Gun Gear - Buying a Shooting Bipod or Shooting Tripod Washington WA

Gun Gear In Washington Custom Designed And Made In the U.S.A!

Gun gear in Washington is a common terminology in the firearms industry for any type of add-on or accessory item related to firearms and can include but not be limited to holsters, optics, ammunition, hand grips, shooting tripods and bipods, flashlights, lasers, scopes, apparel, range bags, Slings, targets, lubricants, gun cleaning kits, lubricants, gun cleaning kits, even gun safes and gun locks, and the list goes on and on!

Most companies on the Internet and in Washington are selling various products by a multitude of different manufacturers, that’s where we are completely different in that all of our products are proprietary and custom designed by our company!

Each one of our shooting bipods and shooting tripods are our own custom specifications and designs! Our magnetic holster is custom in design and and the magnetic power of the magnet used is more powerful than anything else on the market in Washington.

Both types of our 9mm ammunition were made to our own custom specifications, for both the plinking/target practice ammunition and our home and Self-defense 9mm ammunition.

Our VersaCradle Gun Vice and Shooting System which is our own custom design and can be used for everything from gun cleaning, gun maintenance and gun-builds, and when at the range it doubles as a Complete Shooting Support System!

We guarantee all of our products with our own warranty for anyone in Washington, All our products are designed and built right here in the United States!


Gun Gear Shooting Bipods And Tripods In Washington

Anytime you’re going to be shooting any long range distance in Washington and using a rifle and Percision is your plan you will need for extreme accuracy either a shooting bipod or tripod. Unless you’re in the field in a hunting situation you’ll probably be shooting from a benchrest or a prone position and in either case your accuracy will improve dramatically by the use of one of these as opposed to trying to shoot off hand.

You could try shooting from sandbags or a ransom rest but the size, proportions, and weight are not very practical whereas our bipods and tripods are made of state of the art lightweight materials and easily attach to the firearm.

It’s always good to talk with an expert in Washington prior to making a purchase of either a bipod or a tripod, typically you will see bipod‘s on larger caliber rifles and tripods on the light and medium calipers, although it’s not always the case and each shooting situation may be different, you may need to even try both types to determine which works best with your specific set up and rifle configeration. 

Gun Gear Includes Our VersaCradle, Ammunition, And Holster Options In Washington

VersaCradle as a work stationThe VersaCradle can be directly mounted to your bench or you can use the provided table top tripod legs. After you're done cleaning or maintaining your gun, head to the range with your Versa Cradle. Dallama Gear X-Truder 9mm Home Defense Ammunition

Dallama Gear Magnet Gun Holster

Our concealed holster gun magnets are military grade neodymium magnets, are rated to hold up to 45 pounds, are compact and lightweight. They have a custom molded rubber coating that not only look freaking awesome, it will keep your firearm unscathed.

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