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Self Defense Insurance For Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Self Defense Insurance For Concealed Carry

Self Defense Insurance for you and your family does not begin and end with you being a Constitutional Carry or a licensed CCW / CHL holder. Although your firearm is in a way insurance against those that would bring immediate and imminent injury to yourself and your family, you must think about what happens in the aftermath of a self-defense incident. In today's unstable and litigious society, you must consider what happens after a self-defense shooting or event.

How much is self-defense insurance?

The Defender Plan: $209 per year or $19 per month.

The Protector Plan: $179 per year or $16 per month.

The Ultimate Plan: $519 per year

The HR-218 Plan: $399 per year


Constitutional Carry: starting at $299 per year

The Home Defense Plan: starting at $299 per year

Question; what is the best self-defense Insurance?

CCW Safe currently is the only company that has defended someone on a capital one murder case and was able to prove self-defense and they were acquitted!

100% of all criminal defense costs are covered, there are no limits and you have no out-of-pocket expenses!

The first company to offer a critical response team that responds to your actual location and is headed up by former homicide investigators and an experienced national trial counsel expert.

Which CCW Self-Defense insurance is the best?

Our Ultimate Plan Is the most comprehensive coverage for a primary member and spouse that currently have concealed carry permits. It provides for the largest array of coverage items than any other plan provided by any other company in the country.

Is concealed carry insurance worth it?

The average real-world cost for a self-defense trial especially involving a death in the US is approximately $400,000! This is what would come out of your pocket, your bank account, or your estate holdings if you did not have a self-defense insurance or protection plan!

How does concealed carry insurance work?

Self-defense protection plans commonly known as self-defense insurance is like any other insurance in that you have a plan or a policy that covers you for both legal and civil liability depending on the plan you get and the level of coverage each plan has. All of our plans have unlimited criminal coverage.

These insurance policies or and or protection plans are specific to incidence where are you used a firearm or a weapon in the act of self-defense. The fees that you pay can include coverage for attorney fees, court costs, expert witnesses, your individual Bail, on the scene investigators, trial experts and other related incidentals or financial liabilities and/or expenses.

What are the primary benefits of CCW safe coverage?

Criminal defense cost, civil defense cost, administrative defense cost, private investigators cost, expert witness cost, also the highest bond coverage in the industry and a $1 million civil liability can be added to all of our plans. We were the first to have a critical response team that response to your physical location!

Do I really need Self-Defense Insurance?

You know for a fact that we all live in a VERY litigious society, and you can be about 99.9% percent certian that if you are ever forced to defend yourself regardless of the circumstances you will be at a minimum sued civially, and due to the political climate in the country today very likely arrested and possibly charged with a crime, it plays out everyday somewhere in the country. Even if the lawsuit is dropped and criminal charges dropped, you could quite possibly still be liable for $100,000 or much more in leagal fees. Ask yourself this; how can you realistically NOT afford to have Self Defense Insurance?

When you're fighting for your life in the judicial system, there are other out of pocket expenses that can equal or even exceed the attorneys’ fees, Bail, investigators, experts, pre-trial discovery, are just a few of the expenses that have to be covered in a self-defense case. "Even if charges are DROPPED you can still be looking at attorney fees in excess of $100,000!"
CCW Safe covers ALL the costs of your legal expenses if you are ever forced to shoot or take a life. You will never have to worry about coming out of pocket with our plans. Save your Assets, Save your Home, Save your Familie's Future!

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We have all heard the many stories, and seen in the media telling us about legally armed persons utilizing a gun for self-defense.

What they don't tell you is that the individual also has to defend themselves once again, yet this time in the courts, either the civil or criminal courts. It is only usually after an exceptionally extensive trial and after an enormous amount of funds has been spent is the individual found to be justified and sent on their way.

Does this sound familiar or sound right to you? Something you never hear about in the media is the extreme expenses that an individual has to bear to justify their actions and prove they were within their legal rights, And not guilty of any felony or misdemeanor criminal act.

Typically, that is just in the criminal courts, any court case that one is dealing with regarding a self-defense shooting incident and use of deadly or any other force you can certainly be assured the extended family of the deceased most certainly will take additional action to sue you for a wide variety of claims including wrongful death, excessive force, or even a violation of the deceased civil rights. Even if you do prevail in the civil courts and are found not to be liable for civil damages you could still face an incredible amount of legal bills during the entire process. 

Finally there is a program that is far better than any traditional insurance policy, think differently, think of a comprehensive Legal Defense Service Plan that extends far beyond any outdated Self Defense Insurance policy or offering issued by any other company located in the US, There is now CCW safe, which is for the first time a real legal defense service membership program.
CCW SAFE Single Membership

Carry a Gun for Protection and Self Defense, What about your Legal Defense?

One obvious and critical point that seems to always be overlooked in concealed carry classes and by many instructors is that almost nothing is talked about or explained relating to both possible civil and criminal liability in the use of force in a self-defense incident.

It is imperative that if you carry a gun for self-defense you must be expecting the inevitable civil and or criminal actions that can and or will be levied against you. You must have the access to sound expert advice as part of your personal responsibility of being a gun owner, being prepared in the CCW Safe program is a decision that you will be thankful for taking advantage of literally for the rest of your life.

Without proper preparation and legal protection you could not only lose your personal civil liberties, you could very possibly lose everything you have, and everything you could ever hope to have in your future if you're not properly prepared for all legal possibilities. The single best form for you legal preparation is to get self-defense legal protection as provided by CCW Safe's personal legal defense service membership programs.  

CCW Safe is far more wide-ranging than a simple insurance policy; it is a full reactive team that covers the complete legal spectrum of civil and criminal liabilities, expert witnesses, and all related financial expenses. It's not an insurance policy, it's a self-defense protection package, and there simply is no real comparison to other insurance type policies in the industry.

If you become involved in a self-defense use of deadly force situation a critical response team will respond to protect your interest, this encompasses an experienced criminal attorney, an investigator, an experienced expert witness, and an administrative representative from CCW Safe. Depending on the plan that you purchase you will have Bail-Bond protection on bonds all the way up to one million dollars. We challenge anyone to try and find any other comparable program in the country that gives a person this type of protection; we know you can't so it is with confidence to throw down the gantlet!

Just think of only twenty to forty pennies a day you get the single best and comprehensive self-defense protection package available anywhere. You can protect your family for pennies a day, this is truly a no-brainer! If you diligently review any other concealed carry, CCW insurance and self-defense program available on the market and compare the coverage versus the cost it quickly becomes clear there is only one option that has the protection needed for your family... This Self-Defense program is a true peace of mind.

A Self-Defense Insurance And Protection Plan For Concealed Carry 

You must do your research, when considering your self-defense protection planning up until now you could only include old school insurance, it is very important to research the different options available and choose the options best suited for your needs. Do your due diligence in research, make the phone calls, and get all your questions answered before making a highly informed decision. CCW Safe staff will decide the appropriate time to activate the critical response team and when activated your investigators will complete a thorough investigation of the incident.

Of a special note is that the CCW Safe membership covers you in any state where your CCW or CHL is honored. One of the most remarkable things about CCW Safe compared to typical insurance policies is not only the level of coverage but the incredibly affordable price. • A single membership is only $209 a year with no deductibles and no limits.
• Dual membership for two members of an immediate family living with in the same household is only $399 a year and also with no deductible and no limits.
• A single membership for any active-duty military or active duty or retired law-enforcement officer is only $179 per year, and again it has no deductible and no limits.
To review the amazing coverage provided by CCW safe;
• Benefits are paid when the fees are initially incurred.
• There is no financial limit on your defense expenses.
• Single Self-defense Service membership is just $209.00 Per year
• The plan covers use of all legal firearms.
• The plan also covers any weapon or weaponless use of force. This is unique to CCW Safe.
• The plan also pays for Lawyers, Specialized experienced Investigators, and any needed Expert Witness.

Do your research, ask all the questions, and when you are ready you will know without a doubt there is only one choice for a legal defense protection plan, CCW Safe.

Call and speak with us: 855.300.6779 Ext 700

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CCW SAFE Single Membership




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The CCW Safe HR218 plan was developed specifically for active, retired, and former law enforcement officers that meet the requirements for the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), also known as HR218.


To learn more about ALL of CCW Safe’s Self Defense and Home Defense Protection Programs or to Purchase a plan please follow the link, CCW Safe Also has Monthly Payments Available on specific plans CLICK HERE 

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