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Concealed Carry Clothing and Accessories

Concealed Carry Clothing And Accessories

Men's Concealment ShirtMost holsters and concealed carry clothing have been up to recent times designed by men for a man's body and typical male clothing styles. With women it is very different; example; as “in the pants” holsters can be tricky depending on a woman’s frame. Women with smaller overall body sizes have a little bit of a challenge concealing their handgun on their hip or within the small of their back.

For women to conceal a handgun with a traditional holster the trick is to get one or two pant sizes bigger and a size bigger in shirts. These way women can wear a belt that will help not only hold their handgun securely; the larger clothing will also help to conceal the bulge from the handgun.

Clearly this is not the best choice and is why Concealed Carry Clothing specifically designed for Women is so important. For larger, full-figured women the challenges are even greater. A large bust makes reaching for the handgun difficult and sometimes impossible if crossing the body is necessary. A fuller middle also interferes with accessibility.

You don’t need to be frustrated as US Precision Defense has the tools and knowledge to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

This Video Demonstrates Women's Leggings For Concealed Carry

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