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Gunsmithing Schools A Growing Professional Trade

Gunsmithing Schools

How long does it take to become a gunsmith?

The vast majority of gunsmithing schools in the country are online-based, utilizing personal instruction via video conference calls accompanied with work assignments and “Kits” used for each phase of instruction.

Many of the schools offer a certificate program in gunsmithing which may or may not be in accordance or requirements with local and state laws, typically a certificate program is usually around six months.

Many gunsmithing Schools are accredited Colleges which can provide an associate’s degree in gunsmithing, The associates programs are more in depth and comprehensive and usually last a duration of anywhere from 1 to 2 years for graduation.

What colleges offer gunsmithing courses?

The latest count of gun smithing schools in the country is 10.

Montgomery community college

Trinidad state junior college

Murray State College

Lassen community college

Stratford Career Institute

MGS trade school

Penn Foster

American gunsmithing institute

Colorado school of trades

SDI, Sonoran Desert Institute

How much does a gunsmith make a year?

The answer to this question varies widely. The US bureau of labor statistics in our opinion improperly puts gunsmiths in the category with metal and plastic machine workers and show an average median pay of around $32,000 per year.

Typically, but not always a gunsmith when first practicing their craft may work as an apprentice with another gunsmith for a set period of time, it is during this apprenticeship when the pay scale would be at the lowest levels.

It is not uncommon for a good qualified gunsmith to make well over 60K per year If working for a company and in some cases even higher pay if they have their own business. As the number of people purchasing and owning firearms in the country continues to grow each year the need for gunsmithing is also going to keep pace with the popularity of firearms in this country.

Can you become a gunsmith online?

Absolutely! Most of the gun smithing programs in the US are in fact online, most require a GED or high school diploma to begin training. Online courses for gunsmithing is very similar to other college level courses that are all completed online, you will have homework assignments and there will be hands on training in the comfort of your own home with “kits” that are sent to you to be used and practiced on during each phase of your training.

Online courses can provide both a certificate in gunsmithing and in many cases a associates degree.

Is gunsmithing a good career?

Gunsmithing careers can be very rewarding and can open the door to many opportunities working within the firearms industry not only for manufacturers and also for local businesses, and if you are interested in starting your own business.

Gunsmithing offers you the ability to use your creativity in customizing and designing a variety of guns and gun parts along with the customary repairing of a firearm. And gunsmithing the possibilities are only limited by your own ambition and imagination.

How much does a gunsmithing school cost?

Depending on the school, their program, and curriculums, and if you’re seeking a certificate or an associate’s degree the cost of a program can range from anywhere between $5000-$30,000. Some schools such as SDI Sonoran Desert Institute are approved for various G.I. programs so that veterans can use their benefits to pay for the tuition.

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