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Concealed Carry Permits A Right Of All Law Abiding Citizens

Concealed Carry Permits

Carrying a weapon on your person in a manner in which the weapon/firearm is concealed from sight and is most commonly known as Concealed Carry or (CCW). All fifty states now allow for this, it is not an automatic right in most. The right to carry the weapon through a CCW is normally conducted through a permit-only process, generally issued through the local Police Chief or the County Sheriff in which you reside. Some states now have a Permit-less status also know as Constitutional carry. This requires you to be a resident of the State.

What is the cost of a concealed carry permit?

Every state is different on the fee structure for obtaining a concealed carry permit. Depending on the state there may be multiple separate fees that have to be paid in the process. Typically, most states have agencies which handle and are responsible for the issuance of permits. In addition to the cost of the permit itself there may be other fees involved such as fingerprint cards/digital fingerprinting, background checks, interviews, various taxes, and in some instances, you may have to take a class provided by designated contractors/businesses which can also charge their own separate fees. Depending on your state and jurisdiction a CCW (concealed carry weapons permit) can range as low as $50 and go as high as $300 or more.

What is the best CCW permit to have?

There is no clear answer as far as to the best permit, if one is considering obtaining a permit with the least amount of paperwork and cost and also offering the greatest reciprocity with other states across the country the top states would be; Florida, Tennessee , South Carolina, Nevada, Utah, And Virginia.

What can prevent me from getting a concealed weapons permit?

Although every state has its own individual exclusion rules and laws for obtaining a concealed weapons permit there are a few items which are common to all 50 states which includes being a convicted felon or a fugitive currently from justice (having a warrant out for your arrest, regardless of whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony)

In some states even traffic infractions or traffic court cases can prevent you from obtaining a permit. In many states you can also be excluded from getting a permit if you have an active restraining or protective order or if you’ve had a misdemeanor conviction anything relating to weapons, child abuse, spousal abuse or any form of domestic violence.

Many states also have laws preventing anyone with a history of any level of mental disorders, mental illness, or people that are on psychotropic drugs and have either been adjudicated or incapacitated or have been committed to a mental institution whether private or state run. Various states also have laws preventing the issuance of a permit to anyone that has an extensive criminal history whether it is misdemeanor or felony and depending on the final adjudication of a case.

In recent years there are “Red Flag” laws that even if an individual has not actually committed a crime or been committed to an institution due to mental illness can still be denied a concealed weapons permit based upon simple input from a family member or a member of the community!

Can You Get A Gun Permit For All 50 States?

There is no current option for a civilian to obtain a permit that is good in all 50 states. There are states that have reciprocity agreements with other states across the country, some of which allow you to carry in 40+ states. States such as California, Illinois, Hawaii, New York, and New Jersey do not recognize any other states permits.

The only exception is for active and retired law enforcement officers that per federal law can in fact carry a concealed firearm in all 50 states under HR 218. Even though it is federal law there have been several disputes with New Jersey and New York resisting adhering to the guidelines under HR 218 the law enforcement safety act.

As of early 2021 there are 18 states which if you are a resident of that state you are not required to have a concealed carry permit to carry a concealed weapon.

States including the district of Columbia are either a shall issue state or a may issue state depending on the individual state laws.

Are CCW Permits Tightly Controlled By Federal Laws?

CCW permits are protected by law, they are ONLY issued in accordance with your rights afforded in the Second Amendment. While there are Federal laws that address concealed carry, or CCW, they only apply to federal agents and, most recently, those who fall under the Peace Officer Safety Act of 2004. This Act, also known as H.R. 218, allows both officers on active duty and those Law Enforcement Officers who have been retired honorably to carry their firearm unexposed throughout the entire 50 U.S. states.

Do All 50 States Have Some Form Of Concealed Carry Laws Or Permits?

Although the Federal government passed the Peace Officer Safety Act of 2004, it wasn't until 2013 that all individual states mandated the right for their residents to be issued a Concealed Carry permit. Now, however, including all 50 states now have laws that allow for obtaining a CCW. Be sure you become very familiar with all the state and local laws pertaining to obtaining and maintaining a Concealed Carry Permit in your specific state as every state is different. 

What are the different names that states have for Concealed Carry Gun permits?

  • CCW Concealed Carry Weapon
  • CCP Concealed Carry Pistol
  • CCP Concealed Carry Permit
  • CCL Concealed Carry License
  • CPL Concealed Pistol License
  • CHP Concealed Handgun Permit
  • CHL Concealed Handgun License
  • CWP Concealed Weapons Permit
  • LTC License To Carry
  • LTCF License to Carry Firearm

Can Cities Enact Laws In Support Of The 2nd Amendment?

YES! There are even some proactive smaller communities within the states of; Maine, Colorado, Georgia, and Utah that have either considered or have enacted laws and or ordinances requiring gun ownership to its residents under certain conditions with their city limits.

The State has the power to regulate Gun Laws

Every city in the state must adhere to the Concealed Carry State laws, if allowed by the individual states constitution cities can pass laws that are more restrictive than the states laws. Some cities have tried to ban guns altogether and in the most recent case which was in San Francisco in California the federal court overturned the law as it violated the 2nd amendment, and the right to possess and bear arms.

As in any other city in the country gun ownership and Concealed Carry State Laws are sometimes controversial and invoke sometimes a great deal of healthy political debate, especially with all the liberal news media devoting so much time to discussing the 2nd amendment and gun owners' rights.

See the bottom of this page to choose YOUR state for additional information and to view "The Gun Laws Matrix".   

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