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Advertisement Opportunities With US Precision Defense, LLC

Im Dan, and welcome to my website! I am a retired law-enforcement officer, E.S.T. team member, firearms instructor, range safety officer, business owner, and a lifetime firearms enthusiast!

I’m here to help you as your marketing coach, and to provide you with concierge service in reaching out to your potential clients, those that share your enthusiasm for guns and the Second Amendment.

US Precision Defense is focused on innovation and function. We dreamed of our clients dominating the Google landscape in their industry. Bold dreams required bold moves. So, we built a SaaS-based Content Management System to speed up and accelerate the implementation of our proven "geo-targeted" organic growth method. 

I would like to have a conversation with you and learn all about your business and the type of clientele that you are trying to reach, and in what part of the country. Once I know that I can put you in contact with my readers in a way that is unlike anything that has come before in the industry.

Let me show you how we can work together to help build your business as a team using our proprietary "Geo-Targeting" marketing program.

I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you build your business success!

Our advertisement program is proprietary and highly unique in the way in which our articles reach the public at the State, City, and even a Neighborhood search level. Our system generates thousands of pages associated with our site, and is growing every week!

We are constantly expanding our article base and reaching out to both experienced and new members of the shooting public. We are attracting new firearm enthusiasts and those wanting to learn about Gun Laws, The Second Amendment, and Self-defense every day looking for Information, Products, and Services.

Call 855.300.6779 ext. 700

Call for a Demonstration, YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED!


 Our Geo-Targeted Marketing Platform To all 50 states
* To over 2300 Cities and Neighborhoods across the country

* Ability to submit an unlimited number of articles for ALL of your products and services
* You choose the State and Cities you want your Business Premium Listing or Advertisement to appear. No more wasting your money advertising to those who will never use your products or services. You can now zero in on your true customer base!
* Advertise by reaching out to your customers with our "Geo-Targeting" platform with highly informative articles, photos, and videos that truly engage your customers. Then point them to your website, no longer do you have to rely solely on just "Icon Clicking"

Listen to our Law Enforcement Unconventional Pod Cast

There are THREE different ways to advertise on our website, you can choose to use either one or a combination of any at the same time.

We Have Three Options To Reach Your Customers!

Advertisemet Option 1

The advertisement option is a set ad size of a design that you provide and we place in one of three locations on our Geo Pages and chosen Cities and States.

The Premier location is a horizontal banner ad at the very top of the Geo Page


No contract required, billed monthly: $350.00. Two Geo-Pages included.

Each additional Geo-Page $100.00 per month.

Includes a free listing on our "Business Listing" page.

Advertisemet Option 2

The Standard location is on the right sidebar of evey Geo-Page


 Geo Page Sidebar Advertisement Display

No contract required, billed monthly: $150.00. Two Geo-Pages and 20 cities included.

Each additional Geo-Page $75.00 per month.

Each additional city $5.00 per month.

Includes a free listing on our "Business Listing" page.

Advertisemet Option 3

The Footer location is at the bottom of every Geo-Page


No contract required, billed monthly: $100.00. Two Geo-Pages and 20 cities included.

Each additional Geo-Page $50.00 per month.

Each additional city $5.00 per month.

Includes a free listing on our "Business Listing" page.

Create Your Own Geo Page!

Custom and propritary geo-page showcasing your Products and Services to every state and 2300 cities across the country. 

Example: With the term of "Law Enforcement Ballistic Shields" do your own search for any State or City and see for yourself the results!

A custom Geo-Page for one of our advertisers

"Law Enforcement Ballistic Shields"

The Geo-Page is in three sections; a Parent Page, A State Page and A City Page. Links are found at the bottom of each of the three page. 

Requires a six-month commitment. Billed per LEAD obtained on a monthly basis. For Geo pages desigend for page views only billing is customized per product / services on a flat rate monthly fee. 

Special Advertisemet Option!

Embedding your custom ad within specific Geo-Pages: Custom Pricing Quote.

Discounts for multiple ad locations!

Call 855.300.6779 ext. 700

Contributing Authors 

Submitting articles for publication in one or multiple of our article sections: 

We invite you to submit your articles on any firearms or firearms related topic. These topics can also include anything on firearms, self-defense news, training, press releases, industry news, anything about self-defense rights the second amendment and the Constitution!

Each article must have a minimum of 500 words. You also need to provide a minimum of 1 photo in landscape format size: 850px X 425px. Additional photos can also be submitted in either PNG or JPEG format, high resolutions. Not all photos may always be used in the article. A single link can be submitted that can link to your site or blog. 

$25.00 per article submission. Submit two articles per month and receive a free listing on our AUTHORS PAGE.

Submit 3 articles per month or more and also receive a free listing on our BUSINESS LISTINGS PAGE.

We reserve the right to accept or reject ANY ARTICLE prior to publication and after our internal review that does not meet our standards of content, accuracy, relevance, and or common acceptable writing style, grammar, and professionalism.

So, join us and send us your articles, photos, and links to videos, we look forward to helping you share your information with our readers!

Call 855.300.6779 ext. 700