry a concealed weapon in the one thing that you must understand is that your personal feelings aside ultimately ANY self-defense scenario you are involved in will have to answer to the law.

Of everything that one considers when making the decision to get a concealed weapons permit and to carry a firearm on their person,  the one item that they seem to overlook or automatically assume will be on their side is how the law is interpreted within their specific jurisdiction. Remember, the letter of the law is not always on your side!

Having been a law-enforcement officer I have learned through first-hand experience that the law is not always as clear as one would like or think it is. This is true anywhere in the country.  On the contrary, the law is only as clear as the local prosecutor would like it to be. Regardless of what any legal statute says in writing anyone that does any research will quickly find that it is how that statute is interpreted and enforced by the local law-enforcement agencies, and the prosecuting and/or district attorney.

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Deciding To Carry A Concealed Weapon

Whether you're entering military service, starting a career as a a law-enforcement officer, or are a private citizen and contemplating carrying a concealed weapon you must first consider the ethical, moral, and legal ramifications of not only carrying a weapon, but what happens in the event that a self-defense situation arises and you must pull the trigger and take a life in the defense of your own life, or that of a family member or a crime victim. Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Regardless of where you live, if you are conservative, liberal, independent, Christian or atheist, one must consider their own convictions and their own ideas of ethics and morality. For some this decision process will come very natural and without the need for extensive thought or research. Concealed Carry by Women

Yet, for others it will be a long process of self-contemplation, research, and discussion between one’s spouse and or family members. Some will want extensive legal opinions, and possibly even counsel with an ecclesiastical leader.  

Whatever your personal reasons for deciding to carry a concealed weapon and to exercise your rights under the Second Amendment you must be completely prepared in several ways which at a minimum should include being prepared; mentally, physically, and for any possible civil or criminal liabilities.

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Women Shooting At The Range Can Always Be Feminine

Women's Handbags for Concealed CarryYet another myth was that you can’t feel feminine when going to the range. No matter what clothes you wear to the range, by the time you put on those gigantic ear muffs and the glasses that don’t fit your face, any hope of looking cute is gone, right? Not anymore. offers range gear items made specifically for women. Both beautiful tortoiseshell glasses and cheetah ear muffs make an appearance in the collection.

Finally, I’d like to add one more myth: When you purchase concealed carry items, it’s not helping anyone but you and the seller. Normally this is isn’t a myth, it’s the truth. But when you purchase from Chic Shooter a portion of every dollar you spend goes to Compassion International, an organization that helps feed and educate children in third world countries. I encourage you to visit our “Who You’re Helping” page for more information.

So the myths of concealed carry are: 1) “You have to change your wardrobe if you want to concealed carry, 2)“Carrying in your purse is the absolute worst thing you could ever do,” 3)“You can’t feel feminine when going to the range,” and 4) “When you purchase concealed carry items, it’s not helping anyone but you and the seller.”

Will you choose to believe them? Or will you choose to be a Chic Shooter?    

How Should A Woman Carry A Concealed Gun, On Her Body Or In A Purse?

For some women carrying a loaded firearm on-body is daunting. Although I have tried to alleviate that problem with Chic Shooter, some women just aren’t quite ready yet. For them, carrying in their purse can be a pit stop on the way to on-body carry.

ChicShooter LogoIn addition, there is, very occasionally, an outfit in which you simply cannot carry on-body. I call it the “backless, strapless, low-cut, mini” syndrome. In that case, carrying in your purse is really the only option.

Now, I’ve seen how many ladies treat their purse: slung over the back of a chair, in the chair next to them, left behind during a trip to the dance floor (or bathroom) and left in the car. These habits just scream to thieves to “PLEASE take my purse”. I am NOT advocating doing that with a gun in your purse.

Ladies, the best analogy I have is this: Pretend you have a priceless diamond in your purse. How would that change how you treat your handbag? Would you sling it over the back of your chair, where anyone might steal it?  No! It would be in your lap, closely guarded. So for you, the mindful, protective-of-your-purse woman, read on.

As I started looking for options for those “backless, strapless, low-cut, mini” times, I was increasingly frustrated by the available options in ~region~. Most of what I saw was very western, with crosses, fringe, rhinestones, and horseshoes. (Now, don’t get me wrong, I love rhinestones, just not on my purse.) So, figuring that there might be other women who felt the same way, I expanded Chic Shooter to include concealment purses that were less cowgirl and more like something you’d see in a department store.

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The Myths About Concealed Carry By Women

“You just have to wear a jacket.” “Just buy jeans a size too big.” “You really have to change your wardrobe if you want to concealed carry.”

Concealed Carry HandbagsThese are the myths we are all told when we start researching concealed carry options. And sadly, they are often the reason why women don’t carry at all.

When I received my gun, a Taurus 738, as a gift, these myths slapped me in the face. I like the clothes in my closet, my husband happens to like the way my jeans make my butt look, and I live in the Deep South. It’s hot here. Jackets and other cover garments are only an option for a few months out of the year. So with all other options thrown out the window, I set out to debunk these myths.

Over the next several months, I bought and experimented with various holsters in conjunction with outfits from my own closet. Happily, I discovered that concealing, even in a tight, short, new years’ eve dress wasn’t difficult if I knew what to do. Then I wondered if I could use these discoveries to make concealed carrying easier for other women. Thus, Chic Shooter was born.

At, ladies can select a category of outfit (“Formal”, “Business”, or “Casual”) then be guided to detailed holster Feminine Range Gearoptions based on their outfit. For example, if I’m wearing jeans and a blouse with an open neckline, I’d choose “Casual”, and then look under “Low Cut Blouse” and “Jeans”. I would then see that I have three holster options at my disposal. It really takes the guesswork out of concealed carry.

In addition, each of the holsters on have been made for women, by women and several of them even come in colors, with lace. But these weren’t the only myths I encountered.

Another myth was that “carrying in your purse is the absolute worst thing you could ever do”. “It’ll get stolen with the gun inside”, “sometimes your purse is across the room”, and other variations of the same. I’ve found that men (no offense intended) are often the ones doling out this well-meaning advice. Now for everyone who is already screaming at their computer screen, let me say very clearly, that I do prefer that a woman carry on-body. 

I acknowledge that it is the safer, better option. However, I also believe that a gun is much like a camera: the best one is the one you have with you; it does you absolutely no good to leave it at home.

Brandi Taylor

Chic Shooter, Owner


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