Holster Types
Holster Types

Holster Types

If you have a concealed carry firearm, it is necessary to have a holster for concealed carry. The holster enables you to move with your firearm securely in a place on your body that is easy to access, comfortable and keeps the carry concealed. The purpose of the holster is to keep your gun safe and make certain it stays in your possession; prevent it from accidentally being triggered by foreign objects and slight movements, enable you to transport your firearm safely and make it easy and possible for you to draw the carry when you need to use it.

Types Of Holster Materials

There are four primary sorts of materials holsters for concealed weapons can be made from, (not counting the various cloth and elastic materials) and they are as follows:


The leather is the traditional material used for making a holster for concealed carry. It is an old beauty that can easily take the form of the firearm. It is readily available and comes with variety from, cowhide to horsehide and even exotic animal skin. It can be custom made for the shooter and dyed to any color you may want. The leather is durable and is comfortable even over time. The disadvantage of it though is that it is affected moisture from the atmosphere and sweat. Some leather holsters become loose when the gun is frequently drawn from it and this may reduce quick access to it.


The most commonly used type of molded plastic is Kydex, and this is because of its high-strength. It does not require a lot of maintenance like leather. Gun holsters made from plastic are light, do not decay, are waterproof and are cheaper than leather. The con with plastics is that they do not conform to the shape of the firearm because of its rigidity and this can make the weapon noticeable.


Ballistic nylon holsters are inexpensive, light, easy to make tidy and flexible. They are not affected by moist weather or sweat. Their only disservice is that they are not durable and so need to be often replaced.


The hybrid holster for concealed carry is a combination of both the plastic material and the leather. The advantage is that they come in any form desired and options of materials to be used can be like velvet or polyethylene. They are comfortable, long-lasting, flexible and affordable. They are a favorite on the new generation of gun owners coming up.

Holster Types

There are a variety of holsters for concealed carry, and the one you choose should be aligned with the needs you require from your carry firearm.

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Inside The Waist Band Holsters

The IWB holster fits between your pants and body and goes around your waist. It is secured by a clip that can be attached to your belt or the waistline of your clothing. The IWB holster can be placed either on the hipbone, in front of it or behind it depending on which position is convenient for you. It can be made from either leather or Kydex or the hybrid though the hybrid style is recommended because it keeps the gun stable while being comfortable. With the IWB holster, most of the weapon is concealed and only the grip is exposed. It is a viable option if you don’t want it known that you have a gun because your clothing can always cover the grip part. The IWB holster reduces the movement of the gun meaning that it will be accessible whenever you need to draw the weapon.

Because it is fitted down your pants, you may be required to wear larger trousers like two inches bigger than your regular fitting to make room for the IWB holster. Otherwise, you’ll be sucking in your stomach every time you need to remove the weapon thus hindering its accessibility. It’s also not comfortable and convenient; you will always be aware that you have a gun in your waist region because of the IWB holster.

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Outside The Waist Band Holsters

The OWB holster for concealed carry is also referred to as a belt holster. They are less concealing as compared to the IWB holster and are secured to the belt using a clip or a loop that has been sewn into the holster. They can be made in whichever material you may want because of their flexibility and convenience in ferrying them around. It is a traditional way of carrying a firearm because it rests outside of the pants, as the name suggests and most law enforcements prefer the OWB holster. It is also a favorite in old western movies and Cowboys.

The OWB holster is very comfortable to use in carrying your weapon, and it makes it easy to draw it and get into the combat posture because nothing is poking you. If you need to cover the gun, you’ll need to wear a long shirt or top and whenever you need access to the firearm, you’ll have to keep shoving the material aside and this may act as a hindrance.

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Ankle Holsters

They are strapped around your ankle or just above it in the leg opposite the shooting arm. Ankle holsters are most convenient for smaller, lighter firearms and are used to host second guns. Some place the ankle holster on the inside part of the foot but it is recommended to put it on the outmost part for easy access. If you are a lover of boots, you can strap it around the boot or at the top-most part. If you wear the ankle holster with regular socks, pull it over the bottom part of the holster to conceal it.

The ankle holster is a comfortable and conducive way to carry a gun and even if it bulges it will not be noticed quickly. If you engage in a combat situation where you spend most of the time crunched down or on the ground, this would be the holster to use to keep your firearm. Its disadvantage comes about when you need to reach the gun fast. Since it all the way down on your ankle, reaching it swiftly may prove a challenge and being in a bent up position may be detrimental if you are trying to defend yourself against attack.

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Appendix Carry Holsters 

Appendix carry holsters are convenient to carry on a daily basis in that they have a neutral cant so they can be secured on the front, thereby increasing drawing speed. Because of where the appendix carry holster is placed, it is easier to protect the weapon from being grabbed. Appendix carry holsters are typically used for small and medium defensive firearms and offer quality and high performance. They afford the shooter cover and discretion.

The materials in the holster are made from top notch leather made from horsehide. You can decide on customizing yours with any material of your liking. Many people are skeptical about these holsters because of the placement in the front region of the body, but they pose no harm if you know how to handle the gun well and have trigger control. It is surprisingly comfortable because of how the carry holster is made. Besides, the fire arm poses a threat no matter where it is placed but it is a risk worth shouldering for your overall protection.

Pancake Holsters 

Pancake Holsters have a wing like feature that gives them a unique look. If you are looking for a holster for concealed carry, this may apply to you as it is worn close to the body at the waist. Pancake holsters are usually available in leather and nylon materials. The Holsters cover the trigger guard ensuring you have adequate safety and security. They make it easy to draw your weapon and the reinforced thumb break guarantees its durability. The wing feature allows the pancake holster retain a low profile.

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