Why I Wear 5.11 Tactical  Clothing
Why I Wear 5.11 Tactical  Clothing

Why I Wear 5.11 Tactical Clothing

5.11 Tactical Clothing, Gear And Products

5.11 Tactical Flashlights5.11 tactical is considered not only the first yet also the industry leader in tactical apparel for military, law-enforcement, firefighters, professional security, and the general public.

5.11 tactical have a complete line of apparel for Men, Women, Military and Public Safety. (EMS)

In both their men's and women's line it includes specialized apparel for fitness, pants, shirts, shorts, outerwear and in the men's line they also have an addition of undergear.

For law-enforcement 5.11 tactical includes boots, specialized uniforms and nine different lines of specialized equipment that includes belts, knives, holsters, slings, gloves, bags and pouches, specialized breaching tools, flashlights and load bearing equipment.

For Fire-EMS 5.11 tactical has a complete line of jackets, bags, EMS pants, job shirts, boots, station pants, Fire T-shirts, and station shirts.

Other products that 5.11 tactical have can be used for a wide variety of applications, their selection is quite impressive and includes everything from boots, shoes, socks and accessories to complete lines of bags and packs including gun cases, loadbearing equipment, hard cases, range bags, and rolling duffels.

5.11 Tactical Accessories For Military, Law Enforcement, And Firefighters

Some of their most popular lines also include their comprehensive list of accessories which includes; A complete line of flashlights, belts, watches, knives, hats, gloves, patches, slings and gun holsters and even eyewear!

One significant aspect of 5.11 tactical is that they are always introducing new and innovative clothing, accessories, and related products.

5.11 Tactical mission statement is; "we are innovators who make purpose-built gear for the most demanding missions"

5.11 Tactical Is The Industry Leader In Products And Innovation

5.11 tactical are innovative, and are always finding ways to partner with other companies, and organizations. Impressed with their history and products NASCAR has entered into a multi-year agreement where 5.11 tactical will provide high-performance uniforms for NASCAR officials across all three national series.

5.11 is the leader in the creation of authentic tactical equipment, it is recognized the world over for creating advanced and superior products that not only perform they actually enhance safety of the operator, the accuracy and speed along with overall performance of any operator, law-enforcement officer , military and firefighting personnel.

5.11 tactical have created a true balance between functionality, durability, and affordability unlike any other product available anywhere else in the world.5.11 Tactical Pants for Duty Work

It is truly an amazing product that was originally designed and developed for rock climbing and has redefined itself and grown into the industry gold standard by which all others can only follow.

Quality, endurance, design and functionality are hallmarks of the 5.11 tactical lines of products and gear. These products will provide you with years of reliable service in virtually any environment you work or operate in. The clothing and products meet the most demanding specifications. When it really counts you need the best there is and without question 5.11 Tactical delivers.

Regardless of whether your mission is for the Military, Law-enforcement, Fire / EMS, Security services, or exploring the great outdoors you'll find the highest-quality gear and products here for whatever your needs may be. 

5.11 Tactical Gun Cases, Backpacks and Pouches 

5.11 Tactical Back Pack5.11 tactical has nearly 50 different types of gun cases, magazine pouches, tactical bags, backpacks and utility cases for virtually any tactical, duty, training, recreation, concealed carry, or outdoor activity or need.

Many of the cases, pouches and backpacks are multifunctional both in storage and transport options available. Many of the products are designed with very specific roles. All of the gear is designed to be incredibly rugged and reliable and are designed for extended use across a broad spectrum of terrain and weather conditions.

One particular product the 5.11 tactical holster pouch although simple in design and functionality has a wide range of uses. The pouch can be quickly and easily installed on various other bags, outerwear or virtually any tactical apparel, this pouch combines security and reliable way to carry with a quick and covert accessibility.

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5.11 Tactical Law Enforcement Duty Belt Kit

5.11 Tactical Sierra Bravo Duty Belt KitThe Belt kit is engineered and designed with direct feedback from Law enforcement officers in the field and from across the country, the Sierra Bravo Duty law enforcement duty belt kit gives an officer the adaptability and customizability he or she will need to create the perfect foundation for a complete duty system.

Constructed from very-strong 1680D nylon fabric, The Sierra Bravo Law Enforcement duty belts feature a waterproof treatment that protects against rain and moisture which ensures all-weather reliability. Any Law Enforcement officer knows the last thing they want to ever have to worry about is an equipment failure, especially at that critical moment, this Belt kit provides them with the confidence and no worries.

This Belt Kit, The Sierra Bravo kit includes the main belt, the inner belt, and 4 individual keepers with dual-retention hook-and-loop/snap closure to keep all the gear firmly and comfortably in place throughout the most grueling or physically demanding shift.

5.11 Tactical Shorts

5.11 Tactical ShortsThese tactical shorts are perfectly designed for patrol duty, light duty, physical cross training, and virtually any outdoor activity. The quality of the shorts is the exact same as found in the full length TDU pants line. These shorts are truly built to last and the best part is they do it at a price one can afford.

The Recon shorts were specifically designed to provide the perfect balance between support and flexibility. These shorts help keep you at the top of your game with moisture wicking technology, offset zippered pockets that will keep everything very secure including your keys, wallet and cellphone. These short were designed with performance in mind.

The standard Tactical shorts are the most popular amongst Law enforcement, EMS/Fire and also special operators worldwide. From a day at the beach to the harshest tactical environments on the planet these short perform. With seven (7) pockets which also include the patented strap-and slash pockets that keep all your equipment and gear organized. With 10 very specific shorts designs to choose from you will find the perfect tactical shorts within the lineup.

5.11 Tactical Women’s Gear 

5.11 Tactical Womens ClothingWith twenty seven different shirt styles ranging from daily casual wear, to cool weather half zip, soft shell, hoodies, professional, tactical, and uniform shirts 5.11 Tactical has every need and option covered. There are also a women’s Tote, Satchel and a Tablet sleeve along with four different styles of boots, and one style of training shoe, all designed specifically for women.

Included in the women’s line up are one style of shorts and six styles of duty and tactical pants. With the shirts and pants there are a surprising number of size and color options available. Whether you just like the 5.11 tactical brands and want to show off in your casual wear to having the best duty shirts and pants that are specifically cut to fit a woman’s form you will find that all of the women’s gear and clothing line are outstanding in form, function, and performance.

All are perfect for both operational and recreational outdoor demands made from lightweight and highly durable materials.

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5.11 Tactical Pants For On-Duty And Concealed Carry

5.11 Tactical TDU PantsAs a retired law-enforcement officer, and swat team member and now a certified firearms instructor with a website dedicated to self-defense and concealed carry I can personally attest to the excellent design and quality of the 5.11 tactical clothing for both on duty use and civilian concealed carry applications.

The one product that I've used most throughout the years has been the 5.11 pants, their newest addition the Apex pants has become one of my all-time favorites to date.

What is most impressive about this new Apex pants is that it works perfect in the civilian world for instructing and even for every day wear, for the undercover law-enforcement world it has The same tactical functional capabilities and features of prior products yet it's made of material that does not give away that it is tactical pants that might be worn by a law-enforcement officer in a covert operation.

The new Apex pants are made of a more contemporary style canvas material and is also a slimmer fit for ease of movement, combine these together and it's very easy to blend-in.

Specialized Pants By 5.11 Tactical For Undercover Work 

These pants are a combination of athleticism and every day casual wear. One great feature for concealed carry is that the waistband has two distinct stretch sections and both sides of the hip which allows the wearer to move more freely and feel especially comfortable with an IWB (Inside the Waist Band) style holster.

One of the primary emphasis for the development of the apex pants was so that law-enforcement or special operations personnel could have clothing that looked less tactical and still be able to use them in a tactical manner. There is a whole list of unique features which include specific pockets for handcuff keys, Hidden pockets, specialized pockets for extra magazines and other unique custom fitting features.

I recommend that anyone who is considering to purchase the 5.11 Tactical Apex pants that they take a look at their website for the complete line of specialized tactical clothing, products and gear including; Pants, Shirts, Shorts, Boots, Shoes, Socks, Outerwear, Undergear, and fitness apparel. The selection is awesome and if you also look at their other products for Public Safety, and Bags, Packs, and Accessories that also includes specialty items such as Belts, Eyewear, Hats, Flashlights, Gloves, Knives, Watches, Patches and highly proprietary gun slings and Holsters and you will be thoroughly impressed!

5.11 tactical are known for their innovative and highly unique designs which set them apart from any of the other competitors within the industry. Whether you're an active-duty law-enforcement officer, A firearms instructor, or a civilian looking for the perfect clothing for any duty or concealed carry situation the perfect choice is clear, 5.11 tactical…

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5.11 Tactical Shirts 

5.11 Tactical CAMO SHIRTSPerformance is the primary design of 5.11 tactical shirts. The shirts are designed to work in a wide range of weather conditions and physical environments.

The style of shirts range from T-shirts to tactical clothes and ones specifically designed for concealed carry.

With found that the 5.11 tactical series of shirts are extremely well-made, superbly designed and constructed from outstanding materials.

5.11 tactical shirts have set the bar for all others to follow, the shirts have been used by special operators, law-enforcement and military personnel worldwide.

The construction and design truly is superior to anything else on the market today, in addition to the remarkable construction the shirts incorporate innovative design elements including pen pockets, Hidden document pockets which also provide for quick access to your concealed carry weapon and integrated cape-back Drillex cooling system for comfortable wear all day long.

5.11 Tactical Outdoor Clothing And Gear

5.11 Tactical Outdoor Clothing LineMany do not realize that 5.11 tactical has a wide variety of high quality gear for just the outdoors, as a matter of fact that is how 5.11 tactical got its start with designing pants and clothing for rock climbing. Over the years with careful planning, design, and feedback from customers they have expanded their outdoor gear and clothing line to include at least six different pants, thirteen styles of Shirts, ten styles of Boots, several Headgear, Jackets, Leggings, Vests and even three different types of Socks.

Included in the outdoor line up are Real Tree Camo Pants, Shirts, Softshell jackets, and caps. There are also several quarter zip, softshell, jackets and vests that come in a variety of colors and sizes. If you are hiking, hunting, fishing or just enjoying the great outdoors there is a clothing or footwear options available to for any adventure you can think of.

5.11 Tactical Accessories

5.11 Tactical Headlamp5.11 tactical although primarily known for its clothing lines has an impressive array of tactical accessories including 16 different styles of duty and tactical belts, five different styles of polarized sunglasses, 10 different styles of non-polarized sunglasses, there are even accessories for your eyewear including replacement lenses cases and frames.

Included in the accessory list are 11 types of hats, at least 24 different styles of flashlights and headlamps and supporting accessories.

Further, there are 11 styles of highly specialized tactical gloves, and 44 different styles and types of tactical knives, three different wrist watches, at least 24 different Holsters, Slings, and Rigs for your Side arm, and even patches to add some individuality to your overall gear package.

Whatever you're activity, whatever your assignment whether it be recreation or for active-duty, law-enforcement, EMS-fire, or for a special operator if you need an accessory 5.11 tactical has it.

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Why I Wear 5.11 Tactical Pants, Shirts, Belts, Vests, And Hats When Teaching

As a firearms instructor, I am always on the lookout for high quality gear for overt and covert carry of a firearm. From holsters to heavy duty belts to boots to pants and jackets and vests, anything that allows me to safely carry a firearm as well as hold up to the daily rigors to which I subject clothing, will always attain high marks and find a place in my wardrobe.

In 2003, I took a job as an adjunct instructor at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA with the local firearms training school I was working with. There I was issued two pair of 5.11 Tactical Pants. These pants were originally developed for mountain climbers, but were quickly adopted by law enforcement because of their rugged indestructibility, the way they fit during a variety of activities and positions, and their roomy cargo pockets. Soon, these pants became sort of an unofficial uniform for those who attended the academy, and they were in great demand.

From a pair of pants, the 5.11 Tactical Company was born and their focus went from mountain climbers to the first responder community. Today they make shirts, pants, vests, hats, belts, holsters, boots, knives, flashlights, sunglasses, bags, pouches, and a huge variety of other products for law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, and others who put their lives into harm’s way on a regular basis.5.11 Tactical Backpacks and Pouches

So while I still occasionally train law enforcement and guys on the pointy end of the spear, the majority of my students are civilians looking to lawfully carry, and if needed, use a concealed firearm. 5.11 Tactical has these folks covered as well. They offer a wide variety of covert casual clothing to help hide a concealed firearm and also make it easily accessible for the person carrying it. Their Covert Casual shirts look like stylish camp shirts with discreet pockets and snap buttons. They are cut extra long to cover even my bulky 5-inch barreled 1911 pistol and special linings and design prevent the gun from printing through my shirt.

Firearms Instructors, Law Enforcement Officers, And Private Citizens Rely On 5.11 Tactical Clothing

 As an instructor I carry additional earplugs, dummy rounds, tools, target tapers, shell casings, and a thousand little odds and ends in my pockets while teaching a class. The roomy cargo pockets of the original Tactical Pant and the Taclite Pro pants from 5.11 allow me to jam them full of stuff without looking like I am growing odd tumors on my legs.

The average wearer of tactical clothing subliminally screams “I am carrying a gun!”  And while 5.11 Tactical offers a wide range of clothing that can convey that message if you want it to, they also have excelled at creating comfortable clothing that hides the fact that you may be carrying a weapon. They can help you stand out or blend in, whatever look you are trying to achieve.

All of that being said, I don’t wear 5.11 Tactical just because they make comfortable and practical clothing that can withstand the active lifestyle I live. I wear their products for far more than that. As a company that caters primarily to the law enforcement crowd, they design clothes with the needs of those who trust their lives to them daily. You never think about what a failure of clothing can mean until you are tripping over a blown out boot sole during a firefight or ripping out the seat of your pants while climbing a fence chasing a fleeing felon. With 5.11 Tactical on your back, you won’t have to either. 

5.11 Tactical Clothing Is Quality American Craftsmanship At Its Finest

5.11 Tactical Shirt CollectionWhen I am teaching, I wear 5.11 Tactical Shirts embroidered with my company logo to present a professional appearance. When I am not teaching, I wear their clothing to conceal that I am carrying a gun. Either way, I can trust the quality of their workmanship and design to take whatever I throw at it. And the number one reason I wear 5.11 Tactical clothing is that it is the single-most copied and counterfeited tactical clothing on the market.

I have seen so many companies try to copy the success of 5.11 Tactical and they just never can seem to get it right. From inferior materials, to cuts that don’t fit comfortably, to features that just don’t quite seem to work right, all of the imitators lack that single factor that makes 5.11 Tactical my choice for tactical gear and clothing; an uncompromising dedication to the brave men and women who use and trust this gear to have them covered from 10-8 to 10-10.

5.11 Tactical will have your back the same way, whether you are tramping along a mountain trail, or sneaking up on Acorn Woodpecker, or just grabbing a bite to eat in a local café without scaring the other patrons with your not-so-concealed pistol. Those who know trust 5.11 Tactical to cover their six and all the rest of them too.   

Check them out for yourself at www.511tactical.com and accept no imitations.

By Dan Kidder

CEO of On Target Defensive Training

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