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Private Detective SearchingAre you a worried parent of a runaway adolescent? Are you looking for a person to find out the witnesses of your legal court case? Do you want someone to investigate on your cheating partner? Do you need solutions to solve the compensation matter of your worker or want to gather information for fraud or anti-piracy? Regrettably, these types of circumstances come periodically, but to solve all these problems you need to hire a professional and experienced investigator. These are the incidences where you will require a private detective in Las Vegas.

When anyone hears the word 'private detectives' an image appears on everyone's mind. A man wearing a hat, smoking a cigar and wearing goggles. One usually makes that picture by watching television programs of some detective series. Basically he is a person whose job is to do investigation either for family matters or related to professional issues. They are also known as private investigators, private eye or PI. However, nobody knows when anyone would happen to require those services of the private detective in New York. In actual, there are so many people who are in great demand of the services of the detective agency. So what are the different services to expect? Here is a look.


Sometimes, plain assumptions on your part, probably due to a past experience, may often lead you to think that your partner is cheating on you. Often, there is no reason to suspect and people end up souring their relations for no good. Make sure that your adultery suspicions are not the result of prejudices that you have carried over from your past relationship.

It is important to be sure that you do not cause any harm to your relationship based on false suspicions of unfaithfulness. To solidify your suspicions and to make sure that your allegations of infidelity against your spouse are indeed right, it is advised that you hire a private detective in California who can actually dig the truth out without any bias and unmask unfaithfulness. Being sure of what you know goes a long way in making your stand more solid when confronting your spouse. For a small fee, you can gain a peace of mind and know for certain about your spouse or partners suspected cheating activities.

Make sure you are asking your potential private detective in Las Vegas about prior experience in revealing unfaithfulness. Why is this so important? Prior investigative experience is important for a successful investigation, especially those that involve the infidelity of a spouse. You are paying not only for the time of the detective but for their confidentiality as well. You do not want an inexperienced investigator who might ruin the situation by giving away that they are in fact following your spouse. This is why it is beneficial to ask about their experience on investigating unfaithfulness up front.

Corporate InvestigationsCorporate Fraud Investigations

The work of corporate investigators consists of tracking the source of counterfeit goods, gathering sufficient evidence and reporting the crime to proper authorities. Even though certain Private Investigator offices offer armed and unarmed executive protection services, they will rarely engage the target or attempt to make an arrest.

Who needs the services of corporate investigators? Well, if a company is acquiring another company then corporate investigations is carried out. It also proved very beneficial for the organizations running in partnership as if they sense any type of cheating they can hire a private detective in New York. While working with a number of employees a person can hire an investigator to look after the dealings of the employees with other companies.

In today's competitive world the chances of cheating and fraud are rising every minute. So to counter this problem, corporate investigations came into existence. The techniques which they use to investigate different things include surveillance with the help of circuit cameras, phone tapping and through net also. This thing is called the technical intelligence.

In addition of using the high tech gadgets the detectives also use the human workforce. They generally put a man behind the person who is to be investigated. This process takes the support of human intelligence as used it as a tool of investigation. These operations are known as undercover operations and the person doing this is known as undercover agent. They contain higher risk because of even higher stakes.

Private Investigators in the field of Brand Protection often have established links with Enforcement Agencies, Specialized Prosecutors and Intellectual Property (IP) solicitors.

Once the corporate investigations has been carried out, the agents perform initial surveillance work they analyze the situation. If sufficient evidence is gathered they report it to proper authorities, if not they continue their investigation. This largely depends on the country or state where the counterfeits are produced.

Corporate investigations can be carried out by big as well as small organizations or individuals in order to carry out their daily activities peacefully. It involves collection of inside information along with as much details as possible and other feasible evidences. The investigators collect, evaluate and construct an inclusive profile for their clients regarding their case. They offer various services to their corporate clients such as:

• Asset investigations
• Corporate surveillance and undercover enquirer
• Employees verification
• Industrial and counter espionage
• Business and corporate intelligence
• Theft investigation
• Due diligence inquiries
• Risk analysis
• Competitive intelligence
• Fraud consulting and labor cases
• Verification of bank accounts and insurance
• Examining financial assets
• Employment screening authentication

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Business Fraud InvestigationsA fraud private detective in Las Vegas, New York, or California will start off investigation work after the potential fraud has been reported or an executive notices something that is not adding up. All investigations are handled differently because of certain aspects the investigators have to consider. These could be; the location, the company, the scale of fraud or the country.

The basic structure of corporate investigations is trying to establish what people know so far and how they know it. Once the investigator and relevant members from the business they are working for establish what is happening they need to try and work out the time scale in which the fraud has been happening. They can back trace this by checking any recent loses, missing documents or unexplained financial records. The investigator will have to analyse each set of evidence given and try to build a picture before he commences surveillance. So how does a cooperate fraud investigation work? Here is how.

Every case that a private investigator handles is different. The basic structure of a corporate case is speaking with executives or employees that suspect fraud and find out the details. Once the problem is pinpointed, whether it's substantial losses over the last few years, unexplained financial records, or missing documents, the investigator will begin setting up surveillance and organizing data.

As with any criminal activity, fraudulent employees conduct fraud practices when they believe they have the utmost privacy. Whether this is a private access room with special company computer programs or a private phone line without access to other company lines, fraudsters do whatever they can to avoid detection.

Corporate investigations help breakdown the barriers of privacy by using covert surveillance and gaining access to technology and programs protected with strict security measures.

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Employee Theft

Stopping Employee TheftEmployee theft is defined by any sort of misappropriation of property belonging to an employer; the misappropriation is done intentionally. Theft by an employee can range from stealing money. Some incidents are minor while others are much more serious. A private detective in Las Vegas in such cases conduct an investigation that is both accurate and fair.

So what should you do when you notice something awkward? When the employer notices theft in his business, he should move fast to employ an expert who carries out cooperate investigations. The only way that you can get right to justice is if you actually catch the employee in the act. This is rarely the case but with a good private detective in California, you can. In the beginning all evidence is purely circumstantial so an investigation must be done. The following are some of the behaviors investigators look for:

• Work hours that are unusual (coming in early, staying late, asking for more and more hours).

• Work performance that goes from good to poor.

• Complaints about the job that is seemingly unjustified.

• Acting defensively when they come into work, are asked any questions about balances or missing or misplaced merchandise, or when given new/more job responsibilities.

• Living a lifestyle that does not match up with their pay (driving a new and expensive vehicle, moving to a neighborhood that is known for higher priced rent, wearing new and expensive looking clothing).

• An employee with a relationship with a customer or supplier that shows favoritism that exceeds a normal employee supplier/customer relationship. They may be assisting the employee with stealing.

Once the investigation has been complete, the first action a company must take is to clarify to employees the penalty for employee theft. At the very least, immediate suspension pending investigation must be stated as the initial step. The matter should then put into the hands of your lawyers, and the law processes should be allowed to proceed. You should not dismiss anyone until the case has been proven legally, or you could find that you are the one answering charges. These procedures should be clearly stated on company notice boards and should have union support where relevant.

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Employee Background ChecksWhen going about the hiring process for employees, make sure that you get a criminal background check on the employee (s) that you wish to hire, or wish to move on further in the hiring process. Private detective in New York in this case can help you establish an employment criminal check to verify all the information submitted by the job applicant. Other checks include:

Employment history check: It includes reference checks as well and previous employment reputations check. It determines the overall performance of an employee at his/her previous job.

Credit history check: It is wise to credit check and reject a job applicant with poor credit rating. Some studies mention that it determines the honesty of an employee.

Public records check/Court record check: These checks helps in finding the litigations and charges, if an employee possess them according to laws.

Reference check: Two types of references are usually checked, one is personal and second are employment related. Both are necessary to judge character, reliability and loyalty respectively.

Education check: It determines the qualification of an employee and also determines the authentication of his credentials.

And driving license /records check: Driving license are usually checked on those position where an employee has to drive in company vehicles, and it's very helpful in delineating those drivers whose license have been revoked due to different problems.

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Workers Comp

Embezzlement InvestigationsWorkers' compensation fraud ranks No. 2 (behind identity theft) as the second most costly type of white-collar fraud in the United States today, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Ironically, workers' comp fraud can be easy to spot if you get the right investigators. Insurance companies have found that certain behaviours and patterns are characteristic of suspicious claims. 


Employee embezzlement is expensive. Some experts estimate that 25-40 percent of employees steal when given the opportunity, with estimates of the costs to business exceeding $400 billion dollars annually. 

Employee embezzlement can take many forms, but regardless of the size or makeup of the business, there are usually a common set of conditions that lead to an increased probability of employee embezzlement. Unless an employer makes use of private investigation services, employee embezzlement can wreck business credit, relationships and an otherwise healthy business.

Lost In Las VegasLost in Las Vegas

When you are trying to find people lost in Las Vegas, you need to know Government Agencies record information about people in their jurisdictions and make them available in what is known as Public Records. These records are held in various different locations, based on the statutes established by the agency, so you have to identify where they are and what it will take to find and access them for your information. Private detectives can help you access that information.

In order to find lost people, a private detective in Las Vegas will have to make use of many of these public records, some of which are Free, some of which charge an administration fee. These searches can be made through the internet in many cases, however, in some areas they are only available in printed form. The date of the information may have an impact on that as well.

The rules and regulations that the detective has to familiarize with will make his task to find lost people sometimes time-consuming with negligible results. But it will be easy to find a person lost in Las Vegas if you hire the services of a professional private detective.


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