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Ammunition For Self Defense

Self-Defense Ammunition

What kind of ammo should I use for self-defense?

The question needs to be narrowed down to the type of weapon in which the ammunition is to be used. When that question is asked in most cases it’s referring to either an auto pistol or revolver ammunition. Ammunition for handguns that are specifically manufactured for self-defense are of high-quality and in most cases are hollow points. Virtually every handgun ammunition manufacturer has a line specifically designed and marketed in the self-defense role. Calibers starting at .22 Cal, all the way up to a .44 magnum is commonplace.

There is a significant difference in the different manufacturers and the ammunition offered to the public and for law-enforcement that are tailored to their possible specific needs and threats, before any purchase is made on any self-defense ammunition a fair amount of research should be done prior to making a purchase. All known handgun ammunition that is designated for self-defense is typically a high-performance round, much more powerful than a typical round used for training or target practice purposes.

What is the best Self-Defense Rifle and Shotgun Ammunition?

In recent years shotgun ammunition is now being offered also specifically in the personal/self-defense and home defense role. There are now buckshot pellets that have slots cut into them that causes them to split almost immediately upon impact causing a unique type of wound to an aggressor. Because of the advancement in technology the type of ammunition that is offered in the self-defense role with shotguns has grown dramatically in the last two years.

There are shotgun shells that have a combination of a rifled slug along with buckshot in the same casing, and there are some shotgun shells that have a combination of disc projectiles and BBs! You’ll need to consider what your threat assessment is and exactly what you’ll need for your shotgun self-defense ammunition to do for your particular situation and again do the research, buy a box of ammo and take it to the range and see how it performs before you make a final determination and what you’re going to use for yourself/home defense needs of any shotgun.

It is said that if you know you’re going to get into a gun fight you take a long gun (Rifle). Rifles have been used in the role of self-defense and home defense since their invention. Several calibers are well-suited for the cell/home defense roll and there are a few in varied calibers and manufactures made for that specific purpose.

The most prevalent rifle currently used in the country for home/self-defense is the AR platform chambered in either .223 or 5.56. The variety of ammunition available is greater than most people realize and yes there are some manufactures that make hollow-point ammunition in both calibers. Many people think that they are simply a civilian versus a military version and that is not true, in most rifles a 5.56 can fire both the 5.56 and the .223 round. That is not always the case in reverse, a 5.56 round has different ballistics (and measurements) and has a higher ballistic rating than that of a .223, and the rifle could be severely damaged if a 5.56 was fired through it.

In recent years manufacturers have started to produce ammunition in both calibers specifically designated for the self-defense/home defense role. Even a standard round without such a self-defense designation makes for an excellent defensive round for one’s person and home!

Can I use range ammo for self-defense?

Range ammo in the self-defense role should only be used in an emergency situation... proper prior planning needs to take place so that an informed decision is made as to the type of self-defense ammunition one carries in their firearms.

Most range ammunition for target for both a handgun or rifle is ammunition that is either a fragmentation round or one that is a full metal jacket. And in shotguns it would be typically bird shot, all of these would be very poor choices considering the ammunition advancements that have been made in self-defense ammo and the ability for it to stop and aggressor.

There really is no reason for anyone not to use the proper ammunition for self-defense and take advantage of the stopping power, and the technology and availability that goes into the manufacturing of the specialized ammunition.

The stopping power and the ballistic performance between range and practice ammo versus self-defense ammo is very significant and could mean the difference between your life and losing it!

What is self-defense ammunition?

Simply put it is ammunition manufactured with the specific intent to be used as a self-defense round and that has very unique design and ballistic Characteristics engineered to create the greatest possibility I’ve stopping an aggressor as quickly as possible. The vast majority of self-defense rounds are variance of a hollow point bullet yet not always, one thing that is consistent is that the bullet is designed to transfer almost all of their energy into the target, commonly known as stopping power.

How many rounds do you need for self-defense?

This is a very subjective question and there is no single perfect answer. You need as many rounds as it takes to stop the threat.

If the first shot is perfectly placed and hits the aggressor in the perfect spot such as the heart or the head the fight is over immediately..

Yet statistic show that many times an aggressor is full of either drugs and or adrenaline and even well-placed center mass shots may not stop the aggression immediately, and statistically the individual trying to protect themselves fires between 5 to 8 rounds before the situation is contained.

There are a multitude of body cam video and cell phone video of an aggressor trying to attack and kill either a police officer and or a innocent civilian and they absorb multiple well placed rounds before they were stopped... Every single self-defense incident is different and unique than any other. You must constantly train, you must become a good shot if you’re going to carry a firearm, although it is very possible to stop and aggressor with a single shot you may be required to fire multiple rounds to protect yourself and to stop the aggressor!

How long does ammo last and how to store it for maximum shelf-life?

The vast majority of manufacturers as per their websites show a guarantee that their ammunition will last for at least 8 to 10 years if properly stored in a dry cool location.

There have been countless instances were individuals had ammunition stored for many years past the manufacturers guaranteed time and the ammunition was stored properly, and still performed like new.

Because of our litigious society and attorneys always trying to look for a chink in your armor they could make an issue if you used outdated ammunition, with that said most professional instructors agree Every year you should go to the range shoot all of your self-defense ammunition to practice and then replace it with brand new ammo... Keep in mind the ammunition that’s actually in your firearm is constantly being exposed to dirt, grime, dust, temperature extremes and different weather conditions. Ammunition is just like your firearm it is a tool or a part of a tool that should be taken care of and maintained in good working order.

Our Recommendations

We recommend that you carry only hollow point ammunition in the Self-Defense handgun role.  Hollow point ammunition has been proven over the years to have the “Stopping Power” far superior to other ammunition such as; full metal jacket or round-nose lead bullets. The key to survival in a life and death situation is stopping your attacker, quickly and decisively. Hollow point ammunition gives you the best chance for surviving an armed encounter. 

The primary reason of carrying a handgun for Self-Defense is not to wound or kill your attacker, the only point is to stop them immediately, in their tracks, and make them to cease attacking you. It is for you to survive.

Stopping power of your ammunition is critical to your survival. The stopping or “knock Down Power” generally refers to a particular bullet's ability to incapacitate your attacker; the greater that this ability is the less chance that your attacker will be able to continue; shooting, stabbing, beating you or otherwise threatening your life after you have shot them.

Doing your research on your choice of ammunition for Self-Defense is vital and US Precision Defense can help with our reports and videos on Ammunition performance that is made available to all of our members.

This video explains self-defense ammo and much more....

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