Custom Slide Milling Optic Cuts For Glocks

There's no denying it. Custom slide milling and optic cuts for Glocks, S&W, H&K, SigSauer, Canik, Springfield, etc. has been a shock to the industry. Our new optic on your gun will surprise the industry. It might look a little unconventional at first glance, but the advantages are undeniable. In the last few years we have seen red dot sights improve in their solidness, dependability, and usability.

Are iron sights a thing of the past?

Have you ever wanted to ring the 100yd gong with a 2.5 in barrel pistol? A pistol mounted red dot is your answer to making that happen. With a pistol mounted red dot your accuracy is greatly improved and your shots down range will count towards success. There are several different optics in the world of pistol mounted red dots, they all have their price point and look but they are all aiming for one goal and that is to modernize your pistol and make you a better shooter. If you are set on having irons as a backup it is possible with most pistols to install tall sights that will co witness through the red dot should it ever fail.

Do I need tall iron sights?

This boils down to preference, If it is a range gun that is used primarily for target shooting I would advise to do away with them completely. If it is going to be a duty weapon for law enforcement, I would recommend them. We can measure and fit sights to your slide that have a 1/3 co-witness so they don’t completely block your sight picture but are there for emergencies. It truly depends on what the intended use of the pistol is going to be.

What red dot is right for me?

In short there are two sizes of red dots. There is the full size like the Trijicon RMR, shield RMS, Holosun 507c, swampfox, vortex venom etc. then there are the micro red dots like the sig Romeo zero, Holosun 507k, Trijicon RMRcc shield RMSc etc. they all have their place in the firearms world and they all have their pros and cons. You will never regret going with the larger optic if it will fit. A good reference point is that if the magazine is double stack you can go full size, if it is single stack then your options are a micro. Some pistols like the Springfield XD even though its full-size are limited to the micro due to placement if the firing pin blocker pocket and the extractor pocket.

What are the pros and cons of cutting my slide?

The pros are you now have amazing sights, and your pistol is fun for everyone to shoot even at the beginner level. Other positives are by cutting the slide rather than using an adapter plate enough weight is removed with the cut that the balance stays relatively the same. Cons would be that once it's cut its difficult to go back without careful tig welding and machining the slide smooth again. One other con is that your favorite holster might not fit the gun anymore, though this is only a half con because everybody loves a new holster once in a while.

Should everyone have slide porting and forward serrations?

Porting the slide does two things, one being that if you are shooing round after round down range it lets the barrel get cool air and stay on target by avoiding warping from heat. Secondly it allows for a ported barrel and gives the gasses released by the ported barrel somewhere to go. Having a ported barrel with keep muzzle rise to a minimum and keep you effortlessly on target.

What to do if you’re on the fence about red dot optics?

You should find someone who has a red dot on their pistol and shoot it because I guarantee you won’t leave the range without a smile. Educate yourself on what you are getting into, They are not for everyone but they are for most. You should look at the different features that each one offers and look at things like customer reviews, warranty information, dot color if you have an astigmatism (green affects them much less for a washed-out dot). You should look at how its made and what its made of. Some optics have plastic housings and plastic reflectors and some are aluminum with glass reflectors. You can always call and we can explain all of it to you.

Why are we the place to go for red dot milling?

We have fully trained machinists and CNC programmers to make your dreams come true. We have all the necessary tooling, measuring equipment and experience to make accurate cuts that will met our high standard of quality. We can do things as simple as a red dot optic cut or as complex as a customer sending in a blank slide and us customizing it to their requests.

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