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Advertisement Opportunities With US Precision Defense, LLC

I’m Dan, and welcome to my website! I am a retired law-enforcement officer, E.S.T. team member, firearms instructor, range safety officer, business owner, and a lifetime firearms enthusiast!

I’m here to help you as your marketing coach, and to provide you with concierge service in reaching out to your potential clients, those that share your enthusiasm for guns and the Second Amendment.

I would like to have a conversation with you and learn all about your business and the type of clientele that you are trying to reach, and in what part of the country. Once I know that I can put you in contact with my readers in a way that is unlike anything that has come before in the industry.

Let me show you how we can work together to help build your business as a team using our proprietary "Geo-Targeting" marketing program.

I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you build your business success!

Our advertisement program is proprietary and highly unique in the way in which our articles reach the public at the State, City, and even a Neighborhood search level. Our system generates thousands of pages associated with our site, and is growing every week!

We are constantly expanding our article base and reaching out to both experienced and new members of the shooting public. We are attracting new firearm enthusiasts and those wanting to learn about Gun Laws, The Second Amendment, and Self-defense every day looking for Information, Products, and Services.

Call 855.300.6779 ext. 700

Call for a Demonstration, YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED!


 Our Geo-Targeted Marketing Platform To all 50 states
* To over 2300 Cities and Neighborhoods across the country

* Ability to submit an unlimited number of articles for ALL of your products and services
* You choose the State and Cities you want your Business Premium Listing or Advertisement to appear. No more wasting your money advertising to those who will never use your products or services. You can now zero in on your true customer base!
* Advertise by reaching out to your customers with our "Geo-Targeting" platform with highly informative articles, photos, and videos that truly engage your customers. Then point them to your website, no longer do you have to rely solely on just "Icon Clicking"

There are two different ways to advertise on our website, you can choose to use either one or both at the same time.

We Have Two Ways To Reach Your Customers!

We have "Advertisers" and "Premium Business Listings".

The advertisement option is a set ad size of a design that you provide and we place in one of three locations on our Geo Pages and chosen Cities and States.

The Premier location is a horizontal banner ad at the very top of the page 

Very Limited Space

$350.00 Per Month for 1 Geo Page

$150.00 Per Month for Each Additional Geo Page

Ad Size 500W x 250H - 20px margins

The Optimal ad is placed vertically on the right hand side-bar of the page.

 Limited Space

$250.00 Per Month for 1 Geo Page, 3 States & 15 Cites  

$100.00 Per Month for Each Additional Geo Page, 1 State & 3 Cities

Ad Size 500W x 500H - 20px margins

All other ad placements and pricing by special request

The Standard ad is located just below the page, and above the footer section.

$150.00 Per Month for 1 Geo Page, 2 States & 7 Cities

$75.00 Per Month for Each Additional Geo Page, 1 State & 3 Cities 

Ad Size 500W x 500H - 20px margins

All other ad placements and pricing by special request


Custom Ad Option:

These spaces are EXTREMELY limited!

Embedded ads are placed directly into the body of a Geo Page and is seen by EVERY viewer regardless of the State or City search. 

*Call for a demo of our platform and all "Embedded Ad" pricing and specifications.

Bundle and Save! Choose any Advertisement option and get any of the Business Directory Listings for 20% off!

Business Directory Listings

Premium Business Listing has two parts. The first part is an ad placement only on the sidebar or the footer section of a Geo page. These ads when clicked on direct the potential client to a business directory page that is information about your business, products, and services.

On this page, there is not only all the standard information listed about your business, but it also gives you the ability to upload an unlimited number of articles so that this business listing acts as a mini-website within our website. From this page, the potential client can then link over to your own website.

Our business directory is one of the most frequently visited sections on our website which means that it increases the chances of your information being seen by a greater number of visitors.


Business Premium Listing:

Any Three Geo Pages and Three states, and any 10 cities within the states 

Bottom of the selected pages $50.00 per month

Each additional Geo page or State, which includes any 10 cities within the state

$20.00 additional per month. 

These are very specific location listings designed for local and regional customers. 

National Business Listing for 1 Geo page and ALL 50 states and 5 cities per state $125 per month. 

*Call for a demo and custom business listings and pricing. 




Advertiser Added Benefits: 

The option of selling your products on our Store
Includes free advertisement on our Social Media; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

For a demo and pricing information please send us a message and we will call you back the same day...Contact the US, Or call; Phone: 855.300.6779