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 What Does Self-Defense Concealed Carry Insurance Cover In Alameda, CA

Self Defense Insurance For Concealed Carry  Alameda California CA

Traditional insurance coverage in Alameda, CA cannot help you find any support services such as a bail bond company to get you out of jail. Outdated insurance will not find you a highly competent attorney who has experience in Self-Defense law. Your current insurance will not and does not help you with an experienced crime scene investigator who can testify on your behalf. Antiquated insurance policies do not bring all these things together in Alameda, CA and put a TEAM together to protect your rights. There are no current insurance policies on the market today that can do all this. There is only one company that can do it all, CCW Safe!

This is the most comprehensive Legal Defense Program ever offered in the U.S. It far exceeds any ordinary insurance that can be found by any insurance company in Alameda, CA or by any gun support organization on a National level. You will be impressed with the total package, it really is that good.

When you're fighting for your life in the judicial system in Alameda, CA, there are other out of pocket expenses that can equal or even exceed the attorneys’ fees, Bail, investigators, experts, pre-trial discovery, are just a few of the expenses that have to be covered in a self-defense case. "Even if charges are DROPPED you can still be looking at attorney fees in excess of $100,000!"

CCW Safe covers ALL the costs of your legal expenses if you are ever forced to shoot or take a life. You will never have to worry about coming out of pocket with our plans. Save your Assets, Save your Home, Save your Familie's Future! 

For as little as $19.00 on monthly payments!

Self Defense Insurance Comparison For Concealed Carry In Alameda, CA

Your personal defense and the defense of your family and loved ones in Alameda, CA does not begin and end with you being a Constitutional Carry or as a licensed CCW / CHL holder.

Although your firearm is in a way insurance against those that would bring immediate and eminent harm to yourself and or your family in Alameda, CA, you must think about what happens in the aftermath.

In today's highly politically charged and litigious society in Alameda, CA you must consider what happens after a self-defense shooting or incident.

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Self Defense Insurance

With the expansion of concealed carry in the United States there have been a number of organizations and companies that are providing traditional insurance, which on the surface looks like a good idea yet when you look into it further you realize that in most cases you still have to pay out-of-pocket and then seek reimbursement, ask yourself do you have an extra 100 K just lying around that you can afford to wait to get reimbursed?

Also, with a traditional insurance policy it is only designed to assistant you in obtaining monetary reimbursement, nothing more. So how does a standard insurance policy in Alameda, CA help you win your case in court, it doesn't.   Call and speak with us: 855.300.6779 Ext 700

It does not help you find a bail bond company to get you out of jail, it does not find you a highly competent attorney who has experience in Self-Defense law, it does not help you with your own experienced crime scene investigator who can testify on your behalf, it does not bring all these things together and put a TEAM together to protect your rights in Alameda, CA. Traditional insurance policies do not do this.. Yet, there is only one company that does do all this, CCW Safe.

Finally, there is something far better than traditional insurance in Alameda, CA, there is now a true Legal Defense Service Plan that goes for above any traditional insurance or any offeringby any company currently in the US, There is now CCW safe, which is a true legal defense service membership program.

The Components of a Great Self-Defense Protection Plan In Alameda, CA That Far Exceeds Insurance Alone

Call and speak with us: 855.300.6779 Ext 700

Compare the Coverage of CCW Safe's Legal Protecion plan, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Attorney coverage, if you find yourself involved in a critical self-defense incident in in Alameda, CA you must first call 911 and then immediately make a follow-up phone call to CCW Safe, a licensed attorney will guide you in all the steps you need to take.

Expert witness coverage, if you have either a criminal or civil litigation pending against you in Alameda, CA then your assigned attorney will determine the need, and assign the appropriate expert witness to testify on your behalf in court.

Investigator coverage, your attorney that has been assigned to you by CCW Safe will decide when to activate the critical response team, when activated your investigators will complete a thorough investigation of the incident and the subject.

Of a special note is that the CCW Safe membership covers you in 47 states where your CCW or CHL is honored. (Washington State, New York, and New Jersey are excluded)

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One of the most remarkable things about CCW Safe compared to typical insurance policies is not only the level of coverage but the incredibly affordable price.


    Starting at $209 per year, this plan covers a single member, starts at $209 per year, and includes $500k bail bond coverage, unlimited coverage on criminal, civil and administrative actions, appeal if needed. This includes attorneys fees, investigators, experts, depositions, trial exhibits, jury consultants, anything that is related to that trial. All of our new plans also covers your spouse, and entire family under 18 in the home. If you’re spouse has a permit, then you can add them for $100. The civil liability coverage can be added to any plan for $220. This is still one of the lowest cost plans in the industry, and CCW Safe is the only company in the industry to have successfully defended a start to finish, murder I self defense case. Monthly payments as low as $19.00 per month!


    • Access to our 24-hour Emergency Hotline
    • Critical Response Team onsite response
    • Bail coverage to $500K
    • Vetting of attorneys by National Trial Counsel
    • Unlimited attorney fees covered upfront
    • Unlimited investigation fees covered upfront
    • Unlimited expert witness fees covered upfront
    • All trial costs covered upfront
    • Firearm replacement during trial
    • Up to $250/day loss-of-wages during criminal or civil trial
    • Licensed counseling coverage up to 10 sessions (or $1,500)
    • Crime-scene cleanup in-home up to $3K (only if needed and other benefits or services that are standard with all plans)
    • Appeals and expungement coverage of costs

    So for a single member who adds civil liability coverage, the total cost would be $399 per year. If you wanted to add on an additional $500k of bail coverage, it would be $449. No other plans can match our coverage, but even though, they still charge more for coverage ranging from $497 to $549 a year. And on those competing plans you could still lose $100k or more out of pocket.  


    Starting at $179 Per year. If you are Military or Law Enforcement, retired or active, we still have discounts for you under the Protector Plan, which is $179 per year with the same coverage as the Defender plan. 

    The CCW Safe Protector Plan is available to active or retired military or law enforcement officers. Honorably discharged military veterans that did not retire are eligible for the Protector Plan by using the code USAVETS at check out.

    Monthly payments as low as $16.00 per month!


    • Access to our 24-hour Emergency Hotline
    • Critical Response Team onsite response
    • Bail coverage to $500K
    • Vetting of attorneys by National Trial Counsel
    • Unlimited attorney fees covered upfront
    • Unlimited investigation fees covered upfront
    • Unlimited expert witnesses fees covered upfront
    • All trial fees covered upfront
    • Firearm replacement during trial
    • Coverage for spouse and children under 18 (in-home only)
    • Up to $250/day loss-of-wages during criminal or civil trial
    • Licensed counseling coverage up to 10 sessions (or $1500)
    • Crime scene cleanup in-home up to $3K (only if needed and any other benefits or services that are standard with all plans)
    • Appeals and expungements coverage of costs

    Add-ons available with the CCW Safe Protector Plan include spouse coverage for an additional $100; up to $1 million bail coverage for an additional $50; and dedicated civil liability coverage up to $1 million for an additional $220.

    CCW Safe protects your rights when you protect yourself and your family. We're the only company in the industry that has defended a member in a complete self-defense murder 1 trial - so we know the stakes firsthand.

    Will your family be safe if you go to jail for defending your life against an attacker In Alameda, CA? Can you afford a top-notch lawyer, bail that can be hundreds or thousands of dollars, and the loss of your income while you await a trial verdict?

    Take a look at the member benefits and services CCW Safe can provide for you and your family. Then decide what's the best way to protect your life, your family's lives and your way of life.


    This is our top tier, everything included plan, and it is priced at $519 per year. The ultimate plan includes everything in the Defender Plan, plus includes more counseling sessions, higher daily work loss during trial at $300 per day, increased crime scene clean up the home and car, double reward points on some actions, and a ultimate gift pack which will include an Ultimate member Tshirt, an ultimate member challenge coin with emergency number, and a free copy of Crime and Place app, CCW Safe edition, total value $49. This gift pack will only be available to Ultimate plan members. 


    • Access to our 24-hour emergency hotline
    • Attorney fees
    • Investigators fees
    • Experts
    • Boots on the ground Critical Response Team
    • Appeals and Firearm Replacement during trial
    • Up to $350 a day work loss while in criminal or civil trial
    • Up to 40 sessions (up to $6k) for a licensed counselor
    • Up to $3k for crime scene clean-up home
    • $10K Red Flag coverage

    The Ultimate Plan will be an annual membership and coverage is good for one year (Annual payments only). The Ultimate Plan is a recurring subscription membership and if you choose to pay by check using the mail-in form it should be mailed 5 days prior to your anniversary date.


    HR 218 PLAN

    The CCW Safe HR218 plan was developed specifically for active, retired, and former law enforcement officers that meet the requirements for the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), also known as HR218. (For full requirements, see bottom of this page.). This membership comes with challenge coin and plastic membership card. $399 per year.

    This coverage is for any criminal, civil or administrative legal action stemming from a self-defense incident (for OFF-DUTY incidents only). This plan is non-transferrable. For the plan, you will need to submit proof of retirement or former agency ID to verify eligibility for this plan.  The Primary member will be covered for all legal use of force responses to life threatening attacks at your home, in your vehicle and any place it is legal to carry in public (where covered under HR218 or where your permits are honored) or on premises in which possession of a firearm is not illegal (all legal weapons covered). 
    • Coverage for Criminal, Civil and Administrative actions
    • Access to our 24-hour Emergency Hotline
    • Critical Response Team onsite response
    • $1 million bail bond coverage
    • Vetting of attorneys by National Trial Counsel
    • No cap on attorney retainer/fees
    • No cap on investigator fees/expenses
    • No cap on expert witness fees/expenses
    • All trial fees covered upfront
    • Firearm replacement during trial
    • Spouse and children under 18 covered (in-home only)
    • Up to $250/day loss-of-wages during criminal or civil trial proceedings
    • Licensed counseling coverage up to 10 sessions (or $4K)
    • Crime scene clean-up in home up to $3K
    • Appeals and expungements coverage of costs
    • Dedicated $1 million civil liability coverage

    CCW Safe Critical Incident Coordinator Gary Eastridge interviews CCW Safe Member Mike about a self defense incident in which he had to use deadly force. Mike talks about the response and support he received from CCW Safe as well the lack of response from other companies he was a member of.

    All SERVICES and PLANS are rendered in compliance with state law of occurrence.

    Legal Protection Benefits In Alameda, CA

    • No out-of-pocket expenses, so you won't receive any bills from the court or attorneys
    • 100% of criminal defense funds are covered up front, with no cap on criminal and civil defense funds
    • Bail bonds and funds are immediately available
    • Standard $500,000 bond coverage with Permit Plans and up to $50,000 Bail Fee with available upgrades
    • Civil damage coverage up to $1 million for Primary Member under Ultimate Plan
    • Vacation home, RV, hotel and motel coverage is the same as home coverage

    What's Covered

    • Official law agency interview
    • All lawyer fees, including pre-trial, grand jury, and trial
    • Grand jury proceedings
    • Appeals covered at no additional cost
    • Mistrials and retrials covered at no additional cost
    • Up to $250 per day in wage losses while you're in criminal and civil trial - Upgrade to Ultimate Plan for $350 per day wage-loss coverage
    • Court reporter fees
    • Videographer fees
    • Real-time jury consultants
    • Social media management consultant
    • Medical research
    • Bail bond coordination on behalf of plan member
    • Spouse and children under 18 in your home are covered for free for self-defense cases involving home invasions
    • Spouse and children under 18 in your home are covered for up to $250,000 bond at no additional fee
    • Juveniles under the age of 18 are covered for home invasion cases at no additional cost
    • Active law enforcement members are covered for off-duty incidents - this coverage is not available in New Jersey or Washington state
    • All legal weapons are covered in 47 states and Washington DC. - exclusions are New Jersey, Washington state, and New York (LE exception)
    • All states where you can legally possess a firearm without a permit are covered
    • "Red Flag" laws are covered for $10,000 under the Ultimate Plan
    • "Red Flag" laws are covered for up to $5,000 under all permit plans (Defender, Protector, HR218 and all LE plans).
    • All non-permit plans are covered for $250,000 bond with add-on options to increase that amount to $1 million bond
    • Use of physical force in defense of life
    • Use of force for third party in defense of life
    • Use of force to defend life threatening attack in vehicle is covered where your permit is valid
    • All states that honor CCW permits through reciprocity are covered*
    • Up to $3,000 for crime scene clean-up in your home - Upgrade to Ultimate Plan for crime-scene clean-up in your vehicle
    • Vicious animal attacks in defense of human life
    • Firearm replacement equal to caliber during trial
    • Action against permit by state following use of force
    • Criminal record expungement is covered for all plans
    • Provisional terms for spouses waiting on terms of service (see terms of service for details)
    • Provisional terms for primary member waiting on permit to arrive (See terms of service for details)

    Support Services In Alameda, CA

    • 24/7/365 Call Center with immediate attorney connection for emergencies
    • Criminal Response Coordinators are former Homicide Detectives and Investigators for District Attorney offices
    • We hire network and non-network local attorneys that are chosen by you and your CCW Safe Legal Team
    • Your team creates evidence and demonstrative exhibits for use during trial
    • We supply evidence and display in-trial preparation before and throughout the trial proceedings
    • On-site Critical Response Team for deadly force cases
    • Attorneys are hired by National Trial Counsel that is experienced in murder and self-defense cases
    • Peer support on-site and over the phone from the time of the incident until the end of your trial
    • Expert witness coordination by CCW Safe associates
    • Access to legal and training advisory boards
    • Psychological support with up to 10 sessions of counseling - Upgrade to Ultimate Plan for up to 40 sessions
    • Customer Care Specialists with law enforcement experience
    • Personal security in the event that it's needed, including crowd control management at your home or business if required
    • Public Information Representative to handle news, media and press releases
    • Mock cross-examination preparation services for the member if testifying is necessary
    • Temporary housing and relocation services in high-impact public cases as needed

    We put NO CAPS on:

    • Immediate local attorney retainers
    • Civil defense funds
    • Investigator costs and expenses
    • Expert witness costs and expenses

    Plan Options In Alameda, CA

    • Constitutional Carry Plan available for states that don't require permits
    • Home Defense Plan options available - but not available in New Jersey, New York or Washington state
    • CCW Safe metal membership card is available for all plans at an additional fee
    • Challenge Coin with emergency number is available for HR218 and Ultimate Plans

    Ultimate Plan Advantages In Alameda, CA

    Reward perks

    • Options for firearm theft coverage for the Primary CCW gun only
    • Bail Bond coverage up to $1 million
    • $10,000 Special Coverage for "Red Flag Law" hearings

    Law Enforcement & Military Benefits

    • Retired Law Enforcement discount plans are available through LEOSA/HR218
    • Retired and Active Duty Military discount plans are available with CCW Permit

    Educational Resources In Alameda, CA

    • All members receive our Newsletter and social media engagement to stay up to date on regulation changes and pertinent news items
    • All members have access to on-site and online education and training resources
    • Digital and plastic membership cards are available to carry in your wallet for help when you need it


    The Difference Between Self Defense Insurance And A True Legal Defense “Program” In Alameda, CA

    One glaring and critical point that seems to always be overlooked in concealed carry classes and by many instructors in Alameda, CA is that very little is said or explained in regards to both civil and criminal liability in the use of force in a self-defense incident.

    It is absolutely imperative that if you carry a gun for self-defense in Alameda, CA that you be properly prepared for the inevitable civil or criminal action that will take place against you, you need to have access to sound expert advice as part of the responsibility of gun ownership, if you are not prepared it is a voluntary program that you will regret for not taking advantage of literally for the rest of your life.

    Protect you and your family, Click here now!If you carefully look at and consider every type of self-defense insurance and/or self-defense program that's available on the market today and compare the coverage versus the cost in Alameda, CA it quickly becomes very self-evident that there is only one company that has the protection that you need for you and your family in our litigious society... This Self-Defense program is a true peace of mind.

    For between $.20 to $.41 cents a day depending on the plan that you choose you get the single best and comprehensive self-defense protection package available anywhere, you can protect yourself and your family for literally pennies a day, this is truly a no-brainer! 

    Is Self Defense "INSURANCE" Illegal In Alameda, CA And Your State?

    Recently we had a fan of our page send us an email regarding self defense insurance questions regarding the state of Washington in that they have now outlawed all such insurance programs, such as USCCA and the NRA’s Safe Guard, and they were wanting to know if there is any alternative that would still be available to them..

    A cursory research found that there are several states now besides the state of Washington that are making self defense “Insurance“ an illegal product / service. In addtion to Washington there is now New Jersey and New York!

    Currently CCW Safe provides a self-defense protection plan (not Insurance) that is being provided legally in 47 states, I contacted them and asked them to provide a legal explanation of the difference which is as follows;

    CCW Safe’s Unique Structure: Years ago, when the founders started CCW Safe, we based it off of the police union model that had provided us guidance, education, resources and protection for the entirety of our law enforcement careers. Once we were all out of law enforcement and exercising our rights to carry concealed with our permits, we recognized a need for a similar organization to protect our interests as civilians, so we created CCW Safe. Our goal has always been to provide our members education, risk management training, use of force education and protection in the event they were a victim of a crime and had a self-defense incident.

    We have always valued independence and have strived to have our services be always available for our members, wherever they happen to be. We also have commitment and dedication as cultural values of our company. These values led us to create our own Captive Insurance company, 2A Insurance, in order to be the funding mechanism for CCW Safe to provide its services to our members (see information below). This way, CCW Safe is not subject to market conditions that have impacted our competitors. We have a stable, independent funding mechanism that allows us to have the best services, best content, and most comprehensive membership in the industry.

    Our competitors that have had sanctions and law suits placed against them by Governors of Large states across the nation are structured differently than CCW Safe. Those companies partnered with traditional insurance brokers (i.e., Lockton Affinity) and through their partnerships were selling insurance policies to its members where the member was named as the insured (in violation of that state’s insurance regulations).

    CCW Safe is not an insurance company and does not sell insurance policies. CCW Safe is the “insured” and not the member. We own our Captive Insurance company which is not regulated by the traditional insurance market.

    Captive Insurance companies are regulated by the following:

    • Domestic and Offshore regulators

    • US Internal Revenue Services

    • National Association of Insurance Commissioners

    • International Association of Insurance Supervisors

    This is why we are allowed to operate in 47 states as we are a "legal service plan" that pays for and coordinates certified attorneys and others in the state in which there is a need for service. When our customers purchase the subscription plan they enter into a contractual agreement through our terms of service to have delivered to them the benefits of the plan purchased. The civil liability benefit is extended to the member by the associated plan through our self-insured status.

    CCW Safe is a Legal Service Subscription Plan that does not a sell a policy, therefore we do not conduct insurance business. 2A Insurance is our own Captive that insures CCW Safe in order to have stability and independence from the commercial market. We have published extensively on our website information about the formation of our captive and its relation to our company. We welcome you to review our website and related content to have an understanding of what sets us apart from our competitors.

    2A insurance:

    2A Insurance is committed to providing the funding and insurance based financial management infrastructure to make CCW Safe the industry leader in legal services membership plans for the concealed carry community. CCW Safe is the company with the greatest financial security to finance claims and meet the needs of members. Creating 2A Insurance solidifies CCW Safe as the clear choice for anyone seeking self-defense legal services coverage.

    2A Insurance Is A Segregated Account of Madison First Property and Casualty, Ltd. SAC, A Segregated Accounts Company Registered Under the Segregated Accounts Companies Act, 2004. 2A Insurance Is Managed by Hamilton Captive Management, A Licensed Insurance Manager. CCW Safe has created 2A Insurance, a captive insurance company designed to provide CCW Safe with an insurance-backed funding mechanism.

    Simply put, 2A Insurance provides our members with the comfort of knowing that CCW Safe insures its ability to fund the cost of legal services for its members as claims arise. Further, 2A Insurance is protected by insurance via an agreement with Port Royal Insurance Company, Ltd. SAC. This additional layer of protection provides the resources of a third-party insurance company to draw upon for those claims that have the potential for heavy cost outlays.

    3 State Alert!: Politicians Who Hate The 2nd Amendment!

    New due to recent state legislation for 2019 - 2020

    There have been some significant changes at CCW Safe. It affects members in 3 states. We feel our structure is sound and lawful in all 50 states. However due to various situations in hostile regulatory environments in several states we are modifying our coverage in those states. 

    Washington State

    We are no longer accepting new members or renewals in Washington state. All current members coverage terms will be honored until their expiration date. We are working to be able to resolve this situation currently. As more information becomes available we will update everyone. All self-defense protection companies have been forced to cease all business in the state. 

    New Jersey

    At this time membership is not available in the state of New Jersey. The elected and appointed officials in the state have made it abundantly clear that New Jersey is a hostile state to the Second Amendment, much less anyone in the firearms business or any affiliated business that is even remotely connected. As such, our membership is no longer being offered to anyone who may reside or be licensed in New Jersey. No coverage is offered for any incident occurring in New Jersey.

    New York

    Under circumstances beyond our control, CCW Safe no longer covers incidents or sells membership subscriptions for non-law enforcement members in New York state. There are a few states and governors that are changing laws, legislation and insurance regulatory powers to force out companies that defend those involved in self-defense shooting incidents.

    The state of New York has made moves following their lawsuit against the NRA, to deter and cease the actions of businesses designed to cover their citizens who are forced to defend themselves in a life-threatening attack. This forced our competitors (NRA, USCCA, etc.) and now CCW Safe to comply with the new regulations and requests to stop business in their state.

    Although, CCW Safe is not an insurance company, and did not (like our competitors) partner with traditional insurance companies to sell insurance policies; we are not going to sell plans to permit holders or gun owners in the State of New York any longer. Our only exception is those that fall under federal guidelines of the following House Bill (HR218) "Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act" that allows police officers to carry nationally under federal authority. We will only cover these individual members under the HR218 plan for their off-duty incidents and those out of state where it is recognized coverage (New Jersey and Washington state excluded). Call and speak with us: 855.300.6779 Ext 700

    Click on any image to see additional information and for plan purchase options!
    CCW SAFE Single Membership






    NON - PERMIT PLANS | Constitutional Carry |  Home Defense Plan  |  Civil Liability

    Constitutional Carry Plan

         Home Defense Plan


    The CCW Safe HR218 plan was developed specifically for active, retired, and former law enforcement officers that meet the requirements for the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), also known as HR218. $399 Per year.

    To learn more about ALL of CCW Safe’s Self Defense and Home Defense Protection Programs or to Purchase a plan please follow the link, CCW Safe Also has Monthly Payments Available on specific plans CLICK HERE 

    The Cost Of Self-Defense! Alameda, CA

     Why Choose CCW Safe

    The best options for your self-defense weapon

    For many self-defense situations, the small sporting rifles in light to medium calibers have been proven over the years to be a solid option in this role.

    The single most important thing a resident from Alameda, CA can do as part of a self preservation plan is to become properly experienced and informed in the use of your firearm. It is always highly recommended Alameda, CA based residents seek a local expert CCW trainer and attend a basic live-fire instruction, intermediate live-fire instruction, or even an advanced live-fire instruction, depending on your level of knowledge.

    As part of your live-fire instruction, you will need to find a place where you can develop and develop with your firearm, which in most cases, is at a licensed shooting range, whether it be a outdoor shooting range, outdoor shooting range, or outdoor shooting range.

    Most modern outdoor shooting ranges and outdoor shooting ranges are designed to handle a wide variety of different open fire disciplines, including everything from a brand new shooter to the experienced firearm enthusiast instruction for competitions, or even tactical shooters.

    It should be noted that for environmental purposes and safety concerns, some ranges limit the type of bullets that you can fire at the range, most notably is lead-based bullets, which are being outlawed in some states, and in the case of indoor ranges, many now require frangible bullets.

    There are even Alameda, CA based ranges which no longer allow you to bring your own bullets and require you to purchase the bullets from the range. So before you make the trip, it’s a good idea to contact the range and check on the bullets allowed and the rules of each facility.

    There is a wide variety of specialty ranges from which to choose; there are outdoor shooting ranges, static shooting ranges, outdoor shooting ranges, outdoor shooting ranges, outdoor shooting ranges, outdoor shooting ranges, air rifle ranges, air rifle ranges, air rifle ranges, air rifle ranges and static shooting ranges. With just a little bit of research, you can find the perfect range in the Alameda, CA area for your needs, so open fire often and develop hard!

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