Targets For Handgun Shooting
Targets For Handgun Shooting

Targets For Handgun Shooting

Targets For Handgun Shooting

As with many cities it is not always easy to find a shooting range, and in the major metropolitan cities in the country they may even have local laws or ordinance that will not allow a shooting range within the city limits. To address this issue several target manufacturers have produced a wide variety of portable targets that can be used anywhere that you can shoot safely, you can turn virtually any appropriate outdoor location into an effective shooting range.  These same portable targets also work very well in any established outdoor range. (Typically indoor ranges require you use their supplied targets due to tack systems that manage target movement).

The Variety And Type Of Targets Is Vast

If you have not taken a new look at handgun shooting targets lately you should take the time and do some research as you will be impressed with the variety. The newest generation of interactive targets that have different degrees of motion can bring a whole new dimension to training and preparation for real world encounters. A to be quite honest these new interactive targets are great FUN!

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Reactive Targets For Handgun Shooting 

The technology of handgun and rifle targets are continually improving and one the latest advancements is a new group of targets known as “Reactive Targets” which are a polymer-based “self-healing” target. These advanced targets can take at least 2,000 or more handgun and rifle rounds or at least 100 plus rounds of 00-Buck and Rifled Slug from a shotgun before needing to be replaced! In addition to being a target that can be reused, it is considered to be one of the most viable solutions for close quarter live-fire engagements since it can receive rounds from virtually any caliber even at point-blank range, and it will not affect the safety of the shooter.

Shooters Want Targets That Are Portable

A significant number of shooters prefer not to go to public or even private ranges and prefer to go to their own shooting spot usually somewhere in the great outdoors and as a way of not causing any damage to the environment many target manufacturers have developed full product lines of highly portable and self-standing targets that are perfect for handgun precision shooting practice. 

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Advanced Technology In Shooting Targets 

 One component of handgun shooting is practice, and part of your practice regime is what do you shoot at, what is your target, and how affective is it in representing what a real world encounter would be like?

Silhouette TargetEffective firearms training whether it is for a handgun or rifle requires much more than simply shooting at a stationary target. For an actual armed encounter you must prepare for threats that exists in the real world, threats move, dodge, hide behind cover, crawl, and protect themselves behind barriers and even innocent hostages. Eliminating threats requires precision, split-second decision making, and endurance and all of which only comes after significant training.  To be prepared for any and all types of shooting scenarios, it is absolutely critical that training activities closely mimic real-life encounters. For this reason, as part of your training the target that you choose can have a real impact of your chances of survival in an armed encounter.

Targets Are Becoming More Realistic

A new type of realistic handgun targets that have been produced is a new family of 3-D style targets.  Criminals are not 2-D as the typical target that is seen on rangers everywhere.  Some innovative target companies have developed some inexpensive yet highly effective 3-D targets that are easy to assemble, and deploy in both indoor and outdoor ranges.  These new family of 3-D targets can be dressed in a shirt, it can hold a gun or knife, and it even has ears!, this provides for a very realistic training environment. There newer targets systems are a fraction of the cost of the high-end reactive target and should be in the inventory of any professional shooting range.

Steel Targets Are Among The Most Popular

Another very effective and popular handgun shooting target is the “Steel Target”. Steel target are popular for real world training scenario as they encourage the shooter to acquire a rapid shot for center mass and or head shot, another advantage is the cost of use. A typical Steel target can withstand many thousands of rounds before requiring repair or replacement making them highly cost effective.

Bouncing Targets     Metal Reactive Target

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