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 Alicia Dickson V.P. Business Development

AliciaI was introduced to firearms from a very young age by my father who would take me and my brother out target shooting. It was always a fun time and I can say that I have no memory of being afraid or intimidated by shooting. I honestly remember wanting to be the best shot and hit everything from cans to whatever targets my dad put out for us. My dad was always very safety conscious and my brother and I learned to properly handle and respect firearms.

I have a unique background one that has enriched my life beyond compare. I have been a Death Investigator for Clark County, Coroner’s office in Las Vegas, Nevada. In that position I performed investigations to determine the cause and manner of death in cases that were referred to the Coroner’s office. My duties were such that I went to a scene conducted initial interviews, photographed the decedent, conducted a physical examine of the decedent, collected evidence, spoke with family and or notified next of kin, had decedent transported to the appropriate facility, facilitated the post mortem exam, prepared a written report of findings and the report was distributed to the proper authorities. I have met so many wonderful people under very difficult circumstances, it was an honor to be entrusted with their loved ones.

I ventured into the world of self-employment where I owned and operated my own firearms business. Shooting Sports of Southern Nevada where I worked with a company out of the UK who would book tourist’s for me to take shooting at local indoor and outdoor shooting ranges where I explained basic marksmanship, firearm mechanics and range safety. Then they would shoot a variety of semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms of various calibers. It was quite a fun and rewarding time for me and I again met wonderful people.

I was really enjoying shooting competitions, I was shooting local community fundraising events, USPSA matches and I had become a co-match director for steel matches at Desert Sportsman Outdoor shooting range. During this time I met a great bunch of people who loved the shooting sports as much as I did. Several of the men that shot the matches worked at a local indoor shooting range and suggested I come apply as they had no women on the range and thought I would be a great fit.  So, I applied and became the very FIRST female range officer at The Gun Store, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada. You may have seen my picture in the airport, on taxi cabs, as well as in magazines (I’m the blonde with the MP5).

From there my education and adventure in the firearms industry led me to eventually become the administrative manager at The Gun Store, Inc., where my duties included monitoring and recording all firearm transactions, maintaining firearm transaction logbooks, ATF firearm traces, review of 4473’s and firearm registration forms, as well as aiding in firearm transfers. I advised staff of firearm law and regulation updates with BATF, Nevada Department of Public Safety and LVMPD. I have been subpoenaed by BATF to testify in court hearings. I was responsible for all paper work related to firearm purchases, by The Gun Store, Inc. as well as the customer purchases. Over the years I developed a close working relationship with BATF and local law enforcement. I have attended many major industry events where I did everything from take classes to keep current with Federal and state law, to purchasing product from ammunition to guns to ear protection. It was an honor to represent The Gun Store, Inc. over the years in various capacities and I learned far more than I ever imagined.

I have also been an USPSA shooter, a Glock armorer, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and conceal carry permit holder. I am an all-round firearm enthusiast and advocate of the second amendment.

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