Types Of Self Defense Ammunition
Types Of Self Defense Ammunition

Types Of Self Defense Ammunition

Ammunition For Self-Defense Purposes

At a certain point, you consider purchasing a gun for self-defense purposes. There are so many factors you need to take into consideration before you buy the gun. The first is going to be caliber and model you will be comfortable with, then you need to look at the types of self-defense ammunition. Few people ever take their time to look for the proper ammunition for self-defense which is a huge mistake.

You need to understand that the way a bullet is built is what essentially guarantees effectiveness. When it comes to self-defense the first shot fired counts a lot, and could just be what keeps you alive. Have you ever wondered why lead bullets are never recommended for self-defense?

Well, this is because it expands rapidly, which means they don’t penetrate as deep as copper, this becomes a huge liability when it comes to self-defense. This brings us to a very important question; which types of ammunition are used for self-defense? Understand that spending a lot of money to buy a personal defense firearm, and then buying cheap ammunition is a very bad idea. Here is a comprehensive list that should guide you to finding the best types of self-defense ammunition for you. 

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1. Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection

This bullet has a unique design suitable for self-defense, it’s referred to as a hollow point ammunition design and has two stages. Hollow point ammunition is always considered the best for self-defense, this is because the first stage dictates the expansion limit and the second stage determines expansion rate. Due to this, penetration and expansion are well balanced, they are also filled with CCI primers of high quality to ensure they are properly ignited. It has nickel plated cases and quite a smooth bullet profile. What I like about it is the fact that, you can choose from a range of calibers like 9mm Luger, .380 Auto, .38 Special and the 40 S&W

2. Federal Premium Personal Defense HST

In the recent past, they were only available to professionals in the law enforcement department. This, however, changed with the introduction of premium HST ammunition for personal defense. It is one of the best examples of a mechanically bonded bullet. You need optimum balance to achieve proper expansion and penetration and these bullets have a match to caliber copper jacket thickness, to achieve exactly that. It has a nose cavity crafted properly to ensure it penetrates barriers like heavy clothing. It sounds unbelievable, but it is quite surprising what heavy clothing’s do with bullets. First, they create a barrier which forces the bullet to release a lot of energy to overcome it.

When you use hollow point ammunition, it fills the hollow point, leading to less tissue to initiate the expansion. You need to understand that with less tissue there will be slow expansion and it will make the bullet penetrate deeper. Because it has been used for law enforcement, you can confidently make an assumption that it is one of the best self-defense ammunition, and you will be correct. 

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3. Jacketed Soft Point By American Eagle

Its first advantage is that it costs less than other types of self-defense ammunition making it great when you are on a budget. Its penetration is quite deep and the expansion is energy shedding. It is designed to be used specifically as a self-defense ammunition and is way better than using lead bullets. Its design is similar to the hollow point ammunition design to make sure the expansion and penetration are balanced. It is very reliable and its performance will never disappoint you because it is consistent. Because of the jacketed soft point, there is decreased barrel fouling and you get very well maintained accuracy. It has a velocity of 1270 FPS and produces 859Ft. Lbs. of energy, which is quite substantial and powerful considering its price. They are also available in a range of calibers for self-defense ammunition like .327 Federal Magnum.

4. Premium Guard Dog Ammunition

This is a unique type of self-defense ammunition and is like no other available in the market. Most bullets are copper jacket and lead core balanced, but not the Premium Guard Dog Ammunition. It is rather an expanding full metal jacket bullet. When it penetrates, it expands and gives out more shock this is because its head is made up of a polymer core stashed in the metal jacket. Due to this, when it hits a target, the front part gets squished expanding just along the metal’s stress lines. This self-defense ammunition unlike the hollow point ammunition never gets filled with the barrier material. Due to this feature, when it comes to home safety it is the most ideal. This is because it will not penetrate walls and barriers in your house. This actually protects your loved ones from being hit by a stray bullet when you miss the target.

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5. Short Barrel Spear Personal Protection

It is optimized for handguns with short barrels; it is also two stages constructed and has nickel cases. Not many self-defense ammunition are built for short handgun use, most are 4 to 5 inches long yet there are handguns that have a length of 3 and below. This means that the standard sized bullet does not perform optimally in this short barrel handgun. It is durable because of the nickel plated cases which also makes it a smooth functioning bullet. When you use compact, lightweight, small guns with short barrel, this is the best choice for you when it comes to self-defense ammunition. It has re-loadable brass cases, it is non-corrosive and is in boxer primed.

6. Federal Premium Personal Defense Low Recoil

Most people who get guns for home protection are not experienced in the art of gun use. This means that the recoil will be a huge problem for them. This bullet travels at high velocity and it is very light, this means that the recoil you experience will be the bare minimum. It is a hollow point ammunition and has been in the market for a very long time, since 1988. Most firearms experts and law enforcement officers highly recommend it. You want a lot of power, but very minimal punishment by the recoil, this is the ideal bullet for you.

7. TAC-XPD Self Defense Ammunition

Made by Barnes, a company that has been producing quality hunting bullets for so many years until they decided to make this type of self-defense ammunition. Advancement in ammunition designs can really be seen through this company. This bullet is coated and will not corrode thereby improving the feeding performance. It keeps its flash down by using a special propellant and is designed as a hollow point ammunition. It is actually one piece made of copper, you, therefore, need not worry about lead core and jacket separating. Because of this, all the bullet weight is usually retained when it goes through a target.

8. Elite Performance V-Crown By Sig Sauer

It is a hollow point ammunition that uses a two-stage design to ensure penetration and expansion balance. It has been tested and is one of the best self-defense ammunition available in the market. It is relatively slow and its recoil is quite manageable.

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Why Most People Choose Hollow Point Ammunition For Self-defense

You have probably noticed that most self-defense ammunition are of hollow point design and are wondering why. You need to understand that hollow points are deep penetrating and very effective for stopping attackers. They usually penetrate about 10 to 14 inches and transfer almost all its energy to the attacker. It is always advisable to use bullets that penetrate at least 12 inches into the attacker when it comes to self-defense. Bullets exit the target sometimes, so a hollow point ammunition will penetrate, make a big hole and use up to around 95% of its energy even if it goes through the attacker. Hollow point ammunition also penetrates through glass and walls, this is an advantage to you because you can shoot an attacker hidden behind a door comfortably. 


The main reason you own a handgun in the first place is self-defense; you need to protect both you, your family and your property. However tragic it sounds, in today’s society, there is always a risk of break-ins and kidnappings every waking day. Once you are able to defend yourself, then you are much safer. Having a handgun also boosts your confidence and psychologically helps you since you have a cutting edge against the intruder or assailant. Once you own a gun you really need to know how to use it properly first, this is to ensure it is an asset and not a liability. When you don’t know how to handle a gun properly, then it is more dangerous to you than your attacker. You could endanger the lives of people around you including yourself, rather than protecting them. A gun is so beneficial and you never know when you might need it. You should be able to defend yourself at all times, after all, it is your constitutional given right. 

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