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Gun Gear - Buying a Shooting Bipod or Shooting Tripod

Innovative Gun Gear 

What Is Gun Gear?

Gun gear is an all-encompassing term relating to any item, accessory, apparel, appliances and tools pertaining to the gunsmithing repair and or maintenance of a gun, Any attachments, enhancement, specialty products, device, support products, range bags, shooting glasses, speed loaders, holsters, slings, sights, hearing protection, picatinny rails, firearm components, tactical equipment , and upgrades; all this and much more can all be considered under the umbrella of “gun gear!”

What Is A shooting Bipod?

A shooting bipod is a stabilization device typically mounted on the fore stock, barrel or a picatinny rail of a rifle used for either hunting or target shooting. A rifle bipod in many cases are able to cant from side to side by either extending or lowering one of the two Extensions (legs).

Depending on the shooting circumstances some bipods in addition to having extendable legs also come with additional extensions to provide for a greater option in height and range of motion. In most hunting situations a bipod to maintain proper stability range of height is typically between 7 and 10 inches and are designed for long distance accurate shooting. It should also be noted though depending on your physical shooting stance/position you may need to consider other bipod‘s that typically come in 10 - 14 inches and even as long as 12 - 27 inches. There are pros and cons for use of each length of shooting bipods commercially available.

What Is A shooting Tripod?

A shooting tripod for firearms (Rifles) is nearly identical to a shooting bipod with the addition of a third stabilizing leg which is considered a necessity for extreme long distant accurate shooting by experienced hunters and competitive target shooters. Shooting tripods for rifles was originally brought to consumers by hunters. The addition of a third leg in a shooting tripod supports the rifle with more even stability than a bipod and decreases the amount of wobble or movement when aiming at a target. The less movement by the rifle provides for a more stable shooting position and thus increases your accuracy and chances of an accurate shot placement.

In the shooting community tripods are commonly used by military and law-enforcement snipers, hunters, and competitive shooters. Shooting tripods are a highly specialized and tailor-made product for rifles not to be confused with tripods used for other activities such as photography, they are completely different products in design and in form function and capability.

Shooting tripods for rifles has become a highly competitive item in the marketplace and the quality and versatility along with highly specialized features provides the consumer with some great options to choose from and high-quality products!

How Do I Buy A Shooting Bipod Or Tripod?

When considering purchasing a shooting Bipod or Tripod one should always do thorough research as there are dozens of manufacturers now producing them with a wide array of capabilities and construction quality. One of the most unique and versatile product line for both Bipods and Tripods available on the market today are those manufactured by Dallama Gear, their products are a very innovative design, have rugged construction, are light weight, and come with an impressive warranty!

All of their products are proprietary and are a unique line of gun gear and Bipods and Tripods! 

What Is A Magnetic Holster?

A magnetic holster is specifically designed for the securing of a handgun; primarily an automatic pistol due to the physical shape of a semi-auto pistol being flat sided, providing for the maximum surface area to be in contact with the magnets.

There are several configurations of magnetic retention, one includes magnets being sewn between two layers of leather which hold the firearm in place within a holster.

There are also magnets which are usually coated in plastic or rubber and have an attached clip that clips onto the waistband or belt and then the firearm is placed against the magnet and can be held in place with anywhere from 15 to 45 pounds of magnetic force (pull weight) depending on the model and manufacturer.

Other magnetic holster/retention devices usually consist of a magnet in various shapes and configurations which are then mounted by various means to vehicles, gun safes, and Furniture, anywhere you want to place the magnet that would then in-turn hold a pistol securely in place.

What Is A Gun Vise?

A gun vise is a tool specifically for the cleaning, gun smithing, and gun maintenance for rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers. Gun vises are adaptable to accommodate various firearms and related projects. The vise Is designed in such a manner as to hold the firearm securely and in a stationary position at various angles allowing work to be performed on any portion of the firearm. A gun vise is typically placed on a countertop or secured to a workbench yet there are many types that are portable, self-standing, and can be used in virtually any location, even in the field. There is a difference between gun gear and gun gear made by Quality companies.  

"Awesome Gear! These guys are Amazing! Totally next generation ideas and thinking." -Seth N.The VersaCradle gun vice and shooting vice

One company started out selling the VersaCradle gun vice and shooting vice at local gun shows. This patented product was developed by Tony Berry and works as a gun vise to a full shooting system. Like all products offered by Dallama Gear, it carries a life-time warranty!  

Their shooting tripods are some of the most popular hunting and tactical products on the market. There are currently three styles of shooting tripods: the SSTX, the SSTX Predator, and the OTM. The SSTX stands for subcompact shooting tripod extendable. The OTM stands for On the Mountain, which is Dallama Gears full-size shooting tripod.

"The SSTX is excellent. It's so easy to use and weighs next to nothing." Andrew S.

Shooting Tripods For Hunters And Shooters

The two subcompact shooting tripods are extendable based on which model you buy. The SSTX is a bench and prone style of tripod. The SSTX Predator allows the shooter to be in a sitting position (great for coyote and varmint hunting). The OTM is a light-weight, durable, carbon fiber shooting tripod for hunters and shooters that prefer to stand and shoot. This amazing piece of gun gear weighs in at 1.5 pounds and folds down to 18 inches in length. Each shooting tripod mounts to a picatinny rail with a quick-release cantilever.

Magnetic Gun Hosters For Conceaed Carry

Another patented gun gear item made by Dallama Gear is their MagHock CC holster. This universal, magnetic concealed holster will fit any handgun with a squared, glock-style barrel. It is an inside the waistband holster that is comfortable and adjustable. Hunters out hiking love to use them on the outside of their packs to carry their handguns.

"I finally found a holster that makes carrying my concealed handgun comfortable and easy to use." Colton K.

The holster magnet has a 45 pound pull weight, so your gun fits securely to the holsterThe holster magnet has a 45 pound pull weight, so your gun fits securely to the holster. A durable, non slip rubber covers the magnetic face of the holster to protect the firearm.

The Dallama Gear gun magnet, which happens to be the foundation of the MagHock CC, is also a stand alone gun product. Each gun magnet comes with the standard 45 pound pull weight and has the Dallama Gear rubberized coating around it. Most gun magnets on the market are only rated at a 15 to 20 pound magnetic pull weight, which can use guns to fall off.

The concealed gun magnets mount in vehicles, gun safes, behind dressers, in closets, and anywhere you want to conceal a firearm. Each magnet attaches with heavy duty 3M sticky tape and mounting screws (if needed).

Dallama Gear is a company that is always on the lookout for new and innovative gun gear. The owners of the company look for new gaps in the market and how to improve existing products. They are introducing gun gear products on a regular basis. If you would like to become a retailer of Dallama Gear products, give them a call!

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