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NOVX Advanced Self Defense Ammunition In Fair Oaks, CA

Ammunition For Self Defense Fair Oaks California CA

Law enforcement, tactical professionals, and those seeking the highest level of performance for self-defense in Fair Oaks, CA will find the patent-pending combination of the NovX stainless steel case and poly/copper matrix projective delivers more power, more velocity, greater accuracy, less recoil, and more devastating terminal performance than ever thought possible.

A relatively new comer in the self-defense ammunition industry NOVX set out to produce a highly innovative, effective, powerful, and deadly bullet that could not only be used for the military and police but also had the perfect niche in the civilian world for those that carry for self-defense in Fair Oaks, CA.

This ammunition combines an Inceptor poly/copper matrix projectiles. These bullets are then coupled with highly innovative SST stainless steel/NAS3 shell casing. The Company claims are quite bold in that they claim that the bullets Can actually harness the soft tissue and construct, pressurize and eject it, all at supersonic speeds which would result in very massive tissue damage!

The manufacturer claims a muzzle velocity of 1672FPS! Ballistic Gel Testing: 16 ¾” penetration. 3 3/4” diameter cavitation. 100% weight retention. Ballistic Gel Through Aluminum (Aluminum 10” in front of gel): 13 ¾” penetration. 3” diameter cavitation. 91% weight retention. Fragments inflicted secondary wound channels. Ballistic Gel Through Car Windshield (Car windshield 10” in front of gel): 12 ¼” penetration. 1 ¾” diameter cavitation and a 70.5% weight retention.

Fragments inflicted secondary wound channels. Note: While shooting a windshield, it is possible to shoot through the same hole, or a weakened area of glass, and the projectile does not fragment.

Self-Defense Ammunition Designed For Concealed And Open Carry In Fair Oaks, CA

One of the most debated topics in using a handgun for Self-Defense in Fair Oaks, CA is choosing the right ammunition to stop the threat. The debate will probably never end which actually is a good thing as debate spurs research and innovation. A perfect example of this is that after a century or more ammunition is still evolving and becoming more effective due to research that was spawned by real world experience and healthy debate in Fair Oaks, CA.

 One very important fact that seems to be overlooked by some who are staunch supporters of a particular ammunition caliber, load, or design is that although the ammunition is a critical component of your self-defense preparation in Fair Oaks, CA what is even more important is bullet placement. A .22 LR shot from a pocket derringer into the ocular orbit of the attackers eye will stop them instantly and will do more for your self-defense than a .45 acp shot into the attackers belly. The best preparation is three fold; a combination of the right ammunition, bullet placement, and plenty of practice.

Choose Your Self-Defense Ammunition Carefully In Fair Oaks, CA

Dallama Gear X-Truder Home Defense Ammunition

When doing your research in Fair Oaks, CA on the right  ammunition for your handgun self-defense needs the amount of data that can be found on the internet can be almost overwhelming. Some feel that the FBI is the ultimate resource and use their conclusions to make their decisions. Keep in mind the FBI statistically are involved i   n very few shooting incidents and the wealth of the information that they have is from information obtained by local law-enforcement and public shooting incidents in Fair Oaks, CA.

The optimum outcome in a Self-Defense situation where one is forced to shoot an attacker is to stop the attack with a single shot, and historically that has been done with either shot placement and or ammunition that have true “Stopping Power”.  All handgun ammunition has its limits as true “man-stoppers” and the facts are what they are, the larger the caliber coupled with the right “Expansion” characteristics have the best chances of stopping an attack, it is plain physics. Velocity plus mass, Plus impact kinetic energy equal stopping power. For help in your research to get real world reports on Ammunition performance in Fair Oaks, CA go to our Home Page and view Ammunition Reviews! 

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9mm X-Truder Home Defense Ammunition (50 Count)

9mm X-Truder Home Defense Ammunition (50 Count) 

Our mission is to provide you with high quality tactical and shooting gear. We believe that our Founding Fathers were divinely inspired and "We the People" must continue to stand against evil that threatens to take away our freedoms. We will continue to stand strong  and oppose those who want to take away our rights, including the Right to Bear Arms! We are grateful for all those who have, who are, and who will defend our country, help others who are in need, care for the sick and afflicted, and make this country and world a better place. May God Bless America and may God Bless You! ~ Vic & Brendan 

9mm 124 gr Hollow Point (500 Count) 

Call Brendan at: (855) 300-6779 ext 701 and learn about additional pricing options and calibers available in the X-Truder Self Defense Ammunition line. Brendan can provide additional data on the ballistic performace of all the X-Truder ammo. You now have your own Ammunition consultant that is just a phone call away, learn diretly from the manufacturer the best ammo for your self-Defense needs for both handgun and rifle calibers!.223 Remington/5.56 NATO 55 grain FMJ

.223 Remington/5.56 NATO 55 grain FMJ

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Do you know what to look for when searching for a firearms instructor?

People without proper coaching or experience should search for concealed carry training courses certified trainer carrying a concealed gun

Concealed carry trainers available to the Fair Oaks, CA area come with a wide variety of coaching and experience from several sources; the private sector or the population of standard citizens, the federal police force community, primarily the FBI, and over the last 17 years, there has been an influx of highly qualified former military personnel that have entered into the concealed carry trainer population. These particular trainers are primarily those that operated in special forces among all branches of the military. There are also various private affiliations and affiliations, the oldest of which is the National Rifle Association, commonly known as the NRA, which has been a driving force in instruction and instruction in the United States in all aspects of guns use and coaching since 1871.

There is a wide variety of certified concealed carry instructors in Fair Oaks, CA that are perfectly suited to help attendants who are not yet proficient gun rights advocates, but are wanting to train their gun unholstering technique to become a licensed shooter or even proficient in lawful self-defense. There are concealed carry trainers for citizens interested in a police force career, and for the specialized shooters, there are advanced concealed carry training courses provided by the NRA and many of the former military personnel that have advanced instruction in fight-tactical situations.

When choosing a concealed carry instructor, it is recommended that you start with the basics and slowly work your way up to amplify your technique and technique with rifles / semi-autos. The goal is to find an trainer that matches your proficiency level and can also help you amplify your technique onto an even higher level. It is important to educate under a proficient trainer that has prior instruction training, a concealed carry instructor who posesses the complete experience necessary of not only guns, but all related gun laws and gun laws specific to the Fair Oaks, CA area.

There are even those trainers specialized in semi-autos, others advanced in sporting rifles, hunting rifles, concealed weapons, and tactical shooting using both handguns and customized sporting rifles with night sights or night sights.

As part of the vetting process, be sure to ask your potential trainer for a list of their certified concealed carry training courses to be a trainer, their personal experience as a teacher, a resume, and even a list of references. If you’re wanting a trainer to teach you safeguard with a concealed weapon or even a pepperball grenade, you definitely want to be certain that they are qualified themselves and have a license by a Fair Oaks, CA recognized affiliation, or the military. Any teacher that is not willing to provide some background data or license proof of their instruction and experience should be avoided!

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