Las Vegas Bodyguard Training
Las Vegas Bodyguard Training

Las Vegas Bodyguard Training

Las Vegas Bodyguard Training

Due to the sustained demand for security persons, many agencies are churning out bodyguards to join the job market. However, for many states, there are minimum qualifications that a bodyguard has to meet before securing their employment. For instance, Las Vegas bodyguards require a certificate proving that they are qualified in their field of employment. Some of the sought-after training courses include close protection training, defensive driving training, specialized security for celebrities, executives, and dignitaries training, tactical firearm training, and counter kidnapping course,

Close Protection Training

What Is Close Protection Training For Bodyguards?

Close protection training refers to the capacity building of bodyguards to enable them sufficiently to execute their mandate in protecting their principle against immediate security threats or risks.

What does close protection training entail? During close protection training classes, anyone seeking to become a close protection bodyguard will need to enroll into two courses that will ensure they acquire the required skills to help them perform their duties as required. These courses are; a specialist module on close protection, and conflict management module.

These two courses form the core of close protection training. Within the specialist module on close protection, the trainee will acquire the physical and tactical knowledge on how to handle security issues when they occur. Some of the common areas covered in the close protection training’s specialist module on close protection include; the responsibilities and roles of a close protection personnel, Threat & Risk Assessment, Operational Planning, Surveillance Awareness, laws and legislation, Conduct Reconnaissance, Teamwork & Briefing on close protection, Conduction of Reconnaissance, Foot Drills for Close Protection, Route Selection, Journey Management and close protection, Search Procedures, Venue Security, and Incident Management. Female Bodyguard Training

On the other hand, in close protection training, it is a requirement to undertake a conflict management module course. The course involves the study in the following subjects; Avoidance of Conflicts and Reduction of Personal Risks, Diffusion of conflicts, Resolution and drawing of lessons from Conflicts, and importance of communication skills and good conflict resolution management skills for close protection and security guarding.

Why close protection training? Close protection training is important as it helps the graduate get the required certification that can secure them a close protection bodyguard job; besides securing employment as a bodyguard, they’ll also have the ability to discharge their duties skillfully. Who is close protection training designed for? Some of the target groups for close protection training include self-sponsored Individuals, private bodyguards, Law enforcement, Security practitioners, and members of the corporate security teams.

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Defensive Driving Training

What Is Defensive Driving Training?

Defense Driving TrainingDefensive driving Training is a security education that seeks to instill knowledge and skills on bodyguards to enable them maintains high levels of security alertness while avoiding potential security threats/risks. Defensive driving training considers the driver cum bodyguard an integral part in the provision of security to the principle. 

Defensive Driving Training majorly covers activities surrounding the development of conditioned set of responses to situations that seem threatening, offensive & defensive vehicle-handling techniques, taking cover, evacuation & evasive driving, driving for ideal passenger safety as well as comfort, developing response to a threatening situation with an understanding of the driver’s ability, road conditions and vehicle limitations. Therefore, defensive driving training prepares graduate bodyguards for dynamics in vehicles and driving condition including the carrying out of routine Vehicle inspection and becoming mission-prepared, choosing the right vehicle for different missions, ensuring there are security communications installed in the vehicles they choose for the missions.

Defensive driving training also incorporates the use of threatening scenario drills to prepare the trainees for the real-world security challenge. Why go for defensive driving training? With the rise in the number of cases involving the use of unconventional methods to attack prominent people, there’s need for the drivers and itinerary planners to become part of the principle’s security team, thus increasing vigilance in identifying potential threats and acting with speed by avoiding contact with adversary or threat. Why is defensive driving training important for people today? Defensive driving training helps reduce the risk of attack to the principle. This is done by avoiding dangerous situations, thus helping in maintaining the safety of driving while on the road.

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Specialized Security For Celebrities, Executives, And Dignitaries

What is specialized security for celebrities, executives, and dignitaries?

These are well trained bodyguards with specialization in meeting security requirements for this group of privileged persons. Who benefits from this security arrangements? The major beneficiaries of this kind of security arrangement include the musicians, diplomats, company CEOs, and prominent businessmen who often interact with the public or unscreened people with a potential to launch an attack against them.Specialized Las Vegas Bodyguard Training

What does specialized security for celebrities, executives, and dignitaries training entail? The bodyguard training for VIPs seeks to address the primary principles of offering protection to VIPS, unarmed fighting, operational shooting while in different security situations, the basics of protecting the VIP while in motion (both as a pedestrian and in a vehicle), creation of a security buffer zone or ring around the VIP, making escapes and recoveries, and applying the principles of preventive/protective behaviors. The specialized security for celebrities, executives, and dignitaries training targets freshmen that seeks to become bodyguards. The training also targets already practicing body-guarding seeking to refresh their skills.

Why specialized security for celebrities, executives, and Dignitaries training? The training empowers bodyguards in protecting their principles in any environment including relatively crowded and risky environments. The training helps the bodyguards know how to position themselves while creating a security buffer around the principle.

Why is specialized security for celebrities, executives, and dignitaries training important for people today? With the rise in targeted attacks, many VIPs are seeking the services of qualified and certified bodyguards to offer them security.

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Tactical Firearms Training

What Is Tactical Firearms Training?

Tactical Firearms TrainingThis refers to a defensive course that seeks to enable the student to become familiar with primary legal requirements and framework that may apply to armed self-defense, and for the use of a firearm in protecting their assignment. The course seeks to prepare the bodyguard trainee for tactical and psychological events that may be anticipated during and after their encounter.

What does tactical Firearms Training entail? The training covers major areas in regards to firearm use during and after armed encounters including primary firearm safety measures, the laws of the land where they intend to practice, mindset or Psychological preparations necessary for armed encounters, tactics needed in armed encounters, the psychological events that happen during armed encounters, how to face the law especially after armed encounters, the tactical truths that characterize armed encounters, and lastly, how to deal with their personal and legal issues after armed encounters.

Why Tactical Firearms Training? Tactical Handgun Training

Being an armed bodyguard can be very demanding, especially in evaluating the threat posed to the principle. Reckless use of firearms attracts deadly consequences including life imprisonment. This therefore makes it necessary to offer thorough training to future armed bodyguards to ensure proper and professional use of the firearm.

Why Is Tactical Firearm Training Important For People Today?

The training helps bodyguards acquire the necessary tactical firearm training and knowledge to enable them in making proper and informed use of the firearm, devoid of misuse or disuse resulting from insufficient qualifications.

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Counter Kidnapping Course

What Is A Counter Kidnapping Course?

Anti Kidnapping Training!These are security teaching lessons designed o empower bodyguards with the skill to repulse potential kidnappers and protect against the kidnapping of their principle/assignment. What does counter kidnapping course entail? Bodyguard Counter kidnapping training helps trainees learn behavioral characteristics of kidnappers, tricks used to lure their targets, proactive methods of deterring kidnapping and lastly, the remedy for recovering the kidnapped individuals. Some of the skills they get upon their graduation include how to act swiftly whenever they detect a threat.

Who Does A Counter Kidnapping Course Target?

The counter kidnapping course targets bodyguards seeking to be employed and designated to guard children and other vulnerable individuals that have high potential of becoming targets for kidnappers. Why is counter kidnapping course important for people today? Kidnapping involves human beings that belong to families, have friends, and are also depended upon by several other people. This therefore calls for the use beyond reproach methods in securing target people. To achieve the counter kidnapping goal, people seeking to carry out the counter kidnapping operations need to be of high professional standing in this security field.

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