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What To Look For When Finding A Firearms Instructor

Finding A Firearms Instructor

NRA Certified TrainingWhen searching for a Firearms Instructor make sure you do a thorough back ground check as to their professional credentials and their experience. Ask to see a copy of the course curriculum and make sure they have a class room portion and that is well documented, and find out how much live fire training you will be receiving. It is the little details that can make a big difference in your learning environment, and how much you take from the training and your overall satisfaction at the end of your training course.

As part of any search for the right Firearms Instructor for your needs make sure the instructor that you choose keeps their classes to a number that is manageable and allows the instructor to maintain safety at all times. Typically a good class size is around five (5) students per instructor. Remember you will be around other shooters all with firearms and with live ammunition; you want your instructor to be focused and not distracted.

The first step in finding a Firearms Instructor is determining who is available in your community and a good first step in your search should be our database of instructors that can be found on our free on our home page of US Precision Defense. 

Click Here for a comprehensive list of  all NRA Firearm Instructors nation wide NRA INSTRUCTORS

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