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Choosing The Right Shooting Range In Garden Grove, CA

Choosing The Right Shooting Range Garden Grove California CA

 With the advent of new technologies the variety and capabilities of shooting ranges in Garden Grove, CA have grown exponentially over the last several years.

Recently, shooting ranges due to local political climates in different jurisdictions may not be readily accessible to you in Garden Grove, CA, there are even some jurisdictions primarily within some city limits that actually prohibit a shooting range of any kind.

Indoor Range Shooting Lanes Many of the newer shooting ranges in Garden Grove, CA are being designed to handle a wide variety of shooting disciplines including accommodations for new shooters, intermediate shooters, advanced, and even competition shooters.

Ranges For Specific Types Of Firearms

There are even those ranges which have specialty lanes for handling rifle calibers all the way up to the .50 BMG and specialty ranges for sharpshooters primarily for the civilian and law enforcement field in .223 and .308 calibers.

Depending what is available in your geographic area and in Garden Grove, CA you may find both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. With a little research you'll be able to determine what type of range is available to you and what type of support and or amenities they may have.

If you're a new shooter in Garden Grove, CA you may want to consider going to a range that has Instructors and or Range Safety Officers available during the hours that you plan to be shooting.

This way if you need any assistance they'll be available to help you.

There are two excellent resources to finding a Professional Shooting Range in your CITY, county or State; 

The National Shooting Sports Foundation "Where To Shoot" CLICK HERE

The list of NRA approved Shooting Ranges CLICK HERE

This video is an example of a training class at an outdoor shooting range and a "Shooting House"

Indoor Shooting Range                 Outdoor Shooting Range Bench Area      

Choosing your weapon for self-defense - know your options

In many cities across the country, revolvers are the firearm of choice for self-defense of one’s person, family, and home.

They say that if you know you’re going to discharge during a an unsafe encounter, you only use your handgun until you can get to your sporting rifle! That sounds all well and good for military personnel or police force / police force, yet the problem is you never know when a an unsafe encounter can suddenly appear.

For the average Garden Grove, CA citizen, the next best thing you can do is pack a concealed firearm with you at all times when in public so that you’re always in a position to defend yourself and/or a family member should a sudden, an unsafe encounter occur.

Although the mainstream media in this country rarely reports lawful self-defense stories where a good guy with a piece stopped a bad guy, many people would be quite shocked to find out just how often that actually occurs in this country! A search of conservative news reporting affiliations and stories posted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and NRA websites reflect just how common it is that someone who is legally pack a concealed firearm defended their life or the life of another from an evil individual. If only the truth was reported accurately, the entire view of guns by the liberal left in this country might even have a chance of changing public opinion.

For anyone in Garden Grove, CA considering pack a concealed firearm legally in public, whether it be carry openly or concealed firearm carry, I highly recommend that you speak to proficient, an expert and licensed trainer, along with doing your own research on the make, model, and round that is best suited for your physical stature and your lawful self-defense needs. Luckily for the consumer, there is a very large number of options that will be suited for every possible lawful self-defense need you may have.

Another consideration with the a piece itself is the round of which you wish to carry, unlike in the past where round size was critical, it’s no longer as important because of the major advancements in rounds construction, design, and stopping performance.

The most popular round by far is the 9 mm, and as such, a lot of development has gone into this particular round, leading to some major advancements in just the last five years. The cost of this round is relatively low, availability is widespread, and the physical recoil is extremely manageable in virtually all makes and models of handguns. Most importantly, it has the necessary stopping power to end the attack by an aggressor.

One thing to always remember is that regardless of the handgun or the rounds, the most important thing is bullet placement! You can fire 15 rounds at the bad guy, but if you only hit them once in the shoulder, there’s a high probability you are not going to stop their attack. Whereas one round properly placed in center mass, a heart shot, or a headshot, the fight is over immediately.

Make sure to do your research, talk to the Garden Grove, CA local experts that are in the know and are licensed, ask a lot of questions, and before you make your final decision, I would highly suggest that you go to a reputable range with a trainer and try out the different makes and models of handguns to find that one that fits your hand perfectly. With just a little bit of effort, you can find the perfect handgun for your lawful self-defense needs!

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