Las Vegas Bodyguard Protection Duties
Las Vegas Bodyguard Protection Duties

Las Vegas Bodyguard Protection Duties

Las Vegas Bodyguard Protection Duties And Services

In current times it has become of greater importance than ever, The rate of violence, as well as crime, has increased, this has resulted in almost every political office representative, celebrities, and corporate officials to experience sleepless nights accompanied with a lot of worries for their safety.  For this particular reasons, there has been a high demand for bodyguards for the purpose of offering protection of loved ones, secure events, dignitary protection, high rollers protection as well as close personal protection.

A decision of hiring a security bodyguard is a wise decision for you, your business, and your family, and most importantly to enable you to sleep like a baby with plenty of peace in your mind, as well as the safety assurance for all your loved ones. As you know Las Vegas is a desert metropolis that’s entirely built on the foundation of vice, gambling, and entertainment. Las Vegas attracts millions of tourist which in return brings in Billions of dollars annually.

If you have been to Las Vegas recently you must have noticed that the number of bodyguards guards is more than any other state in America or even the world. For that reason, this discussion will take you through bodyguard duties, in particular, Las Vegas Bodyguards touching on the five primary categories that exist.

Close Personal Protection

Here are the bodyguard duties for close personal protection. Personal bodyguards duties are to make sure you and your family members are secure, this can be accomplished because they have gone through a thorough training programs of how to provide safety, handling emergencies in cases of environmental as well as terrorist attack. Additionally, they are equipped with the skills of conflict management, first-aid, use of weapons and self-defense, all this depending on the circumstances at any particular time. This translate to you being safe even in case of an injury. The service also makes sure you aren't under toxic threats,  and even the nagging press because you have someone who is highly qualified for the job.Close Personal Protection

Among one of the bodyguards duties are accessing and determination of the safest routes. This means he or she ensures you are in the right place at the right time, looking at it closely this is more than just security because with such information you will know what routes have traffic making you and your family members be safe, and also saves time.

Bodyguards are trained to detect motives, hence they are vital when someone wants to know your vulnerabilities by both opportunists and criminals alike. What can really go wrong, anything and everything. When you are in the company of someone who is highly skilled and trained in tactics and tactical movements you are assured of the peace of mind that only trained professionals can provide. 

If you are in Las Vegas or or palnning to go there you MUST embrace the idea of getting a close personal bodyguard. You need to know with all the temptations and money that is in Las Vegas you need to thnik twice about all the the evil that accompanies it. Make the right choice, get yourself a Las Vegas Bodyguard.

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Executive/Dignitary Protection

Executive ProtectionIf you are an important individual in society such as VIP or VVP, or your personal safety is highly exposed, it’s necessary for you to hire an executive protection specialist. With the current rate of insecurity even in a church there is always a threat, so having a bodyguard is what can make the difference between dying and living. It is have become a sad fact of the state of the world today. 

Las Vegas Bodyguard Protection Duties is more than just having a guard, It is a real tangible pase of mind.  Any travel can and is causing a great deal of anxiety in executives and their familes, even to the point of loss of concentration and productivity. Coprporations are reporting these issues all across the country.

These problems are being caused by anxiety which is arising from well justified fears. If you are in Las Vegas or planning to go to las Vegas get yourself a Las Vegas bodyguard and get you anxiety dealt with for once and for all. As a CEO you need to know that the choices you make might be hazardous because of anxiety, why not get an executive bodyguard to keep, the press away from pestering you, a bodyguard to handle threats that come your way, someone to prevent you from being kidnapped due to your line of work!  An executive protection bodyguard can allow you to clear your mind and see yourself having that personal space that you have been craving for as well to enable yourself to attain your potential in your work and social life.

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Family Member Protection

If you have a high profile job, how do you think every time your wife goes to shop or for some event, every time your children go to school or walk as well as every time your 

Family Protectionfamily is having their time out away from the house even if it’s for a hike you are always thinking in the back of your mind, very much and wondering if they will come back safely or even at all. To avoid such anxiety and fear of kidnapping, or worse why don’t you get them secured with Las Vegas Bodyguards? The best part is that a trained bodyguard can do more than omly guarding,  they can even assist in activities such as driving your family members to their respective destinations. Protection of your loved ones is a paramount issue that should never be left hanging. Prevention is better than a cure.

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Event Security

If you are having an event be it a VIP meeting, Weddings, Sports or a Business seminar or Business. You do need to get bodyguards. As Las Vegas bodyguards have received credits 

Las Vegas Event Security

when it comes securing an event. In any event, you should note that the guard can be armed in a very descrete manner. Armed as well as low-key un-armed and even uniformed Body Guards are okay for your events. Here are several activities that a security guard can help you with at your event. If your event is meant for invited only, security bodyguard can be helpful in checking your visitors of your guest list, help them when there are parking as well as taking them back to their cars after the event making them feel safe. With this in your event, you will give it a professional look as well as keep uninvited individuals away.

If you are having an event in a car theft prone region or your event is being held in late hours of the night, Security bodyguards can be of high aid in monitoring where your visitors park their vehicles. Allowing your guest to fully concentrate on the event by not having to worry about their vehicles.

Las Vegas Bodyguard Protection Duties include quick response to emergencies. This ability is vital in any event crisis, as you know accidents ca happen anytime anywhere, yet with the presence of bodyguards you don’t need to worry as they are well equipped with first aid skills as well as they can alert the relevant authorities in real time, hence they can bring calm into a stressful situations and prevent panic.

Lastly, the presence of security bodyguards at an event is to make your visitors feel safe. And remember, events with high-profile personalities are mostly packed with lots of valuables, and having bodyguard protection is a true nessessity. For instance, in an auction event, there will be many valuable properties as well as expensive items. Security is fundamental in ensuring no one leaves the premise with anything that is not theirs. It’s important to note protection is not only for outsiders but also for the invited visitors, even guests on the list can commit crimes. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 

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High Roller (Gambler) Protection

Las Vegas High RollersLas Vegas is highly known because of gambling, the list is nealy endless if one was to name all the gambling locations within the city. The most valued individuals in any gambling center are the high rollers or as there are well known as Whales, this individual receives lots of incentives such as private jets, limousine service as well as the best suites in the casino with all this cost compted to welcome them in the casino, it’s essential that they get protection to watch their backs. Apart from the bodyguards being another incentive to the Whales, they are also responsible for taking care of them while they are playing to prevent them from being scammed as well as protecting their drinks from being drugged by ill motived individuals. Yes this really happens in Vegas!

Las Vegas Bodyguard Protection Duties is essential in helping the high rollers in getting their casino incentives, gifts and favors which encourages them to gamble more and in return, the casinos are able to increase their revenue. With all these benefits you should be asking yourself what’s the best bodyguard company in Las Vegas? Hiring a security company for your security needs is quite a serious task that needs to be undertaken with caution, The choice of which company to use can be the differnce between total safety or injury, and even the loss of millions in cash! Here are the criteria’s you can use in picking which and what bodyguard company to go with.

As is it in hiring any employee the number one consideration is two fold,  their cost in terms of monthly rate compared to hourly rate and expetise, experience and training. Also consider what other costs to do you have to cover apart from the standard cost. Is the company fully registered and insured, hence ensuring they will supply you with legitimate services? On the issue of insurance for Las Vegas Bodyguards companies, they need to have a minimum of a one million dollar liabilty insurance coverage. The insurance should include general as well as auto liability.

Lastly, it’s good to check if they can accommodate all of your wants and needs. Ask a lot of questions and get the right answers. These needs should also include if they are able to be in line with your schedule, most especially when it comes to varying non pre-set times. The more flexible the better. Do not hesitate to ask for Off Duty Law Enforcement Officers, or those with military experience.  The company must have been highly recommended due to their client tailored security services. All your needs must be covered if you need armed, not in uniform, plain clothes, short or long term bodyguard protection, whatever the need, you can be served and make sure they have the proper insurance coverages. 

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